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  1. When I drag to the trash it bounces back to the original position in the Launchpad.
  2. After the wiggle there is no X, instead I get a window stating "Beta Expired. This bet has expired - please download the latest beta to continue testing". Two boxes stating DOWNLOAD and OK. I then tried to download, thinking that once it's downloaded I should be able to delete it. Unfortunately I'm informed the Beta versions have now ended. So still stuck with the Affinity Photo Beta icon in the launchpad.
  3. The Affinity Photo Beta isn't listed in my Apps, just the Affinity Photo. Still can't get rid of the icon in Launchpad :-(
  4. The Affinity Photo Beta icon in Launchpad remains and I can't fathom out how to delete it. I presumed that when I bought the App that the Beta icon would of disappeared.
  5. Anyone know if in the future there will be a "Resource" guidebook taking us through all the best techniques for using the fundamental tools, from beginner to advanced level?
  6. Many thanks David. Having rebooted this morning I find the icon has disappeared and I have just the one now.
  7. I have been using the Beta Affinity Designer and before downloading the paid for version of Affinity Designer I tried to delete the Beta AD App icon but it wouldn't delete. I then downloaded the paid for version of AD and now have two AD App icons. Any ideas of how to delete the Beta version AD App?
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