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  1. I tend to run into a hard crash in one of three different scenarios. If the file size is too big If there's a GPU conflict If I'm dragging/dropping multiple files in at once. In all three cases, the solution tends to be fairly straight forward. Reduce my image dimensions or bit depth. Like you, I've got 64GB of RAM. However, large files can still hang up or crash apps. For this reason, I generally try to restrict my image dimensions to no more than 8k. I've worked with higher resolutions, but things can get a little dicey. This isn't unique to Affinity. File sizes can get big pretty fast - especially if you have multiple layers, alpha channel, and higher bit depths. Mind your math. Disable GPU acceleration. If you, like me, work with other GPU enabled apps in the background then you're eventually going to run into a situation where they're both fighting for control and Affinity loses. I've got a 4090 so having to turn off GPU acceleration is annoying. However, my GPU is a i9-13900k so it "hurts" a little less. FWIW, I find myself having to do this with Libre Office too, turning off the OpenCL functionality. Having it turned on sometimes results in hard crashes under similar circumstances. Don't drag in multiple files Drag-n-Drop with Affinity can be hit or miss. It works well sometimes, but hard crashes the app others. Just drag in one at a time. Better yet, use the file open dialogue instead. Check your NVIDIA drivers too. Make sure that they're up to date. It could be that simple. Overall, Affinity is largely stable. Barring the existence of the above scenarios or driver issues, I can't imagine (m)any other reasons why you'd get a hard crash like this.
  2. While I'm not in favor of piracy, it's an entirely valid point being made. When I buy something, I would like to potentially use it until it no longer works; Not because the company stops it from working. If I buy an Altima, I want to be able to drive it until it just dies on the side of the road; Not because Nissan decided that it was in their best interests for me to get next year's model. Just because my car is old and crappy compared to the shiny new bauble that they're peddling doesn't mean that I want to abandon it. If I'm happy with what I have and see no compelling reason to upgrade, I won't. Or maybe I will. I should be my decision though. And that happened to me with the CS series some years ago. Adobe turned off those old servers and pushed everybody into subscriptions. What was supposed to be a permanent license just became an extended loaner. Not what I paid for. They tried to convince us that, "Hey. We're doing it because those old CS versions just don't work on newer OSes." Not true. REALLY not true. Even my older v7 still ran fine. It was all spin and damage control to push the subscriptions after some activation free serial numbers and executables got leaked. To my original point, there has to be some truth in advertising. If you're selling us a permanent license, actually make it permanent. Creating this invisible barrier that can negate permanence seems contrary to what's being advertised. An offline activation scheme involving a serial number or license file might terrify the money people afraid of piracy's impact to the bottom line, but it better serves the actual paying end users. If the developers can turn off the online activation servers then your purchase is hardly permanent, as far as these things go. One last real world point. Take a look at 3DCoat. More specifically, take a look at Pilgway, 3DCoat's developers. They're Ukraine based and developing smack dab in the middle of a war. If they didn't offer that offline licensing file alternative and their online licensing servers suddenly got destroyed, a LOT of pros and hobbyists relying on that software would be left hanging. Online activation benefits the developers, but offline activation (eg. serials) - free of 3rd party intervention such as e-mailing the devs - benefits the end users even more. So, the real question here is, "Whose interests are more important?" IOW, making money is important, but is it more important than the customers giving you that money? The best way to ensure loyalty is to engender it.
  3. Just wanted to post a quick thanks. This solved my problem. It was a time zone thing for me. Gotta say, however, I miss the old v1 system. Online activation is just terrible. THE worst. It's a shame that Serif hasn't gone the license file route that 3DCoat has, and LightWave before it. Self-activation is often preferable for those with spotty internet or admin restricted network issues. Not everybody lives in a net connected world space - even today in 2023. That aside, online activation removes the illusion of ownership. This issue was harshly felt by Adobe CS era users who bought licenses that they thought were permanent, but then found out that Adobe had discontinued activation for their old versions. I'm NOT saying that this will ever happen with Affinity, but you can bet that I'm definitely holding on to my old v1 in case it ever does. Those responsible for making decisions SHOULD revisit this issue though. It makes Affinity just a little less desirable than before. Part of the appeal was this sense of permanence, ownership. Online activation flies in the face of that and, as you can see here, comes with problems that offline (license file or serial) self-activation doesn't. ANYWAY... Rant aside, I still thank you for solving this problem, for me at least.
  4. I was an Adobe user for MANY years, going as far back as 1992. So, for me to finally give them the boot after so many years.... Yeah. It wasn't a decision I made lightly. (I had the same problem with Autodesk too - an ever diminishing RoI. The only reason to even remotely touch apps from either camp is if you need to be industry, pipeline compliant. I'll use PS and Maya if you make me, but ONLY if you make me. ANYWAY... ) That's the end of me grousing and making something of what is largely nothing.
  5. EDIT>>> I misread. You want tiered discounts to differentiate between new and older users. Eh... Six of one. Half dozen of the other. You're still benefiting the same either way.
  6. Oh. I'm well aware of that. I just find it curious that some REALLY basic things like symmetry and path simplification in AD don't exist even after years of begging; Same with even the crudest, most rudimentary of layer-based animation timelines for Photo, something which has existed in $0 apps for many years. You can go back 5+ years and still see people asking for some of this stuff that other app users take for granted. Honestly? My wish list isn't large. I'm not even asking for groundbreaking functionality that reinvents the wheel. I'm looking for simple things that add more substance to preexisting tools instead of me having to cobble together workarounds using in-app hacks or 3rd party filler. So, when I say that I want a timeline in Photo, I'm not asking for a Moho substitute. A simple ability to preview and scrub though layers flipbook style is more than enough. It's a little feature that can add a whole lot to our workflow with only a modest amount of effort on their part; I've built flipbook playing routines before so I know how little it requires, programming-wise.
  7. There's also something to be said about using your wallet as incentive for them to keep fighting the good fight and acting as an alternative to the de facto standard (ie. Adobe). I may not have found a whole lot that excites me in v2 yet, but that doesn't mean that I should necessarily mean I want to bury Affinity either. I consider my purchase of Affinity v2 as an investment in Serif and their continued prosperity. A bit of a "stick & carrot" tactic in a sense, but one that encourages them to continue acting as a viable alternative to a company and set of apps that would see us have none.
  8. Yeah. I mean... It's ridiculous. I was more than prepared to pay 2x that this morning. Saving as much as I did is just icing on the cake. Pricing for V2 is a steal. It may not have checked off my wish list, but I'm sure that there are many people quite happy atm. I'll be honest with you. Thanks to my in-law's employee discount, I could get the entire Adobe CC suite for even less than this discounted price. However, Adobe lost my money the day they started up with subscriptions and the associated "pay to play or go away" tactic; You pay regardless of whether they add new features or not, which is just a bit of a joke. Consequently, I will continue to support the non-Adobe alternatives. A 40% intro discount and being able to buy a perpetual license to Affinity's trio for only $99.99... Like I said, a no-brainer. I didn't even have to read the new features before clicking "BUY". All I needed to see was "Serif" (ie. not Adobe). In a whole lot of ways, even at a nearly $70 full price tag per app, you're still getting WAY more than enough functionality to get the job done and with the least amount of hassle. (I recall paying way more for older Adobe equivalents that had less going on under the hood; Apps that I beat the heck out of and to good effect back in the day.)
  9. 40% off seems more than generous. Plus, Serif routinely offers discounts during the year. Anybody who misses out on this intro period will surely catch another sale soon enough. Also, even with the price bump. They're still cheaper than anything from camp Adobe.
  10. FWIW, Serif got my money no questions asked.I didn't even bother looking at the "what's new" list before plunking down my cash. And will continue to do that as long as they treat their customers as they currently do - with respect, honesty, and an open mind/ear. Also happy to support non-Adobe options too. That alone is worth my $100. So... Keep up the good work, Serif. Just deliver more of those simple creature comforts like the ones I mentioned above. Those are WAY more valuable in the long term than the big hype marquee features.
  11. Like everybody else, I want to thank Serif for delivering v2 as promised, on time, and at a beyond reasonable price point. Thank you for not being Adobe. 😛 Still not happy with online activation/deactivation being a thing now, but I've already registered that gripe. Having said that, I've been messing with v2 for about an hour now. Looking through the new features and such. Seems a bit odd that v2 is still missing... 1. Live symmetry in Designer. Being able to do this natively kinda seemed like a no-brainer for v2 since we're already able to hack a workaround using symbols 2. Simplify paths in Designer. How is this still not a thing? Haven't people been asking for this for at least 5 years now? 3. Timeline animation in Photo. Nobody's asking for onion skinning, auto-tweening, or anything complex. Nobody's asking for a specific Affinity animation package. That's beyond the scope of Photo. HOWEVER... Just being able to treat layers like frames and being able to scrub through them doesn't seem like an outrageous request. You make pixel artists very sad. Even Krita, which costs $0, can do this (and more). TBH, I didn't have a huge list of "must have" features as we headed to v2. The Affinity apps were already pretty robust as-is. I also know that no upgrade can ever live up to the hype or personal expectations. Learned my lesson on that front ages ago. Accordingly, my bar for v2 was set pretty low. I'm not disappointed. Just... surprised. The few gaps I did see in these programs seemed pretty basic enough to fill. Not wholly unreasonable. Pretty big oversights, imo. Long overdue too. I'm sure that I'll find something to love about v2 soon. Fingers crossed. Seems like an understated release so far though.
  12. Woke up and immediately bought the Universal License sight unseen. Wasn't even a question. Y' know? Haven't even dug into the new features yet, but looking forward. My only real complaint (so far) is the new online activation requirement. Just a terrible idea. One of the real appeals of v1 was that you could live in the middle of nowhere, have no internet connection at all, but still be able to reinstall & use your apps. I get it. Online activation prevents the app from being used on multiple computers. I understand that. However, no longer being to self-activate offline is a major bummer. There are still a LOT of people out there with spotty or no internet connection at all where online activation of any sort is not an option. And what of people whose computer just up and dies before they can deactivate? Not judging the new apps. REALLY looking forward to playing with them in a moment. I am. Just seems like a step forward for Serif as a business, but a step backwards for Affinity users. Having a product key and the ability install, activate the apps in a 100% internet free environment was a real selling point. Now it's gone. One step closer to being Adobe now, I suppose.
  13. Like I said before, no app release can ever live up to the hype. If v2 even checks off one or two items on my wish list then I consider that a win. Even so, Affinity products are already more robust than the Adobe equivalents that were mature enough to earn their keep 20+ years ago. I may have to currently work around glaring feature holes such as the lack of even a basic timeline in Photo, but stability, predictability, price, & permanence are my #1 priorities with these apps. Always. Either way, I'd personally rather not speculate. It's a snipe hunt. As for the 9th... Wouldn't it be something if that's just when they announce the release date? LOL FWIW, nothin' wrong with a backwards hat. It's dang comfortable, even if I'm way too old for the look.
  14. I've been doing CG for about 33 years now. I try not to get too excited about upgrade hype anymore. Too easy to get burnt if you do. These upgrades can't be everything to everybody. If only one or two of my wish list features gets added then I'll be happy. I'm one of those people who knows how to accomplish what I want with as few "shiny" features as possible. TBH, I could still happily chug along with Photoshop v7 if somebody asked me to. When I request a feature, it's usually to fill a preexisting gap and avoid me having to add another program to the mix. Bells & whistles? Meh. U2 fans will get this. For me, I try to live and work according to one basic motto: The only baggage you can bring is all that you can't leave behind.
  15. Apologizing? What kind of agent of chaos are you, Patrick?!?!? You need to work on your maniacal laugh.
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