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  1. Thank You hanshab for this great macro. I have now tried it with very many images, and I have to say it really does fine job.
  2. Copy trick helped here too. I copied all Affinity apps to my desktop and then back to applications folder replacing the original ones. Now they all start quickly like they used to do earlier.
  3. Same problem here: all the Affinity apps (Photo, Designer and Publisher) are very slow when starting after awhile from previous starting. I am using macbook 15" (mid 2015) with the latest Big Sur -version (11.2). I also have installed very fast SSD (OWC Aura Pro X2). Yesterday I updated all Affinity apps to version 1.9 and I started the apps and of course the first starting was very slow, and I started them every now and then and the tstartig was very fast. But today I started again all of them and starting was again extremely slow. It would be very nice to know what causes this problem. And it seems that I am not the only one who has this issue. I have purchased Photo from Affinity and Designer and Publisher from App Store. They all have this issue.
  4. Hello, Thanks. Here is the macro file. Untitled.afmacro
  5. Hi there, I am trying to run a batch job to a couple of images. Everytime I click OK to run the batch AP just crashes. I made there settings to resize images to max height 1200 pixels, and then play a very simple macro, which inludes only Auto contrast and Unsharp mask (quality 80). I am using the latest AP on the latest macOS. I have also tried to change AP's performance settings enabling/disabling Metal and so on, but changing setting has no better results: AP just quits. Can someone please help me.
  6. Hi, It is nice if someone else finds this solution to solve this issue. Actually I found this solution from some other forum: then I tested it – and it really works.
  7. Hello again. I managed to solve the problem: problem is my Magic mouse. When I try with the Trackpad it works properly. And also if I set in the Mac's System Preferences 'Ignore trackpad when mouse is present' on, Magic Mouse's one click works fine with the AP's Macro library. Thus the problem is solved!
  8. Hello there, I am using the latest version of AP (1.7.1) and also my macOS is the latest 10.14.5. I have recorded couple of simple macros and also downloaded some. Everytime I try to run some macro I click once on the macro in the library, but nothing happens. And then I doubleclick the macro, then it is palyed twice. Please can you help me with this issue? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for your quick response. Anyway I do not have confirmation message you mentioned - I only have Invoice from Apple.
  10. I am also wondering where to find macro pac. I unticked the "always show this ...", so how can I enable again Welcome screen, if that is the place to find link to the macro pac? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you for your answer. I did what you adviced, but NoiseNinja does still reamain absent. I wonder if the reason was that I have Photoshop CS4, which is 32-bit application, and I suppose that the NN -plugin is also 32-bit?
  12. Hello, I am very happy Affinity Photo user. But I don't seem to get Noise Ninja Plugin to work at all. My settings look like this: Thank you in advance.
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