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    Use font collections

    A real shame that font metadata is not used properly by foundries and neither by font managers. At least is what is seems. Maybe some sort of AI could be used to determine if there is serif, non serif, non straight... and so forth in the fonts to categorize them. Or maybe a community maintained DB with font names associated to styles Anyway, a killer feature in my opinion. Cheers.
  2. mbuchichio

    Use font collections

    Oh, that would be very nice indeed :) though I think that separated font sets by app is not something to dismis, but I admit that it may be be too much to ask. I'm thinking in the different scenarios or working in graphic design vs editorial/page layout vs web design, for example. Overkill, anyone? XD
  3. mbuchichio

    Use font collections

    Actually, I think that by now this should be a global, system managed, standard feature in Mac OS X. Count me in :)
  4. mbuchichio

    Use font collections

    Actually I don't think it is the same thing, the subset in the road map refers to the PDF font embeding subseting, I think.
  5. mbuchichio

    Keep the "Save As" option

    I think that since Mountain Lion OS the Save As menu item is back, kind of hidden, but it is there pressing the alt key while the File menu is visible. You can make it available all the time following the instructions in the link below. I did and forgot about the duplicate option forever :) http://osxdaily.com/2012/08/27/enable-save-as-os-x-mountain-lion/ Hope it helps you.
  6. mbuchichio

    Use font collections

    This is something that should have existed since the dawn of time. Instead we need to juggle through hundred of useless fonts, some of them are not event supposed to be available to the user (hello Adobe and Microsoft) as those are used by the Apps UI. Some sort of list to uncheck font familties and have them removed from the font menu. Nice idea in my opninion.
  7. This always drove me really mad about Illustrator, things look aligned, and sometimes even there are snapping guides in place, just to zoom in and found objects are fractions of points apart. Really annoying. I think that as with most UI things, this definitely should be optional. Though I prefer the UI elements not anti-aliased. Cheers!
  8. mbuchichio

    Shortcut for Convert to curves

    Maybe in the future you guys can dev an user defined shortcuts map to assign any key to any menu item/function. Thank you!
  9. mbuchichio

    Moveable zero-point on rulers

    I was not aware that this was not possible. This is an absolutely must have basic feature.
  10. mbuchichio

    Reverse "Text to Curves"

    Actually, what could be done is that at the time of the type to path conversion, the text object could be 'stored' as hidden data for the path group in some way as to have it available if you change your mind, so you could always revert to the original text, this obviously should happen behind the scenes, and not activated by the user. Or even better, maybe have a live 'convert to path' filter to manipulate the path and keep the text attributes 'live' to have both worlds. That would be great :)
  11. I also "just set up an account on this forum specifically to make this request " :) Other users already explained the matter in detail so I won't do that. Suffice to say that GUI and usability are quite sensitive topics and this it is a really important subject. Please give the user the option to choose the UI brightness. Thank you all.
  12. mbuchichio

    Zoom tool behaviour - tweak

    Doesn't Space+Cmd do that?

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