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  1. Thanks for following up, from your recording there does appear to be some rather severe performance problems in-app. First thing I'd suggest changing is to put the 'Display' renderer to 'Metal' in your performance settings and then restarting to check if that's had any significant impact. The file you're actively working on in the recording appears to be quite large and complex, in addition to two other files open in the app simultaneously. Can you confirm if you close all these documents, restart the app and then create a completely empty artboard document that these same duplication and transformation speed issues persist on an empty doc? If they do, can you open Activity Monitor on the CPU tab (and check memory) in a separate visible window and provide a recording of that for comparison? Having the Activity monitor open will help determine if there is a problem is hardware usage related.
  2. Thanks all for the additional info and steps, I've replicated and logged this unexpected group masking behaviour with the developers. I've also added these additional steps onto the report, thanks.
  3. Hi @NotMyFault, Could you possibly demonstrate the process on a recording from the open RAW stage? I'm not sure if I'm missing something key but I'm not seeing the behaviour shown in your recording on Mac/Windows, recording attached. Screen Recording 2024-01-04 at 13.08.15.mov
  4. Through some trial and error using the Document > Add pages from file function I've managed to recover the contents of your document and keep it open without any further crashes, however unfortunately page 14 was not recoverable as that appears to be the source of the problem so this page will need re-creating. The crash report indicates towards a problem with an object's transform/position on the spread but I'll do some more poking. I've PM'd you a link to the recovered file.
  5. Sure, if you could upload the files to the link below and let me know when they are uploaded that would be great. https://www.dropbox.com/request/rHfa52AKwrVBI3aCXkfg In addition, could you confirm which app version you're running along with your OS version? Thanks
  6. After checking both of the above could you confirm document colour space is set to CMYK? If it is there's a known greyscale colour conversion bug when attempting to erase on mask layers which causes faint areas to get left behind in CMYK documents. In the Colour panel set the K value to 100 and then try masking again.
  7. Hey @Robert_Kay, All of the PDF text is imported with a tracking value of -602.1% which is certainly unexpected, i'll get your file logged with the developers for further investigation.
  8. Thanks, could you confirm if it has any impact if you untick Hardware Acceleration and change the 'Display' setting to OpenGL in the Performance Preferences? Be sure to close the interface and restart the app first before trying again. If it has no impact, could you possibly send me a copy of one of the .afphoto or .PSD files you've observed this issue occurring with? Many thanks
  9. Hi @tareksobh, Quite the strange one, could you provide us with a few recent crash reports after running up the app and also a copy of your System and Application event viewer logs to see if they provide any additional insight? Where to find crash reports: Saving System/Application logs (.EVTX): https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/52088.windows-10-how-to-save-a-copy-of-the-event-viewer-application-and-system-logs.aspx Private upload link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/2UuKNxnEL6aP8fuugUDD Many thanks
  10. Hi @Charly Martin, We'll need a little more info to potentially assess what's going on, so I have included some additional requests below: - Has this performance problem only started recently? If this is the case, do you recall and major changes on your system around the time it started happening (E.G OS update)? - Could you provide a screenshot of your in app performance settings (Settings > Performance)? - Could you provide a screen recording demonstrating the app's unresponsiveness? If you could also have the Activity Monitor app open at the same time so we can see the app usages that would be helpful. Screen recording on Mac is pretty straightforward, I've linked the guide here if you're unsure: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/102618 If the problem has only started happening more recently, it may be worth rebooting and limiting the number of background apps you have running to just Designer. Many thanks
  11. Welcome to the forums @Tee Gee, I'm using a very similarly specced Mac to yours and i'm not observing this export preview behaviour on export to PSD, so I have a few follow up queries below: Is the preview issue just limited to PSD? Is it the same on new documents or is it file(s) specific? Can you provide a screenshot of your Performance Settings (Settings > Performance)? The Export preview shouldn't really have any affect on the actual exported file, have you tried exporting again a second time to see what happens?
  12. Hey @Koerpersanka, Thanks for following up, so we can look into this further for you could you email us over at edusupport@serif.com and provide the activation details you're using so we can look into this further? Many thanks 🙂
  13. Hi @zimmt, I'm not observing his speed degradation with subsequent prints in the same app session so far, does it require that the document be sent to the printer, or can you re-produce this by using the print to PDF function from the print menu? Could you also confirm if you observe this problem in a separate app which uses the same print dialog, such as Pages? The apps use the standard MacOS print dialog/framework seen in other apps such as Pages, from Ventura 13.X onwards there have been problems reported to Apple with custom print presets not recalling correctly. Disregarding Affinity i'm seeing the same problem in Pages print dialog with it failing to recall certain settings from custom presets, including the 'Reverse Page Orientation' you mentioned was not retained when the preset was recalled. I'm also observing the same issue with N-up not recalling correctly so i'll get this logged but it's likely to be related to the above Sonoma/Ventura Preset recall issue. Ref: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/254441027 https://discussions.apple.com/thread/254484987 https://discussions.apple.com/thread/254519103
  14. Hi @Raptosauru5, I've not been able to replicate this UI issue on any of my files thus far by using either the mouse wheel or the scroll bar, in case it's something more specific to your file/layer stack could you send me a copy of it and also confirm if you're using W10 or W11? Upload link for file: https://www.dropbox.com/request/2KdzzHD4yPZ4J4HXrY6H Many thanks
  15. Hi @SRThomp, Could you possibly provide us with the problem file along with a recent crash report after you've attempted to open the file? If you do not wish to share it publicly I have included a private upload link below. Upload link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/RshjYanBSHkCQ1owQ4CA Many thanks
  16. Hey @zkarj, Thanks for following up, i'm not seeing this behaviour when following your steps, provided that my 'Area' setting in the export dialog remains as 'All pages' between exports i'm seeing the full paged document export to PDF every time. In the same app session if I were to change my 'Area' setting to 'Current page' on a different document and then go back to my original file it will remember that I had this setting selected and only export a singular page, but provided that you're checking this setting remains as 'All pages' this is definitely unexpected. If it's not an issue that can be captured by supplying a file, could you possibly see if you can demonstrate the issue on a screen recording? Many thanks
  17. The SVG link issue is fixed in the upcoming 2.4 update. 🙂 I can't replicate the re-load canvas display issue, but it looks to be the same type of display issue in the thread below which Chris was able to replicate and log, albeit by following some very specific steps so I'll bump it with your report.
  18. Just checked this on an internal 2.4 build and it looks like it's been fixed for SVG as well. 👍 Existing documents with this problem are not retrospectively fixed however, the resources will need re-embedding and the document saved again when 2.4 releases.
  19. Hi @rjwerth, This issue has been logged previously with the developers, I've now updated the issue to reflect that it's still outstanding in v2.3 and bumped it with your report. 🙂
  20. Hi @Koerpersanka, Thanks for following up, quite the strange one. Could you confirm if your app is licensed as a part of a multi-user/business license or have you purchased the app as an individual user? If you're a Multi-license user when you went to re-install the app did you just install it again via the iOS app store, or via a separate download link?
  21. Hi @yixi, I've now moved this thread over to the appropriate Bugs section of the forums. If quitting and starting the app restores the faulty floating windows you may have 'Close Windows when Quitting an application' disabled within your Mac System Settings under 'Desktop & Dock'. Turn this setting on, and then re-launch and quit Designer 2 again and it should clear the Windows on the next re-launch.
  22. Hi @deepblue, If your brush preview does not show a circle it's possible that you have unintentionally toggled the brush crosshair by pressing the CAPSLOCK key, toggling this key again should restore the standard circular brush preview. Are you referring to the ALT/OPT + Drag Modifier keys to quickly change between adding and subtracting with the selection brush tool? These are just temporary modifier keys to change the function rather than dedicated keyboard shortcut to outright change the mode, so it's expected that the selected mode doesn't update on the interface since you're just using a modifier.
  23. Welcome to the forums @John North, Both the first and second images in your post are entirely identical for me when opened in Photo, the histogram doesn't move. Is this intentional or have you unintentionally uploaded the same image twice? And to clarify, has the top image been imported/exported out of Exposure X7 before you've uploaded it here, or is it the completely unmodified original image?
  24. Welcome to the forums @Marie Prunault, Unfortunately your file is also not recoverable using the standard methods so i'll get it logged as i've done with Thomas's file. If you're running into file corruptions on a more consistent basis and you're opening these files and saving them back to cloud storage this could very well be related. To confirm this going forward if you make sure to open files from and save to your local disk only while actively working on the document, and then move files back over to your cloud storage as required and see if this alleviates the corruptions.
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