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  1. One solution could be to keep the current "Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows)" section but when a user is submitting a question they have to choose from a pull-down titled "Choose relevant product" that includes 'Designer', 'Photo', 'Publisher' or 'All', and this automatically places (for example) an [Affintiy Designer] tag in front of the person's question. Colour code these tags for easy browsing.
  2. When dealing with many layers or export elements, it would be great to be able to select/unselect a whole bunch of them at a time by clicking a check box then dragging up or down.
  3. @ Matthias - I've noticed if you 'rasterise' the imported raster art it will decrease the overall size of the Designer file (sometimes dramatically).
  4. In the same vein, I would like the option in the Slices panel to 'Append with...'. I'm using Affinity Designer to create many files within a job. The jobs are elearning resources and each contains a bunch of topics or modules. Each topic contains 20 screens or so. Each screen has it's own graphics which the developer needs to know where they go. Therefore it would be great if I could append each slice with something like 't1s2_' (topic 1, screen 2) for example. Great program btw. Loving the shift away from Fireworks and Adobe :-) Keep up the great work.
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