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    EmmaW reacted to nodeus in Data Driven Color Schemes (Affinity palette)   
    This set is based on schemes from https://carto.com/carto-colors/

    Download palette: Data Driven Color Schemes.afpalette
    Download AD sample: data driven color schemes.afdesign
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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Untamed: Planetary Vector Assets 01   
    Planetary Toolkit
    A Collection of Vector Planets For Untamed backgrounds
    Added 2 planet Asset categories from the Planetary Asset Collection constructed for the Untamed Project. The full set contains 15 Planets
    All vector with layer stacking of textures to create variety
    Found the New tools extremely useful (Knife and Vector Warp) makes editing much quicker!
    Asset Planetary
    Planet 01: 1 Complete version | 3 Greyscale (Adjustment layer edits) | 15 optional textures and patterns mostly wrapped in container shapes
    Planet 02: 1 Complete version | 2 Greyscale (Adjustment layer edits) | 1 mixed Colour | 15 optional textures and patterns mostly wrapped in container shape

    Sample Sheets


    Assets File
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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Infected & Comic Book Toolkit   
    This is my first drawing using Affinity Designer 2.0 (A revamped version of the colourful Lena which I have not uploaded!)
    It is really a test of the updates made to the Brush Dynamics in Affinity 2.0
    Created a new set of inking brushes that makes use of interpolation and the new Distance options with the brush dynamics. I have found that the brushes are much smoother, faster and more responsive..I really like the ability of 'Distance' to allow for the tapering of the nozzle. Even though you have to adjust the direction of the graph!
    Affinity Designer 2.0
    original 400 x 400mm | 300dpi
    Brushes inker | Comic Grunge and Concept Painter

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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Infected & Comic Book Toolkit   
    Template: Vector Assets 01
    Adding vector grunge effects to the pages | Panels and Tiers
    A4 Panel and Page Borders 01

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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Infected & Comic Book Toolkit   
    Template: Page Border test

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    EmmaW reacted to v_kyr in Some Easter Assets   
    Some Affinity Designer v.1.10.5 based Easter Stuff vector assets. - Note: the assets are compound of unlocked, grouped vectors, thus when moving, resizing etc. inside docs, make sure to always select the outer group layer.


    The assets file:

    easter-stuff.afassets You will find a bunch of other Affinity related things under some of my other resources contributions, see therefor:
    Retrospective of resources contributions
    Have a nice and peaceful Easter time!
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    EmmaW reacted to v_kyr in Some Easter Assets   
    One of my usage examples ...

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    EmmaW reacted to gabriel_komorov in Material Design palette   
    Based on https://material.io/guidelines/style/color.htmlI created swatches for Affinity with all Material Design colors, properly named nad sorted. Enjoy
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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Untamed   
    The Other side of the Tunnel
    Original Size 1000 x 400mm (upload size 2362 x 945px)
    Painted using Concept Painter Brushes and inkers.
    Again mixed raster and vector Elements

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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Untamed   
    Original Size 800 x 300mm (upload size 2362 x 866px)
    Painted using Concept Painter Brushes and inkers.
    Mixed raster and vector Elements

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    EmmaW reacted to Teek Fox in Easy Eye Assets Free by Teekfox   
    10 Easy Eye Assets by Teekfox 

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    EmmaW reacted to FraGar in Greek Pattern Brushes   
    Here are some brushes with Greek patterns.
    It's for Affinity Designer.
    Hope someone have use for it 🙂

    FraGar Greek Patterns.afbrushes
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    EmmaW reacted to Tamauro in Mandala maker   
    Here is a clean template to make a mandala in a super simple way.
    Just open the file, select the layer "Draw the Mandala here", start to draw and have fun !
    Mandala template 12.afdesign
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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Crazy Brush and Assets Library   
    List update

    Project Brush 28 Texture Painter
    Updated this brush group with Brush set 04 (30 additional Texture Patterns) and 23 new seamless patterns
    110 Seamless patterns supporting the sets
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    EmmaW reacted to malayali in FREEBIES Hub! FREE Images, Vectors, Videos, Templates, Music, Fonts & More   
    Here is my attempt to list out some super-useful but not-so-popular websites which offer images, vectors, videos, music, templates etc for FREE with personal & commercial use license.
    Sometimes attributions are required. Make sure to check the license terms.
    UPDATE (Feb 3, 2022)
    So, I've added this list to a GitHub repo and from now on updates will be here: https://github.com/zcraber/Freebies-Hub 
    Feel free to star it, fork it... or use however you want.
    FREE Images/Photos & More
    Mixkit - FREE Images, Videos, Templates & Music Pikwizard - FREE Images & Videos FOCA - FREE Images, Videos & Templates Stockvault - FREE Images, Vectors, Brushes & Templates Freedesignlife - FREE Images, Vectors, Brushes, PSDs, Icons & Fonts Picspree - FREE Images & Vectors Wingart Studio - FREE (Selected) Graphics & Templates Every Month picryl - FREE Images, Illustrations, Videos, Music, Documents etc USFWS National Digital Library - FREE Images, Illustrations, Videos, Audio, Maps etc Clip Art Blog - FREE Clip Art & Images FREE Images/Photos Only
    Reshot - FREE Images Freephotos - FREE Images Freestocks - FREE Images Altphotos - FREE Images nappy - FREE Images slon.pics - FREE Images My Stock Photos - FREE Images Shutteroo - FREE Images Trunklog - FREE Images Skitterphoto - FREE Images Picography - FREE Images Burst - FREE Images Pic Melon - FREE Images My Photo Pack - FREE Images Vladmir's Collection - FREE Images Free Nature Stock - FREE Images Travel Coffee Book - FREE Images Skuak - FREE Images Stokpic - FREE Images Freely Photos - FREE Images Wunderstock - FREE Images Moveast - FREE Images Free Food Photos - FREE Images of Food unprofound - FREE Images Albumarium - FREE Images Pic Pac - FREE Images (pay what you want) iwaria - FREE Images from Africa Creativity103 - FREE Abstract Images & Textures Focus Fitness - FREE Fitness Images Free Vintage Illustrations - FREE Illustrations from Past Old Book Illustrations - FREE Illustrations from Past Reusable Art - FREE Old Artwork lowpolygonart - FREE Low Polygon Art Streamline Icons - FREE PNG Icons Cosmos - FREE PSD Icons marysrosaries - FREE Images (Religious) Irish Clip Art Archive - FREE Clipart (Raster) Dictionary Images -FREE Public Domain Images and Illustrations from Dictionary Logo Design Web - FREE Public Domain Images PDClipart - FREE Clipart (Raster) Antique Clipart - FREE Antique Clipart (Raster) WPClipart - FREE Images & Clipart FREE Vectors Only
    Open Peeps - FREE Hand-drawn Vector Library  Isometric - FREE Isometric Vectors Illustrations - FREE Kit with 100 Vectors DrawKit - FREE Vectors unDraw - FREE Vectors Lukaszadam - FREE Vectors Open Doodles - FREE Vectors Woobro - FREE Vectors Free Vector - FREE Vectors Glaze - FREE Vectors manypixels - FREE Vectors Free Vector Maps - FREE Vectors Fresh Folk - FREE Vector Library with People & Objects Illustrations Humaaans - FREE Vector Library with People Illustrations Openclipart - FREE Vector Cliparts FREESVG - FREE Vectors SVG SILH - FREE Vector Icons SVG Repo - FREE Vectors Peechey - FREE Vectors Desket - FREE Random Vector Icons Sketch App Resources - FREE Sketch Resources Nicu's Clipart Collection - FREE Vectors ikonate - FREE Customizable Vector Icons FREE Mockups, Placeholders, Icons etc
    uiprint - FREE Printable Wireframes, Mockup and Sketchpads uilogos - FREE Logo Placeholders iconmonstr - FREE Icons lstore graphics - FREE Mockups Mockup Club - FREE Mockups Thread - FREE 3D Mockups Generator 365psd - FREE PSDs Creative Tim - FREE Web Templates & Themes Email Monster - FREE Email Templates Design DB - FREE Templates FREE One Page Web Templates UIUX Repo - FREE UI and graphic design resources for Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Xd and Figma FREE Videos Only
    Mazwai - FREE Videos Coverr - FREE Videos Distill - FREE Videos Life of Vids - FREE Videos Vids Play - FREE Videos Dareful - FREE Videos Clipstill - FREE Cinemagraphs Motion Elements - FREE Stock Footage FREE Music & Sound FX
    Free Music Archive - FREE Music Incomptech - FREE Music m-operator - FREE Music Purple Planet - FREE Music Free Stock Music - FREE Music Fesliyan Studios - FREE Music & Sound Effects The Motion Monkey - FREE 300 Retro Game Sound Effects Free SFX - FREE Sound Effects FREE Fonts Only
    League of Movable Type - FREE Fonts Font Library - FREE Fonts FONT Repo - FREE Fonts Also, check these threads: 
    Public Domain Pictures  Free Vector and Photo Resources Free fonts Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts List will be updated as I discover more!
    Last Update: Feb 03, 2022
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    EmmaW reacted to GarryP in [New 1.2] Free Vector Tools for Windows 10 Users   
    New in Version 1.2:
    Tracks Function – Create many types of rotational designs. Routes Selector – You have a choice of the order in which most designs are drawn. Colour Schemes – Seven new schemes. New Shapes – Spikeys, Flowers, Rectelipses (Squircles), Quaternates, and path versions of other shapes. Code Viewer – Improved viewing options. Fields – You can now determine if the shape positions are automatically recalculated. I recently published an update to Canny Vectors which is an application that allows Windows 10 users to create various vector designs that can be used in the Affinity applications – as native Affinity layers – or saved as SVG files to be used anywhere you use SVGs. I had the Affinity applications in mind when I was developing the software but you can probably use the output anywhere that can use an SVG.
    It is not meant to be the greatest vector application ever, or anything like that; it’s just a small collection of simple tools which might come in useful every now and again and save you a little bit of time here and there. And it's completely free with no ads.
    At the moment it has five functions:
    Grids – regular orthogonal grids of shapes;
    Fields – a collection of randomly placed shapes;
    Panes – an area covered with randomly altered lines or shapes.
    Centrics – Create ‘concentric’ shapes, and more.
    Tracks - Create rotational designs.
    Each function has various options with which you can vary what the software creates, so there’s lots to experiment with.
    The application comes with a user guide – written using the Affinity applications – which I have attached to this post:
    I’ve attached some example images and a video of each function showing just some of what you can do.
    Please do not make bug reports or make feature requests for this software in these forums; I’m sure the Serif staff don’t want that extra hassle. Use the in-app functionality instead, or you can rate/review the software in the App Store.
    If you want to make a feature request, please read the notes in Part 8 of the user guide before making the request (some requests/suggestions may be ignored). (You might be able to PM me via the forums as long as the discussion doesn't go on for too long.)
    If you do use the software, and find some good uses for it, then it might be nice if you could show some examples here for other people to see.
    You can find and install the software via this link: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9P3H0SH7XK02
    Or you can get it via the Microsoft Store here: ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9P3H0SH7XK02
    Why not give it a try and see what you can create?

    2022-02-27 12-25-52.mp4 2022-02-27 12-30-24.mp4 2022-02-27 12-41-04.mp4 2022-02-27 12-43-22.mp4 2022-02-27 12-47-38.mp4
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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Camouflage III [Vector]   
    Composite Plant Assets
    New set of composite plant assets.

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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Camouflage III [Vector]   
    Tree Construction
    For the trees I wanted to create something modular that could be used to build a number of similar objects
    The branches for the main trees (Bumble Tree!) are also used to generate additional trees for the landscape
    The faces needed to vary slightly to create unique trees. So Rock Monster World Assets were used to construct different faces.  

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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Camouflage III [Vector]   
    Added some wireframes
    Tree built from new Toolkit all branches and leaf structures are separate vector items/modular objects

    Single assembled vector image

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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Camouflage III [Vector]   
    Camouflage III
    The Third Camouflage Vector Drawing. 
    Completed in Affinity Designer 1.91 with some of the vector objects based on Ecosystem (Raster)
    Camouflage III A
    Original size 1500 x 600mm 300dpi
    Uploaded at 2657 x 1063 jpg
    Eight layer composite linked file set

    Camouflage III B
    Original size 1500 x 600mm 300dpi
    Uploaded at 2657 x 1063 jpg
    Single File Assembled Vectors 

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    EmmaW reacted to StuartRc in Vector Assets: Camouflage III - Bumble Tree   
    Vector Assets: Camouflage III
    Part of the Tree Builder Project
    A simplified cartoon like Tree Construction Kit based on the 'Bumble Tree' assemblage in Camouflage III
    Supplements Tree Builder Kit 03 which has a lot more assets!
    There is also a Landscape Kit associated with these 'base vectors'
    1. CF 01 - CF 10 Tree
    2. Textures

    Detailing has been removed.
    Samples as below and .zip file for installation:


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    EmmaW reacted to Larto in Länderflaggen Pinsel und 3D Effekt / country flags brushes and 3d effect   
    Hallo Affinity Community, mit euch möchte ich meine Länderflaggen Pinsel teilen. Optimiert sind sie für's zeichnen bei 1% Abstand damit ein Streifeneffekt entsteht. Geeignet also für z.B. Texteffekte. Einige Flaggen waren durch ihr Design für runde Pinsel ungeeignet. Um sie dennoch hinzuzufügen habe ich sie umgestaltet, möglichst ohne ihren Wiedererkennungswert einzuschränken. War z.B. ein Emblem mittig und dadurch beim zeichnen schlicht unsichtbar, verschob ich es ein wenig über die Kante des Kreises/Pinsels. Manche Flaggen besitzen deshalb 2 Versionen.
    Die Pinsel sind in englisch übersetzt, auf 4 Kategorien verteilt und alphabetisch sortiert. Ohne englisch Kenntnisse wird man sich auch zurechtfinden da die Reihenfolge der deutschen sehr ähnlich ist. Enthalten sind 193 Stück + 59 Zweitversionen mit einer Größe von je 500 Pixel.
    Anleitung für 3D Effekt mit zusätzlichem feinen Linien wie auf dem Vorschaubild:
    1. Beliebigen Flaggenpinsel wählen und auf die gewünschte Größe ändern, z.B. 60 Pixel bei 2K Auflösung.
    2. Eine neue leere Ebene erstellen und 1x mit dem Pinsel darauf klicken/malen.
    3. Live Filter "Rauschen hinzufügen" an die Ebene clippen und Wert auf ca. 25 erhöhen.
    4. Belichtungsanpassung ebensfalls an die Ebene clippen und Wert auf ca. -2,5 stellen. An diese Anpassung (nicht Hauptebene) einen vertikalen bzw. je nach gewünschter Lichtrichtung schrägen schwarz/weiss Verlauf zeichnen, sodass der Pinselpunkt oben hell und unten dunkel wird.
    5. Ebene duplizieren um die originale zu sichern und das Duplikat rastern.
    6. Mit angeklickter Duplikatsebene über Pinselpanel "neuer Pinsel aus Auswahl" wählen. Den Pinsel bearbeiten und Abstand auf 1% reduzieren. Der Pinsel ist jetzt fertig vorbereitet.
    7. Auf neuer oder zwei neuen Ebenen (z.B. bei übereinanderliegenden Strichen wie bei Buchstabe A oder H) zeichnen, z.B. einen Text.
    8. Ebeneneffekte "3D" oder "Kanten schleifen-innen" mit einem runden Profil hinzufügen (bei zwei Ebenen auch jeweils einen Ebeneneffekt für sich (Effekt kann seit Affinity 1.9 verknüpft werden)). Bei einer gewählten Pinselgröße von 60 Pixel empfiehlt sich ein Wert von 25 - 30. Optional "weichzeichnen" hinzufügen. Nun nur noch das Licht an die bei Schritt 4 gewählte Richtung anpassen.
    9. Falls zwei Ebenen verwendet wurden kann auf der unteren gegebenenfalls noch ein Schatten, der durch die obere entsteht, hinzugefügt werden. Das verstärkt den 3D Effekt noch mehr. Fertig
    Viel Spaß
    Hello Affinity community, i want to share my country flags brushes with you. They are optimized for round brushes by painting with 1% space to create a streakeffect. Because of some flags are unsuitable i had to edit them.
    This packs contained 193 brushes + 59 with a second version, separated in 4 categories, translated into english and arranged in alphabetical order. All have a size of 500 pixel.
    Tutorial for a 3D effect with additional fine lines like on my wallpaper:
    1. Choose a flag brush and set it to a size you like, for example 60 pixel on 2K resolution.
    2. Create a new empty layer and paint 1x time on it.
    3. Add "add noise" live filter and clip it on this layer. Set the value to around 25.
    4. Add "exposure" adjustment and clip it also to this layer. Set the value to around -2,5 and add a vertical (or other light direction you like) black/white gradient on this adjustment layer. Your brush dot is now bright on top and below dark.
    5. Duplicate the complete layer to save your original. Rasterize the duplicate.
    6. With active duplicate go to brush panel and click on "create brush from selection". Edit this brush and set space to 1%. The brush is now ready to paint.
    7. Paint on a new layer (or 2 if your lines cross each other like for letter A or H for a deeper 3D effect).
    8. Add layer effect (If you have 2 layers use 2 layer effects. Since Affinity 1.9 it is possible to link them.) "3D" or "inner bevel". I recommend a value of 25 - 30 when you paint with 60 pixel. Optional smooth the effect a little. For a round 3D effect use a round profil. Now only adjust your light direction to a similar like on step 4.
    9. If you use 2 layers you can add a shadow on the layer below to increase the 3D effect. Done
    Have fun

    Country_Flags_A_-_F.afbrushes Country_Flags_G_-_L.afbrushes Country_Flags_M_-_P.afbrushes Country_Flags_S_-_Z.afbrushes
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    EmmaW got a reaction from Lusus in Free Affinity Designer Paper Cut Out Flowers Files   
    fab, thank you for sharing
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    EmmaW reacted to DocCoding in Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com   
    As a web designer, I find websites like uiGradients.com a quite useful resource, with a massive selection of ready-made gradients (and css code for those).
    This palette is a complete (01.09.2018) pack of all gradients alongside their names, hand-imported over the course of an afternoon and a few podcasts.
    I don't think you can copyright colors/gradients, but the GitHub repository of the uiGradients.com website is licensed under MIT. I'll try to keep the file up to date with the website, but if there's a missing gradient or a error, please tell me about it.
    Enjoy: uiGradients.com.zip
    (A preview will follow soon)
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    EmmaW reacted to Lusus in Free Affinity Designer Paper Cut Out Flowers Files   
    I've been working on some paper cut out style flowers, getting them ready for Valentines Day and spring, and I've made them available to anyone who wants them. I've posted them on the Affinity resources website, but a more direct link would be to my new and yet unfinished blog. I hope they'll be useful to someone.
    Included are two Affinity files that contain the paper cut flowers. One set of flowers are noncoloured, so you can easily add your own and make the flowers unique to you.
    The second Affinity file contains coloured flowers that can be used as is.
    There is a third Affinity file, and that contains the Valentines image which can be seen on my blog.
    The fourth file included is a set of assets. This consists of the flowers included in the Affinity files, both blank and coloured. This means paper cut designs can quickly and easily be created by dragging flowers from the assets window onto the canvas area. There are also flower components such as petals and flower centres, to enable you to make your own flowers almost from scratch.

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