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  1. Hi. It is just a png logo and I am in AP. It is a really quick one minute job in PS but can't get it to work here. In PS I would Cntl T and then grab one of the edges of the box and scale down the selection and let go and it would just be a smaller version of itself without pixeling.
  2. When I say this I mean I am trying to scale down a layer selection using what I presume is the Transform option, with the bounding box that appears around the selection. thanks
  3. Jumping on this chat, I have been struggling with the transform tool all night. What should be a quick 5 min job has taken the entire evening and I still can't get it to perform correctly. I have copied a new layer over to an image I am working on (my logo) and have been trying to use the transform option to size it down so it sits in the corner of the image as a watermark, and it keeps pixelating the image terribly. I have had the same problem sizing down the original image using the document size option and this is also causing pixelation so I don't understand what I am doing wrong! It is slowing down my work flow so much. Please help!!
  4. What sort of third party products, as I have not had to do this before so would not know how to start and then add it in? If you can advise what I should start looking for it would be appreciated. Will this be functionality that you are going to add in the future?
  5. Hi. I am sorry if this has been asked before but I have searched the forum and cannot find an answer for this. I have been happily using AP for several months and learning lots, and have now got to a stage where I am finalising several bits of work. When I work in Photoshop before going further I would go to File Info and then add the image info such as title, description, relevant searchable keywords, and then add all my copyright info and my url, so once it goes out my image has relevant metadata attached to it to help protect it and identify it should people need to contact me. I cannot find out how I do this ANYWHERE in AP and it is a basic but really critical element to the process. Please can someone advise me where and how I access the file info section for images so I can add this information. I have even converted AP images into jpegs etc and searched that way in case this option only becomes visible with more recognised file types but with no luck. I cannot believe a programme as smart as Affinity has not built this in, as in this day and age it is really important to protect your copyright and also allow your image to become searchable with key words. Thanks in advance for your help
  6. Related to this I need to move one image and drop this into/onto a new document (file>new). so I have the original open and then I need to drag it to a new AP document that is open but can't find a way to do this. I started doing this yesterday by using Place and then with the new doc open finding the original image and pasting it into the new doc. Problem I have found is that if the object I am pasting is larger than the blank file that I am dropping it into make it pixelate. Basically I am making lots of images with transparent background so I can make greeting cards and prints so then drag these images onto the sized templates. In PS I would activate the image and then with the move tool I would drag it up to the new document until it displayed then dropped it and then altered the image to fit using transform. Can you advise how I would do this in AP please?
  7. Thanks both. Yes it was the steps in red that I could not work out how to reproduce in AP. Baringa thanks for your ideas I will try that. Is there a way that you can work out that you can fill the line selection with black to make it a pure outline? I tried to use the fill command in AP but did not go quite according to plan. Asha I will definitely look at playing with the Tonal Range options as was not aware that you could use this for selections. I understand that there are several different options for selecting things in AP and need to understand how these work, and learn a new process.
  8. Hi. I hope you dont mind me asking this question but I have got Photo not Designer and before this I was using PS to create line art from my drawings so I could digitally colour create them. I tried to use the process that I used before in Photo but I could not recreate some of the steps. I realise that things work differently but hoping that there is still a better way to do it then I ended up making. The process I used to use is below. The problem I have is that I cannot find a way to do the steps that I have marked in red. I ended up using the magic tool to select the white areas but it kept missing bits and was not a good solution for me and took very long and my selection was quite shabby and pixelated once I had finished. Can you advise what sort of process (if any) i can use in Photo to recreate this please. I dont want to have to buy Designer yet while I am still a beginner and learning the ropes in Photo. Creating Line art from Scans * Open scanned image in Photoshop * Make a copy of original layer and rename for easier finding * Adjustment layer – Black & White * Option box - check all options are in the middle default position of scale. If any altered bring back to middle. * Adjustment layer – Levels * Adjust as required to create more contrast and get rid of any unused white areas * Adjustment layer – Curves * Create S shape to enhance image * Go back to Copy layer and zoom into 100% and then go to Unsharp Mask * Big radius – 120 – 150% * Amount – 60 -90% * Threshold – low – 12 - 14% Touching up image to remove blemishes * Go to Brush and choose a standard brush using the black and white colours to remove any blemishes on image so image is clean * Then delete original layer Define line art * Select – Colour Range – options box – Select sampled colours/selection Preview-Grayscale/Invert/Image * Then use colour picker and click on white area within image – OK * This then creates marching ants around the line art with only the black lines selected * Select/Modify/Smooth – 2 pixels * Optional: Select/Modify/Contract – 1 pixel * Then fill the selection with black. Make sure foreground colour is black and then ALT+backspace to fill with black. * Invert selection again so white selected * Then hit Delete and white background removed so line art is now on transparent background. * Deselect with Control + D * Save this as a PS layer file for future use
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