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  1. I agree, the new photos selection is a big upgrade and very welcome although I haven't tried anywhere close to 154 images at a time. It's very impressive that the iPad can handle this many although I'm not convinced the iPad is the best tool for this kind of effort.
  2. It Should still work even on the 11 beta but I would suggest a reset all settings on your iPad if you haven't done so. That followed by a restart may help get everything syncing back up. I had to do similar on my test iPad after applying the 11 beta.
  3. Good suggestions. I believe your second point has already been addressed and will be included in the beta being released today.
  4. Thanks MEB. I actually noticed that is you tap and drag outside the selection but close to a handle then you could resize safely without moving the selection. This worked better for me than trying to drag exactly on the handles.
  5. Actually, when this happens by accident, you can tap undo to go straight back into the toggled edit selection as layer mode.
  6. Thanks again. I couldn't find the move tool on the selections persona but it appears when go back into photo persona. Got it working now. One observation. If you are transforming the selection and tap on the mask, it takes you straight out of 'edit selection as a layer'. Can this not be locked until you toggle the option again because if you click on the mask by accident, you need to go back into selection persona and select the toggle again from the context menu which is a pain.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply MEB. Is there a way to do this though if we don't have a keyboard connected?
  8. Unless I am missing something obvious, I can see no way to transform selections. If this is true, this is something I would love to see added, especially without the precision of an on screen cursor which makes creating selections harder in the first place.
  9. Yes, unfortunately, while iOS runs great on 2GB RAM never mind 4GB, you need to look beyond the OS to specific apps that may benefit from the extra RAM. 16GB is common place on the desktop and 'Pro' users would probably be looking at 32GB in a lot of cases. If you want the iPad to deliver a desktop experience then I think more RAM would certainly be a benefit for certainly applications. Having said that, it is what it is and the iPad still offers a great experience for most users and you're kidding yourself if you think Affinity Photo is anything other than an excellent piece of software on the iPad. There may be bugs given it is a newly released application and it may not suit everyone but this is a seriously powerful application in it's own right and one of the main reasons I bought both new Pros.
  10. Yes it does although the app has unfortunately been abandoned.
  11. I keep suggesting how the likes of Photogene works. This lets you browse all the images in the Photos app without the need of individual imports. You can nip in and out of images and make all the various edits you wish which are stored in Photogene unless you export back to Photos. This means you keep Photos as the 'DAM' app but leverage AP for all editing and exporting as required. This is like a half way house between what we have today and a dedicated DAM application but works on iOS.
  12. Glad it wasn't just me. I'll spend some more time trying to recreate the issue.
  13. Just to answer one of your questions. 2. You can do this with a couple of 3rd party apps today. Granted it is an additional purchase but at least the option is there today and will work with any app, not just Affinity Photo: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/astropad-standard/id934510730?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/duet-display/id935754064?mt=8
  14. I haven't seen any abnormal battery drain with AP in the background on 3 different iPads although they are all running iOS 10.3.2. I would be wary about battery drain when running an iOS beta as it seems fairly common for users to experience higher battery drain when running a beta.
  15. I have noticed that some of the adjustments have a range that leaves a lot of the adjustment range as redundant. It may just be the images I'm using but it is proving quite consistent. Example: The posterisation effect. The range from 0 - 30(approx) shows obvious changes but from around 30 - 128 shows little to no change. If I look in more detail at say a gradient blue sky, I can see visual differences from 0 - 60 but after this, nothing. The leaves the range from 60 - 128 as effectively useless for me. Would it not make more sense to make the change less granular and cover the full 0 - 128 range?
  16. I for one have been very happy with the results I can get from my Nikon RAW files. I understand this is first and foremost a photo editor with the ability to develop RAW files and that works for me. I can also understand why it perhaps doesn't work for others but that is where a proper DAM app with RAW support may work better.
  17. Hi Andy, I definitely wasn't imagining this but I'll be damned if I can recreate the issue now. I tried last night on 3 different iPads and the adjustments layer deletion worked as expected. You can ignore this report and I'll come back with replication steps if it does happen again. I had it in the evening and the following morning but I'm wondering if it was a one off issue and I hadn't restarted the app between tries. Cheers, Andy.
  18. Hi Andy, Typical, I cannot replicate this issue now. I'll try and find out the steps later today as I definitely noticed it last night and replicated it this morning, I just can't remember which iPad and version of Photo. I'll confirm back later today as we're heading out now.
  19. Hi, If you add an adjustment but then hit delete instead of apply on the bottom control menu nothing is applied which is as expected. Now though, if you go back into the adjustment and try to make changes, nothing happens. You need to delete the adjustment layer and start again. Cheers, Andy.
  20. I would urge you to take a look at how Photogene works to see what is possible. It no doubt does some form of background import for any image you make changes to but it is transparent to the user. It also will allow batch export back to Photos but again, not sure how this is achieved. The result though is an excellent experience for the user.
  21. An an FYI, the ability to add files from Photos has now been added but the one at a time limitation still exists. Hopefully the ability to select multiple images at a time will come.
  22. I genuinely think Photogene was ahead of it's time on iOS and still outdoes many apps out there. I know I would love to see the file management and export options replicated in Affinity Photo.
  23. I just wanted say I was genuinely impressed by the quality of adjustment and output when developing some Nikon RAW files. It's not the kind of performance you would expect on the iPad and I need to remind myself that this genuinely is pro quality software and reevaluate my expectations of what is possible on the platform now. A big well done to the team.
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