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  1. Just a heads up - I heard back from the email and was informed that it isn't actually immediate, rather that they are completing them in batches, usually within 7 days of filling it out. Hopefully that's also helpful to someone else. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me earlier!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, that was the first thing I did. No dice, unfortunately.
  3. Thank you for your response. I did try it again, with the same result. I sent an email as advised and will wait to hear back. 👍
  4. Hi there, I filled this out a few days ago, but I didn't receive any voucher yet. I was starting to wonder if my submission went through properly, as there was no confirmation email either - should I have expected one?
  5. Thanks for the response. Here is the tools page: And I followed the steps in the linked post to force the rendering: It has potentially improved a little, but it still seems strangely slow for such minimal strokes. I recorded the same test again since these changes, as well as trying it again with the Fineliner brush (to minimise variables between our respective setups): Please let me know your thoughts, and many thanks for your continued assistance.
  6. Hi Dan, Thanks again for your response. I've changed the setting and it seems better in some instances, but is still not easy to draw with. I think there is definitely also a huge variance depending on the brushes used (which I guess is a somewhat obvious concept). Here is a test of drawing some shapes with different brushes since the changes you recommended: Definitely better, and almost perfect when using really simple brushes. I also decided to simulate a real-life use case, so I did a little doodle in pixel mode, and started adding some lines in vector mode: As you can see, it's quite slow for what appear to be quite short and simple lines. I know some brushes are likely to be 'heavier' than others, but is this not a bit below the expected performance? I've been working on (non brushwork) projects with hundreds of curves, including added effects and all sorts, and this is the first time I've seen the program struggle. Please do let me know if I'm missing something, though - I am new to this software, so it's perfectly possible I'm just storming in here with unreasonable expectations of certain aspects! Many thanks for your help with this!
  7. Thanks so much for your response. Yes, I suppose I did illustrate a rather extreme version of the issue, by using a super long stroke. In day-to-day use, the lag is obviously less (I'm not experiencing 2 minute delays for normal line work!) but is still annoyingly behind my intentions for small, more realistic, lines. The thing that made me concerned about the performance of my system (and not just chalking it up to the way things are) was watching people using certain brushes online, and it being far more fluid than on my system. Here is the list you requested: I have upped my RAM limit as recommended and will give it a try. Many thanks.
  8. Hi all, I've been using Designer for about two weeks now, and am completely in love with it. I've been doing a bunch of design and trying out different aspects and it's been a lot of fun. I've just got onto the drawing side of things, to play around with my graphics tablet and some nice brushes, and I've been having a horrendous issue with lag. It's been happening in pixel mode, but it's really a huge problem with vector brushes. I have the latest version of Designer, up-to-date graphics and tablet drivers. I don't think it's a problem with the graphics tablet, as it even happens when only using the mouse (but for what it's worth, Windows Ink is switched off anyway). I understand that there might be some expected lag here and there, but it really becomes quite unusable. I have also noticed the CPU spikes whenever I attempt to draw anything (it hits 90% and I have mine capped at 95% anyway). It's an i7 with a few cores and 16gb of RAM, so a middle of the road system. See this video of the issue below (the only non-background apps running are Designer and OBS for recording - no Chrome, Dropbox, etc. hanging around): I turned off hardware acceleration for normal use, as I found this was generally faster (and it didn't make a difference with this issue). Here are the rest of my performance settings: Running on Win 10. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
  9. Never mind my request. I tried Publisher with the (perhaps unreliable) assumption that, as Designer and Photo had the same issue, Publisher would be likely to have it also. With my new setup, there was no issue with Publisher, which gave me some confidence. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase Designer (and figured aftersales would be able to assist if my hunch was wrong). So far, it has worked beautifully and I am quite impressed by the UI and QoL features. Here's hoping everything keeps working this well!
  10. Hi there. I tried a number of different things, as advised, including testing the waters with Photo (which had the same issues). In the end, I resigned myself to not being able to use Affinity until I entirely change hardware in the future. I have since, however, made some changes to my environment, including fresh installs of graphics drivers etc. I really do want to become an Affinity customer (I'm trying really hard to be!) - as I do like the look of your products. My current problem is that my trial has now expired on the product, so I cannot test my new setup. Is there any way I can have the trial refreshed, so I can see if I will be able to use it now? Many thanks.
  11. Hi @stokerg, thanks for your response. Please see the attached files, as requested. I tried the CTRL step as advised but, unfortunately, there was no change. Many thanks. Log.txt 686d40fd-5f07-4485-92f3-7f938a1e2085.dmp
  12. I installed the trial of Affinity Designer, in hope of finding something to replace Illustrator/Inkscape. It looks like a really interesting bit of software. I say 'looks like', as I've never had it run on my system for longer than about 30 seconds. It completely closes without warning a few seconds in (sometimes this happens immediately after the splash screen, so it doesn't even get to the window). I am running Windows 10. What I've tried: Fully updating Windows. Trying with and without graphics tablet connected. Turning off hardware acceleration (took a few tries as it was closing too fast to get to the menu several times). Checking to make sure I'm not running any software on the list of problem applications. Restarting several times (and closing as much background stuff as possible). Running in Windows compatibility mode. Running as administrator. Nothing has changed things. I have only 2 crash dumps in the folder, but I'm getting force closes all over the place. Literally impossible to even try out currently. When I open the crash dumps in VS, they both show the following exception: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Is anyone able to help?
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