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  1. Thanks for this forum tutorial. I like the finished product although might I suggest an improvement (or alternative)? Sample some other color leaves for the placement after the first Affine 50%,50% action to hide the original edge borders. This would make it a bit less obvious. Of course, every original image we wish to make a seamless texture has it's challenges...usually light intensity is the most difficult to handle. I'm hoping something appears for Affinity Photo (actually in the product or third-party macro) that would behave much like the Map...Tile Seamless... in GIMP. Cheers!
  2. +1 for seamless tile creation! Deliver a macro with customizable features or implement as a command with inputs. Cheers!
  3. Yes, DAM please. Think, no copy, Apple Aperture! (Luminar apparently doesn't listen.)
  4. EXACTLY. All you have to do is copy Aperture. That for the first release would steal the market because just about everyone of us commenting here, loving Affinity Photo (and Designer), are still moaning over Apple's blatant disregard for its photographic professional customers. Organization of photographs is paramount, with editing in the same app just a pure bonus. Aperture with NIK, MacPhun, and other plug-ins ruled. Then when I needed something, I fired up that AWESOME, FANTASTIC search dialog in Aperture and ... BAM ... there were my assets. So, as 2017 comes to an end, and we've discussed this all year long, and since 2016, it's time to see a result.
  5. Me too. GIMP 2.8 for Mac knocks this out of the park. Sometimes you need to work extra to handle highlights and shadows (Duplicate image layer, then Blur...Gaussian Blur...20-40 is good, then Color...Invert, then Color...Desaturate, then apply as Overlay in Layers (and play with Opaqueness to desire), then Flatten, then make Seamless). However, 75% of the time, the Filter...Map...Make Seamless works miracles. It would be very nice if this level of filter automation appeared in Affinity Photo!
  6. Hopefully you test out this in Aperture. I used Affinity Photo (either at 1.4.3 or the version before) with success using Affinity photo as an editor. The problem is...when in Affinity, one does not know how to close the file and return it to Aperture. Choosing Quit or Close or Save all seem to pull up the standard Open/Save dialog and my default storage location...not the enclosed file structure of the Aperture Library file. Using El Capitan, Aperture, and Affinity Photo 1.4.3...the process is not broken. Back in Aperture I get a warning triangle inside a black frame saying file format not compatible. Something has changed either in El Capitan or Affinity Photo because, sadly, we know nothing is happening with Aperture. I need Aperture! I need Affinity Photo for my editor. Please help make it work again.
  7. Great. I for one love Affinity Photo (still learning how to handle personae) but I need Focus Stacking too for macro work.
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