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  1. Yes, I noticed that, but for me this is not a good solution, look at this 2022-11-11 21-20-13.mp4
  2. Here are my two scenarios, both on WARP renderer to avoid the GPU influence. One is the shadow added to the Warp Group and modified, the second is the shadow added to the simple rectangle and then warping and modified. The shadow has maximum radius and maximum offset. 2022-11-11 00-08-33.mp4
  3. Indeed, if I add the shadow before the perspective, there are "only" glitches and zooming can remove them (after adding the shadow to the warp group, zooming does not work, does not remove this strange invisible borders). But this is just a workaround and it's independent of renderer or GPU support (I tried all the combinations). Anyway, it's a bug.
  4. Hi, I have problem with objects modified by eg. mesh or perspective. After adding a outer shadow to modified object I have a strange invisible box I tested all combination renderers and GPU acceleration and this bug is not relevant to this. Also simple adding a shadow to simple object (without warping) works fine, without problem. Something is wrong with warping tool in my opinion. 2022-11-10 17-50-33.mp4
  5. I agree. Especially we discussed on the forum, add some suggestions, advice, ideas, reporting bugs BTW: Why, oh, why measure tool has no option to stay on picture as new vector object?
  6. From which e-mail address did you get this "survey e-mail", could you put this address here (or only beginning)?
  7. Five years and I'm not able to add a perspective to simple box? Really? They can do resizing, skewing, rotating, but no adding a perspective? Or free transform? I like Designer a lot, but sadly this is not a professional tool without free transform in my opinion. The same with dimensioning and tracing. And the most important thing: we have no roadmap for future changes Should we back to Corel or AI?
  8. Indeed, but if I know GPL licences, you cannot use open source code in commercial applications?
  9. Very good question I think there are many things to add Every user has his own dream about that
  10. Hi, Designer beta is on RC5 stage, but we can dream about version 2.0 Short movie about version 2.0 features Would you like it?
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