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  1. ivykok

    Fur and hair brushes

    Nice brushes, thanks.
  2. Thanks heaps for taking the time to explain, MBd, Alex and jmac. And for bearing with this noob. I finally got the fur brush to work in smudge tool after changing the colour of the dots from black to white. The brush editing panel is neat for creating different brushes. You are right Alex. There are readily available brushes in the painting category and I really didn't need to create a new one after all :P
  3. Hi Alex, that's the effect I was looking for! Hmm, maybe my mistake lies in the creation of my 'fur' brush. First, I created a new document with transparent background. Then, I painted the dots in black colour with the paint brush tool, using the basic round brush. After that, I exported the document in PNG format as per screenshot attached. Finally, I created a new image brush under the brush tab by selecting the PNG file. But my brush looked different from yours (see screenshot 2). Where did I go wrong? :unsure: Rgds, Ivy
  4. Hi MBd, thanks for your reply. Ah, I've seen the video you mentioned. In fact, it was one of the reason I decided to buy the software as I was so impressed with the ability to select fine hair, among others. However, it didn't work quite well when I tried it on the picture attached (taken with my iPhone, my apology for that) of my cat who has dense, short fur. Perhaps the reason is one or all of the following: - the photo quality is bad, - there is not enough contrast between the subject and background, or - I simply suck at it. When I used the refine tool after making a selection with the brush, I got smudgy edges :(. After many failed attempts, I resorted to the technique in the youtube videos, to improve the edges with fake fur after making the selection. Only, I couldn't get the brush to work in smudge brush tool.
  5. Hi, I am new to photo editing and have never used photoshop before. While I am having tremendous fun with my affinity photo software, it is also a steep learning curve for me. While looking up photoshop techniques on youtube, I came across the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZraT1pwdSo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6eEo-UnbfE I created the hair brush in affinity photo (new image brush) and was able to use it with the paint brush tool. However, the brush did not work with the smudge brush tool. Is this technique not possible with affinity photo? Regards, Ivy
  6. ivykok

    Assortment Styles Vol. 1

    Love the leather. Thanks.
  7. ivykok

    Dream Gradients

    Thanks for sharing.
  8. ivykok

    Affinity Designer Free Resource Pack

    Thanks for the FB banner template