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  1. Here's a trick I use to get around lack of protect alpha. I make an alpha mask super fast, by holding the command key and double-clicking on the layer thumbnail where I want to alpha protect. That gives me a selection of that layer. Then, I make a new pixel layer, fill the selection with a color, and then nest the layer as a mask. See the attached video (1 minute long). I hope this helps! make_alpha_mask_fast.mp4
  2. Even after rasterizing elements in the file, the export still does not happen correctly. Attached is the file with rasterized layers, instead of live perspective layers, and the resulting export Design by Ajay Style Guide Aesthetic > Depth Perspective Drawing rasterized.afdesign
  3. I have disabled the blue background in the export, but the blue dots should be perspectivized. Also, the gradient backlight should not exhibit any rows of missed pixels.
  4. Here is what the export looks like, when I export as PNG. (The full settings for the export are contained in the file)
  5. Hi. I'm trying to export this file, but it won't render correctly, and it won't export correctly either. Some of the live perspective layers clip incorrectly when exporting. Design by Ajay Style Guide Aesthetic > Depth Perspective Drawing.afdesign
  6. Thank you for trying to fix it! I'll save before I edit in photo.
  7. Actually wait ... my bad - I converted the text to curves. Let me go back in my autosaves. I think I can replicate the issue.
  8. I have literally no idea what happened. I duplicated the file, opened the original and the problem was gone. Now it works!
  9. Steps: 1. Set the font size in frame text to <100pt. 2. Make a symbol from frame text. 3. Use the symbol. Bug in Symbols.mp4
  10. Serif is putting more detailed text layout options, constraints and symbols into designer. I don't know if they are still planning on making a publisher beta. It seems like they are trying to put publishing features into designer.
  11. I emailed it in. Is there any way to salvage the contents of the file?
  12. I was working on an affinity photo document in affinity designer. I then switched to affinity photo using the file>Edit in affinity photo menu item. I then added the live perspective filter and the live depth of field blur filter in affinity photo. After that, I switched back to affinity designer using the file>edit in affinity designer menu item. Upon switching, affinity designer crashed but preserved an autosave of the file. However when I try to open the autosave it crashes affinity designer again. Affinity photo has no autosave of the file. Please help.
  13. It would also be great to get multiple fills + strokes, like sketch has. It's so useful to be able to layer and blend fills on shapes with sketch. AD technically lets you do multiple fills, but only if you make the outer shape a mask. There's no way to do multiple strokes, shadows, etc.
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