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  1. I need to export all my art in Affinity format as a backup because i am replacing my iPad and want to be able to edit the original art on the new device. I know how to export standard formats but not affinity. I need to retain layers, etc.. Thanks
  2. Congratulations on releasing Designer for iPad. I am surprised there was no beta. There was one for photo which I participated in. If in future there is a beta for Designer I would like to participate Meantime I look forward to enjoying the newly released app!
  3. Does Affinity Photo handle vectors as vectors or is it all basically rasterized? In other words can it edit vector art without converting it to bitmaps or do we need to wait for Designer for iPad? If so what is the timing? Is there a Designer beta available?
  4. It's been a while. Do you still intend to move forward with it? All the best in the New Year!
  5. Do you guys have any sense of timing on a beta release of this product? Given the capabilities of the IPAD Pro, this would be a very important piece of software. While there is drawing and photo editing software available for the platform, there's nothing close to a desktop product such as yours, or Photoshop. Personally I think Adobe is handing you a huge opportunity here by not releasing a real version of their flagship product for IOS.
  6. I am very interested in being a beta tester for an iPad pro version of Affinity. There currently is nothing close to a Mac photo editor for iPad pro but I believe one is possible. Truthfully iPad may be a better potential environment due to it's touch screen and pencil if powerful software were available.
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