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  1. Thanks for your great advice wren! I've just started learning digital arts and I'm getting a bit desperate. I just don't have the talent nor skills. Well, I've been passionate about drawing before. I have always had a pencil and a paper at hand, drawing and sketching. It's not that my work was awesome, but I started young; I was already creating my own comics way back when i was 3. But something in my past stunted my growth, I had to abandon it completely. With the recent pandemic we are all in, however, wherein, people are losing their jobs, businesses are closing out, I'm left without a work. I had to consider learning new skills; or re-learning the skills I used to have. And its so frustrating trying to learn how to draw knowing i could do it so well before.
  2. I just want to use it in my youtube channel but since I downloaded alot of shared resources I no longer know who to give credit to.
  3. Hi guys, will I get in trouble if I failed to give proper credit?
  4. hi guys, will I get in trouble if I failed to give credit to shared resources?
  5. no attribution required totally free?
  6. Here is my latest work of art. Am i improving? Thanks for the feedback!
  7. please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
  8. please critique my newest pixel art๐Ÿ˜
  9. Hi guys! Please support my venture into digital arts. I'm selling vector brushes to help fund my study in this field. Here are 5 sample brushes of 20 vector brushes I created for only 2$/pack.
  10. sorry I'm new I don't know how to screenshot my image. I only did this in 30 minutes but is the quality good enough already? I don't know how I could still improve.
  11. hi guys! I'm new in digital art...please give me some expert advice and tips on how I can improve in 1 month. boy1.bmp
  12. can we use this commercially for free?
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