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  1. heavyboots


    I'm super late to the discussion, but I'm pretty happy if it turns out to be Javascript. Everyone knows it, it's easy to interact with on the Mac since Applescript supports it at a system level, etc. Plus, personally, Python has always given me the heeby-jeebies. Anything where the *indenting* controls which items are in the loop… well, it's just not for me. I cut my teeth on Pascal and I much prefer the somewhat more verbose style of code languages with braces produce. I have thousands of lines of Applescript InDesign code, but now Apple supports JS natively, I suspect it's not long for the world and will soon go the way of Dashboard.
  2. Personally, I almost wish we could go back to the way XPress did master text flows. It allowed you to do things like flow a sidebar column into the main text column into a basal text page, etc. And if at a later date you wanted to switch to a different layout, you didn't end up with the possibility of dead text boxes on your page like you do in InDesign.
  3. Everything I've done from RageMaker to Quark XPress to InDesign has universally been in picas. Please, please provide support for this measuring system! Also, if you haven't started implementing it yet, please consider making it "point-based picas" like Quark XPress, where typing 18 and hitting Enter automatically converts the number to 1p6. Versus InDesign where typing 18 gives you 18 picas. When you are doing production page setting, it is a lot easier to do something like '+5' at the end of your current measure to nudge it 5 pts, rather than having to type '+p5' or '+.4166', all of which require a lot more non-numpad numbers or mental math that break up the flow. EDIT: Did I mention that all entry fields should be capable of parsing math? I believe they already are, but if not, definitely something that makes life a lot easier for production staff.
  4. heavyboots

    Phantom Sliders

    I second this, particularly in the Preferences dialog. I had a slider for number of decimals open and hit Escape thinking it would close the slider. But instead it closed the Preferences dialog and left the slider up, requiring a relaunch to get rid of it.
  5. heavyboots

    Layers panel opacity slider

    On a similar note, if you have a slider open in the Preferences (like for how many decimals to display, and you hit Escape, it closes the preferences, leaving the slider open and uncloseable without relaunching the app.
  6. heavyboots

    Number pad Enter to apply

    So it's May of 2018, the product is at 1.6.7 and I STILL can't use the Numpad Enter to OK a crop completion, etc etc etc. No offense but HOW HARD CAN THIS BE GUYS??? It is seriously like death by a thousand paper cuts that this doesn't work! Please and thanks!
  7. heavyboots

    Number pad Enter to apply

    I heartily second this! We're up to version 1.6 and it's like not a single programmer has every used an extended keyboard with the app??
  8. Thanks very much for that! I would still question, from a GUI perspective, whether you should be depending on a hideable element as the only possibly way escape from the mode? (Except for hitting the Develop button and then closing and reverting your work, which may lose stuff you hadn't saved yet.) Perhaps, at the very least, there should be a check as to whether the bar is visible when you throw up the dialog saying you have Develop or Cancel to escape? Thanks again for your help!
  9. From what I understand, the Develop/Cancel buttons are supposed to appear in the upper left, under the Persona icons. However, I recently clicked into Develop mode by accident and then couldn't Cancel my way out. This is for Affinity Photo 1.5.1, btw. This is what my screen looked like:
  10. Oh man, this is HUGE! Adobe and their Steadily Darken Interface has gotten on my nerves immensely over the years. So glad to see you guys giving an option to use a light colored GUI again!
  11. Actually, just registered for the forum too, so this is me now.