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  1. Brilliant! and btw, I love your art! the mix of nature, fantasy and grungy elements, all very cool.
  2. Yes, very helpful! Thanks for all the help. Good Luck in 2022!
  3. a little off topic; Would you recommend any YouTube tutorial specifically on brush use in AP ? Or better yet, what is your take on: -should I create a category for my fave brushes? -shortcuts for switching between brushes? -can fave brushes be preloaded with different color/size settings so I can switch between them quickly?
  4. Thank you. I very often am augmenting and refining my images in AP and AD, they either start as analog drawings or photographs. I haven't yet created any art "in the box". I would like to be able to do a better job of: -smoothing out and repairing jagged digitization (sometimes I work with images which are already digitized). bad captures are the worst. -recreating pencil-paper smudge and smears. -layers of pencil strokes (5 or 6 strokes which add up to a line, or 10 -15 strokes with the side of the tip which add up to shading) -stipple effect, and also stipple effect with G. Blur over top I think these brushes will help! Thank you.
  5. OMG I am in love with ProjectBrush 03-Big-T V2 Wow! Finally! This is a milestone moment for me of finding ways to humanize my results in AP Thanks again!
  6. Thank you all SO much. I will play around with these and see what I can do.
  7. Is it possible to create a brush which paints dots? size and frequency +/- depending on pen pressure??
  8. The font is called Staudel Xenotype J ,similar to Roberta, but not the same thing. It's for a specific project where I must match exactly. I could not find it,,, anyone?
  9. @Chris26 I understand. My response was meant to be playful, I apologize that it came off otherwise. I have searched for anything in Photoshop tutes as well, but nothing like what I am trying to learn how to do. @firstdefence Thank you, yes, I think I see where you are headed. Using the filtered down image as a "map" of where to spray paint? @Fixx I think that's a good idea, as the end product I am talking about is usually done with an airbrush!
  10. I appreciate it, but I know how to do a google search haha! Seriously though, I was hoping for someone who could show or explain a process for getting to a spray paint portrait as I posted above, not just how to make a spray painted stencil, do you know what I mean? The quality of the hand sprayed portrait is quite unique looking to me. There is certainly a limitation of color palette, and highlighting which all uses the same spray can. I can see that much, but I'm not sure how to filter a photograph portrait so that it limits down to perhaps only 12 colors. That might be a good starting point, and then grab spray brushes and work it. What do you think?
  11. I can't find a tutorial anywhere. I would like to know how to create a spray painted portrait from a photo in AP. The exact style of finished product is often seen on T-Shirts, occasionally on walls. If there is no tutorial, then just some hints on the process. I hope to end up with something like the attached image of Tupac
  12. OMG, thank you! So very newbie of me, even though I've been using AD and AP for a couple years now. Thank you again!
  13. Great! I know it's a bit extreme, but I wish there was a way to make a gradient that gave a choice on exactly how it transitions. A way to customize the "curve" from A to B instead of strictly linear. I know that we can choose the midpoint of the curve, but having two "midpoints" would give the possibility of transitions which are "S" shaped as well.
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