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  1. I'm attempting to follow a Photoshop tutorial, but I'm having trouble creating the layer mask. I can create it, but I don't understand how to make the paint brush "erase" the layer below it. I don't see the little White and Black boxes that appear in photoshop to make the layer mask either visible or not visible. If someone could rewrite the tutorial below so that it works in Affinity Photo, that would be super appreciated. I just need these 4 steps rewritten. I have also posted the original source article link: Create A New Layer. Type Ctrl-J (Command-J) or flatten all the layers into a new layer using Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E(Command-Option-Shift-E). Add Median Blur. Click Filter > Blur > Median. Then select a Radius of 15 - 30 Pixels depending on the amount of dirt and grime on the background. In the preview window, make sure the dirt completely vanishes, but the shadows retain detail. Create A Layer Mask. Click the Layer Mask button and then tap Ctrl-I (Command-I) to invert the mask. Paint On The Median Blur. With a decent size white brush paint on the Median blur over the problem areas and watch the dirt disappear! Be careful of any edges, I recommend using a small brush to cover the fine details around shoes or props. https://fstoppers.com/commercial/save-yourself-hours-most-effective-way-clean-backgrounds-photoshop-32144 Thank you in advance.
  2. Do you know if this can be done in Affinity Photo, or do I need the separate program, Designer?
  3. I am trying to design business card using Moo software. In their instructions they say you need to "Outline" the text before saving the design. They provided instructions, the those instructions don't correspond to anything in Affinity Photo. The instructions on how to do "Outline" the text in Photoshop can be found here: https://support.moo.com/hc/en-gb/articles/202838754-My-PDF-contains-text-with-abnormal-size-values-how-do-I-outline-my-text- Can you tell me how to do this is Affinity Photo?
  4. Is "Designer" the Affinity version of Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator? I'm asking because I'm looking to create a 10 page magazine/brochure, and I'm trying to understand if Affinity Designer is the correct program for this.
  5. I bought a template online that is made up of PSD files that can be made into a magazine. I would like to be able to create the 8 page magazine and then export all 8 pages as one PDF. Can this be done in Designer? Using Affinity Photo, I am able to create each individual page, but I don't see a way to export the various pages into one cohesive PDF.
  6. How can I make Healing Brush and Clone tools and the rest reappear? Is there some sort of default view mode?
  7. In Photoshop, I use IImagenomic Portraiture to give the skin a smooth look. Since I can't get my Portraiture plug in for Photoshop to work in Affinity, I'm wondering if there is a feature in Affinity that can duplicate that plug in?
  8. Can someone please answer this question? The cross hair is extremely distracting and I don't understand the relationship between the cross hair and the area I am cloning and the area I am selecting.
  9. When I use the clone stamp there is a small plus near the circle. What is this for? Is it possible to remove it? It is very confusing and I don't see any documentation about it in the help section of the program.
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