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  1. I am also experiencing regular crashes and hangs on most recent update, not experienced on previous versions (i.e. as of most recent rolled out update problem has arisen) Crash file attached AffinityHanging.evtx
  2. Ah OK, you have to use develop and tone map personas I still can't seem to increase the brightness (turning up the 'brightness' slider from 50 to 100 does precisely nothing)
  3. As the title says. Auto White Balance never works, Auto Contrast does some weird things, and also never works. The 'Shadows / Highlights' Panel also does very little of use. Where are the controls for adjusting the white balance / levels by hand ?
  4. I have a pixel layer selected. If I use (for example) the brush tool. I can draw etc But the erase brush tool does nothing. Opacity is 100%, Flow is 100%, hardness is 100% Layer is not locked. So bloody exasperating just wasted 10 minutes trying to get it to work.. How can it be that unintuitive !?? If I use the select tool and draw a box, and then hit delate.. similarly it does nothing I have removed all layers except this layer
  5. OK. yes, lens distortion definitely helps. I just wanted to check if I was missing a technique / tool .. I don't think I am (beyond the lens correction) It does seem to be a 'missing feature' to some extent (a more rigid method for adjusting an image) Having come from photoshop, I miss the edit/transfom/warp function. To be clear it's not that anything is 'impossible' it's more that deform is perfect / amazing in some instances.. and more challenged in others. in Photoshop parlance.. Deform is very similar to puppet warp, but there isn't a direct equivalent to 'warp'
  6. I'll try... Here's 3 images.. it's a bad quality photo of the page of a book. I use perspective to get as close as I can .. then I would hope to just add the nodes detailed on the attached image where I've shown as green and red dots.. maybe that's a bit too optimistic.. but you get the idea. .. But (and I accept that this is likely user error - bad technique as much as anything) when I use deform.. see how many nodes (48) I have to use to get it right (i.e. black border) A LOT of those nodes are just to bring a wavy line into a straight line.. but much of the 'waviness' is introduced using the deform tool.. by design it is a 'fluid' scuplting tool. What I need (arguably) is a more 'rigid' version of the same
  7. I really like the deform tool . A very neat and compact solution with a massive scope. With one major caveat.. it's no good when trying to distort a 'square' image. For example.. I take a photo of a square. Due to the angle of the camera, the square is distorted in the photo (a bit of parallelogram) So I want to 'grab' each corner of the image and drag it into a perfect square. Deform gets me most of the way there.. a node in each corner, and then drag to the corner of the square canvas.. BUT this creates curved edges.. and no matter how I add further nodes to try and 'straighten' the curve.. it's never perfect. The other problem is that there doesn't seem to be any other 'distort filter' which allows me to stretch/distort an image using straight lines Perspective is too limited. Something like a [modifier key + node drag] which constrains the drag to straight lines would be invaluable
  8. Just what I was looking for .. disappointed that there are NO resources for publisher on the link in your signature. Looks like a good resource..
  9. Yes of course. They're here. I did notice after posting the above that my NVIDIA driver was out of date.. I've since updated *(last night). Hopefully that resolves the issue. I'll report back if not !
  10. Every time I use Affinity photo on Windows 11 with latest build it hangs (spinning blue wheel) if I do a series of 'pen tool' selections. Has happened each time I have done this.. Seems to be linked to the file not being saved. If I open the photo, and DON'T save as an affinity file.. then do some editing it crashes/freezes. If however I open the same file, save immediately as an Affinity file and carry out the same operations it doesn't crash
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