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  1. Hi DonatoF, Have your tip times conducted found no broken fonts or duplicate fonts. I'm going to delete multiple fonts, let's see what it brings :-( Thanks
  2. Hello there, And thank you for your comments and efforts. I could locate the problem and it seems to be a problem FONTS ! I have 2 new user created, one with my OpenType fonts, the other only with standard fonts (systems-fonts) .... With my OpenType fonts the MacPro reacts more slowly than without my standard fonts (systems-fonts). An external font manager, the one could be integrated into AP and AD, would be nice :-) Best regards Andi
  3. Hi Guys. My name is Andreas Schmidt from Germany. Who of you used Affinity Photo and Designer on a new MacPro with D300 graphics card? I use the programs Affinity Photo and Desinger on a new MacPro and I must say that's rather poor performance compared to my MacBookPro (2012). It takes more than 40-60 seconds before launch the two programs on the MacPro, on the MacBook just 2 seconds. Even when processing OpenType fonts, the Great is more sluggish compared to the Little ones. Can someone confirm the problem ???? It is a clean and newly installed OS X 10.10.4 with 16GB of memory. Access rights were checked and repaired. Thanks for your help and sorry for the bad english. Best regards from Germany