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  1. That's AWESOME! :) Looking forward to seeing where this goes! (it's not going to end very well for the hairdresser about to cut the electric cable!!!)


    Exactly =))))) The electric eel is eagerly awaiting its prey, too. 

  2. A small scene that I'm working on, whenever I have some spare time.


    There is a deeper story to this scene...maybe someday this will turn into a one issue comic. haha.

    Anyways, I made this one in Affinity Design and added a little bit over color cast in Pixelmator (I could have done this of course also in AD, but I just got a free copy of Pixelmator and decided to try it out.)







  3. Like the other's have said.... Brilliant stuff. Love the use of noise and the feel to the pieces. Must admit that I didn't even realise that it was a Polar Bear in the first pic (I only glanced at it if I'm honest) but on second viewing it (and studying it properly) it's a well executed piece.


    I assume that it's the end of a digger's arm/shovel/bucket thing that we're seeing in the background of the POWER pic? My only criticism would be to define that more, but that's me just being niggly.


    Great work, look forward to seeing more in the series!







    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    And yes, I agree that the polar bear is somewhat difficult to identify.

    That also applies to the digger. I had a hard time deciding on whether to leave it in or out and choose a different element instead (cut down trees e.g.)

    Those are indeed points that I wish to tackle in the future.


    Once again, thank you for your feedback!



  4. Very nice! Amazing series, I really like the way the message has been illustrated!

    May have to adopt something from this if thats alright with you!

    Hey there,


    Thanks for your feedback!

    It's fine with me if you choose to adopt certain elements, like technical execution or certain moods etc.

    Of course I assume that your work is not going to be a replica, haha. ;) 

    I'm curious to see your work that you're thinking of! Please share if you can!



  5. Great series. Shows how one can make a statement visually that's more impactful that paragraphs of opinions. 


    (about the grammar thing, the misuse of apostrophes just gets me, esp. with "it's"  and "you're" when they should be its and your. Didn't mean to offend, just inform. I know that there's dozens of grammar mistakes I make, thankfully I have a spouse who's a proofreader :) )



    Of course, no offense taken!

    In fact, I appreciated the help. Thank you!


    Yes, I tried to make it as poignant and to the point as possible. 

    Taking away the clutter and leaving only a few words and a powerful visual was key. 

    Thank you for your feedback!

  6. Dear community,


    I hope you don't feel like I'm spamming the forum with all my threads.

    Today I'm sharing a project that I started today. It's going to be a series of animal illustrations who are in jeopardy of extinction.


    Most cases of total extinction are leading back to human interference and neglect. 

    Raising awareness is one part, committing oneself to find proper solutions is the next.


    I hope, there are no grammar mistakes in this series. Hehe.

    English is not my forte. 


    Anyways, critiques and feedback always welcome.


    Cheers, Mike



  7. We need a gallery like http://www.zbrushcentral.com/forum.php that hilights the top row work! This in my book should be in it!


    Awesome job!



    Wow, what a compliment. Thank you very much. Will try to create more elaborate things in the future. 

    I am currently using Affinity Designer to create the visuals for an indie game that I'm working on. Will share content on that one, too.



  8. Oh my... :)

    Loving his expression... :)

    Please beware, he might see this and send a few spies your way ;)


    Haha, yes I will try to avoid them. Thank you.

    Apparently, there are thousands of North Korean spies living amongst South Koreans.

    Of course, they would be pretty useless if we would know the exact number of spies currently roaming free in South Korea...

    It's just something that South Koreans believe is true. Just a useless random fact. 



  9. A work in progress.


    A small political satire. I live in South Korea and having a missile wielding excruciatingly fearsome and devilish handsome dictator as a neighbor makes life here interesting to say the least.


    This work is based on an actual photograph of the 'great leader'.


    I am being sarcastic, of course.

    No offense intended. 




    Ps: Loving the ease of use of Designer. Can't wait for the future updates!






  10. Hello folks,


    I've been using Affinity mostly to my utmost satisfaction. Putting it through its paces more in the coming days.


    Here is a bug? that I encountered working with boolean tools, which in this case was the 'intersect' boolean:


    Have a look at the picture and look for yourself. 

    As you can see the results are inaccurate.

    (In number 3. I've put the original circle behind the resulting shape and you can see that the curvature is not accurate.)


    Now...that could be a tolerance or accuracy setting that I'm missing or...it is in fact a bug of some sort.


    Let me know what you think!


    Cheers, madeinxyz




  11. Hello folks,


    just bought Affinity today and I got lost in playing around with the insane zoom levels it offers. I create worlds within worlds and it was just a mind baffling experience.




    Of course, Affinity is...before anything else...a GREAT start. It makes working on vector graphics so much easier. Most of the possible enhancements were mentioned.

    A quick search through the forums didn't mention one thing though...and please correct me if I am wrong, I will delete this thread then.


    What about Cloud Sync?


    I know you can save files in iCloud. 

    But I don't think it syncs things like preferences, settings, custom swatches etc. etc.


    As much as I work from home, I am also constantly on the road. Picking up from where I left off at home with the same settings etc. would be lovely.


    Any suggestions?


    Kind regards, madeinxyz

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