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    Spoon and Kuksa carver. Green woodworker. Designer. Photographer. I live and work on Dartmoor in the sou'west of the British Isles.
  1. Cheers Alex. I'll have a look right now. I'm sure this'll work in the future, I'm just keen to get things going. Thanks once more. Jon Mac.
  2. Hi hi... Ok, so I have had a look round for any suggestions and found that I can move closer to parity if I download the Affinity Photo Beta. I am now running OSX El Capitan 10:11 with a beta build of Affinity Photo I can now work backward from either photos or Aperture. For instance I can bring a photo up in Aperture and select an option to edit in Affinity and I can also now bring a photo up in Photos and use an Affinity plug in to carry out an edit. Step forward !!! :) However, the issue of not being able to open Aperture or Photos from media browser in an external drive still holds. I can however look into the systems (on board) copy of Photos and see photos. Using the on board Photos library isn't an option as space on my MacBook Pro is at a premium, hence using external drives. You can download the beta from the link found here.... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/13346-affinity-photo-customer-beta-1353/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/13346-affinity-photo-customer-beta-1353/ So ABC. Thanks once more for working on this conundrum. If you find any more info on this subject I'd be very pleased to read it. Jon Mac.
  3. Hi ABC. Thanks for looking into it. I will have another go perhaps using a blank drive. I'll install a new version and see if it can be read. At the time of writing this I haven't looked at your supplied links, but I'll definitely have a look tomorrow. I'll get back to you asap. Thanks again. Jon Mac.
  4. Hi ABC. Yes, I have double checked the XML sharing. It is set to Always. I also refreshed the export section so the pathway is open to the new literation of Affinity. I have been on this all day. Not to mention hours spent on the problem over the last year. Keep me in mind if anything bubbles to the top. Thanks for your help..... J
  5. Hi all. Ok, so I've just updated my OS to El Capitan 10:11. I was hoping that now I'm no longer running any beta systems Affinity and El Capitan would become harmonious. I deleted Affinity and re-downloaded. I still can't access files in Photos or Aperture either on internal drive or external. Do any of you tech guys have new information for us ?
  6. Thank's for your input guys. Still can't access any libraries internal or external. I've a massive amount of work to do, I guess I won't be using Affinity to process it.
  7. OSX 10.11 Media browser won't open files in either iPhoto or photos both of which are stored on an external drive. (won't open on board files either) I am experiencing endless Affinity crashes. I would like some advice on how I can access my RAW photos for editing as at the moment I am disappointed with my purchase.
  8. Hi all. I downloaded 'Yosemite 10.10.3 Beta' a week or so ago. So far so good. This Beta O/S includes the new 'Photos' app. I have managed to export a large amount of photos over to the app without much difficulty. The 'photos' libraries now reside in two external drives. I am aiming to future proof my ability to expand my photo editing skills, which I won't be able to do on the new 'photos' app, as it is a little... agricultural. At the moment I can't raise the 'Photo' library through the 'Media Browser'. As the 'Photos' library will probably be the default dump for imported photos, I would like to ask if the Affinity photo editor will soon be meshed with Apple 'photos' libraries ? If not, other than continuing to use iPhoto, is there a work round that I have missed ? Thank you for your ongoing work on the Affinity photo editor, a very exciting enterprise. Jon Mac.
  9. How do I start a topic ?

  10. Yes, metadata would be an extremely useful tool. Adding copy write and keywords is important to me.
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