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  1. He wants to export separations. And yes, there is a great utility to being able to do this, particularly as the OP points out in duotones and spot work. As a 35 year graphic arts professional and prepress technician, this is very useful and in some cases absolutely essential. In addition, to this point, object level overprint is a necessity for this to be feasible.
  2. As a 35 year prepress operator, Overprint, Knockout control on a per object basis is absolutely essential. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next version.
  3. Yeah, they could have said something like "on any devices utilizing the same OS" or the like. Not a big deal, and given that, I'll just continue to use the Apple Store because that centralizes the location of my apps somewhat.
  4. Greetings, My name is Mark. New user of Affinity products, though I have 35 years of experience with Quark and Adobe products as a professional prepress operator. Shifted careers (Chemist working as a Microbiologist), but wanted to pursue some personal design projects (TTRP supplements, shout out @SubTric) and after research settled on Affinity for bang for the buck (since I am paying for it rather than my employer) and I am really impressed with the features and capabilities at this price point. Other than a few small missing things (not essential), this covers the bases. Hope to be up to speed soon.
  5. This fact wasn't explicitly stated anywhere that I can see on the product info, though it is hinted at in one place. I personally think that this should be made clearer, as they do state that it can be used on up to 5 devices as long as they are your devices and you are the one using it. Okay, if that is the case, then it won't pose a problem as I will just use it on my Macs. Even so, as a 35 year professional in printing, this is still the best value for the money and I am pretty impressed at the feature set for this price point. If word gets more vocal in publishing circles these apps should pretty much kill Adobe (their licensing is expensive and very intrusive to your experience as a DTPP).
  6. @SFurnissSooo, how do I install it on my windows laptop without a key? If I had known that, I would have purchased directly through you, because I intend to use it on multiple computers. This creates something of a problem for me, as I had intended to get the full suite to replace Adobe products, but I have NO intention of purchasing it twice just to get that functionality.
  7. Purchased Affinity Publisher through Apple Store, but want to use on both my laptop and desktop. Why does this purchase not show on Affinity site, and where would I find my product key?
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