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  1. Yes. The Affinity tutorials are hosted on Vimeo. Indonesian anti-pornography laws probably block Vimeo because some of the videos on there contain nudity (not the Affinity tutorials). You could explore using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to circumvent those restrictions, try using an alternate name server (like the free Google ones,, ) or see if Serif can point you to an alternate location for the videos (the preferred solution). I have no idea if trying to circumvent the restrictions could get you into trouble since the Affinity tutorials themselves wouldn't be banned, but research that before doing anything. See this article: http://www.quora.com/Why-is-reddit-and-Vimeo-blocked-on-some-ISPs-in-Indonesia
  2. Just a note on the forums The bugs forum is open, the "closed" you see is a sub-forum where they move the closed items. Confused me too at first.
  3. HI erose - My thread was more general, I started it before I realized they had additional controls for brush dynamics already, so the title doesn't specify the opacity control. I'd say it wouldn't hurt to add a new request with that as the title.
  4. If you need to do family sharing, here is some info: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201085 But, if they are both your computers, you don't need to do that. Just log into the app store with the same Apple id you used to do the purchase, and you can install it on the other computer directly from the app store.
  5. Hi Andi- If you haven't done so already, try running the Font Book application, select all fonts, and then run File> Validate Fonts, look for duplicates and corrupt fonts
  6. Just an additional note, once you've selected Affinity Photo, click on the "Change all" button, otherwise just that one file will be changed. Note that this will change files with that particular extension, if you use more than one for the same type of image (.jpg, .jpeg) you will need to repeat for each extension.
  7. Yes, the GIMP is fine software, and may be all you need. For me, I replaced the GIMP with Affinity Photo. Why? It fits better in my workflow. The stable GIMP version (2.8) only supports 8-bit per channel editing, the 2.9 dev version supports 16 and higher bit depth, but a lot of things just don't work properly. The 16-bit editing has been in the works for years, and is still not there. I've always found the GIMP UI to be a bit confusing, for me AP is better and allows me to be more productive. And in terms of application speed, AP is on another level. There is a tutorial on watermarking using AP:
  8. Hi Pomme27 - If Matt's suggestion doesn't help, I would suggest running an extended memory test, symptoms like that could be related to a bad RAM module. Not sure about your iMac, but try starting up and press and hold the "D" key, that should bring up built-in hardware diagnostics including memory testing. If it does, run the extended test. Edit: they appeared to have changed from Apple Hardware Test (AHT) to Apple Diagnostics (AD) sometime in 2013, I know the AHT had the extended memory testing, not sure about AD. Both should start the same way, holding the "d" key.
  9. Hi - Thanks for the new videos, great info (love the "Placing Documents" one) - just a note that the "Selective Sharpening" video is private, I can't see it.
  10. Thanks MEB, that is very helpful - question on the pdf, though - it has the Photo persona, then the Liquefy persona two times, then advanced text, then trackpad shortcuts. There are no shortcuts for the Develop persona. Did they mean to have Liquefy in there twice, or is that a mistake? Also, in a thread in the questions section (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/11486-flip-golden-spiral/), on how to cycle the position of the golden ratio crop guides around, the answer was to use shift-O. That shortcut (are there others?) that uses the shift key doesn't seem to be represented in this document. Thanks!
  11. I added a feature request for this a while back: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10470-more-pressure-sensitivity-options-photo/
  12. When you hold down the option key, the small cross indicates the current clone source location, the larger cross is where the new source will come from once you click. When using the brush, the small cross indicates the clone source location.
  13. Ah, that's a different problem then, it is supposed to work in Yosemite- I just tried the media browser with Photos on Yosemite (on internal drive though) without problem. Have you tried re-downloading the app from the App store, and resetting the prefs at application launch (hold down Control to bring up the dialog, choose all and reset)? I would try that under a bootable Yosemite partition if you have one, to make sure it isn't 10.11 breaking it. Edit: I just tried it with a RAW file, I can't reproduce Jon's crashing problem, but it does behave for me like Scottin says. If you open a RAW file (using media browser) from a location on the disk, it comes in as a RAW, if you open the RAW version from the Photos library it comes in as a jpeg.
  14. You are running 10.11 Beta? I guess the easy answer is for you to use 10.10.4 - when you run a Beta version of an OS, problems are to be expected....
  15. Interesting, both have issues with 7D RAWs, and Apple did an update to "Digital Camera RAW Compatibility 6.05" about a week ago - Coincidence? Does AP rely on Apples RAW conversion tools? Idle speculation, maybe I'll see if I can find a 7D RAW file somewhere.. Update - just downloaded a 7D RAW, everything is still very responsive, no problems.
  16. It's more of a troubleshooting method to narrow down if it is a system-level problem, or just specific to your user account (corrupt preferences, your account may be starting other background processes, etc.). I would also look at Activity Monitor to see whats going on when you open AP, and check the Console for messages to see if there is anything unusual. The other thread I pointed to earlier had a method to reset AP, did you try that also? Hopefully the AP folks will offer some suggestions soon.
  17. I left mine at default values. Have you tried logging in as a different user, does the problem persist?
  18. Hi - I re-watched the excellent "Start to Finish - Nature Portrait" tutorial and it looks like it was re-done a bit (possibly added modifier keys graphics, and took out the playing with the flowers in her hair piece). I was just wondering if you could post here when you update the in-house tutorials so we might know to have a second look. Not sure if you already do this, but if you add a new video, this would be a good place to post that info too. Thanks!
  19. In the Launchpad, hold down the alt (or option if you prefer) key, and the icons start to "wiggle" around with an "x" on top of the icon, just click the x to delete that application..
  20. Aha! Thanks James, I confused the two, I did recently watch the Liquify Retouching video. I will check the pinned topic for changes and additions periodically.
  21. It's also possible the Mac App store messed up the download, try deleting the app and re-installing it from the App store. If you check your "Purchases" tab in the App store, sometimes the cryptic " An error has occurred" message will be next to some of the downloads (it was for me for AP, the first time). If you delete the app from the Launchpad, then the App store will know you have deleted it and will give you the option to install again, if you delete using the Finder sometimes the App store still thinks it's installed and won't give you the Install option. I did a more thorough test last night of the develop persona, everything was very fast, no lag at all. There is another post that has some responses from the Affinity folks you might want to look at: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10492-cant-open-affinity-after-purchase/
  22. Just to give you another reference point, I'm using AP on an early 2008 MBP with 4GB RAM running Yosemite, and am not seeing any issues like you are having. Development of Canon 50d RAW files has no lag. I do see a bit of a slowdown when I add a bunch of layers and the file size gets past 650MB, but even then it is minor. Just a thought, have you checked the amount of free space you have available on your disk?
  23. Hi JDW- Can't you achieve that quickly by moving the upper right point in the curves to the left? (see attached screenshot)
  24. DonatoF

    Saving images

    Not quite right Michael. You do not need to explicitly flatten the .afphoto file, you simply need to export as a tiff or jpeg - using the File>"Export" command, not the File>"Save As". The application takes care of doing the flattening (behind the scenes) in producing the other formats, but does not effect the .afphoto file. Save As will only give you the option to save the .afphoto file with a different name/location, not convert to another format. So in your scenario, you would end up with both an .afphoto file with layers intact if you haven't flattened them, and a tiff or jpeg file to use elsewhere. You could always delete the .afphoto version if you have no further need for it, depends on your workflow.

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