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  1. how about hair for a bald person?
  2. Animation and Vector ERASER like the one with clip studio is all you need to become #1 guys.
  3. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/install-faq/?locale=en-US&issues=Error_No64BitCPU%2C
  4. sorry, i was originally using affinity with my 64 bit laptop windows 10, but it broke, im now using windows 7, i dont know if it's compatible however because other softwares like the latest blender wont work with windows 7. also, I dont know how to activate aero theme
  5. i'll do much better next time thanks for the feedback I'm starting to enjoy the pen tool ..haven't touched my newly downloaded and much hyped blender 2.90 coz of it 😅
  6. I am nowhere near your level but I think this is my best work so far.
  7. Hi guys, I would just like to ask what is the best FREE animation software to animate VECTOR DESIGNS that will NOT affect its resolution? I tried sketchbook pro and I was NOT satisfied with the result.
  8. I've been trying to learn everything now it seems like I'm going to end up with nothing.
  9. Hi guys! I'm just wondering is my art polished enough to sell? Well, my 90 day free trial is nearing its end. I only have less than a month left and i feel like I haven't made any progress at all. I love Affinity but I've been tinkering with other software as well so I was not able to spend that much time with Affinity to master its features. But I really want to continue working with it. But I don't have the funds once my free trial expires. So I'm hoping I could come up with something that could help me earn money and buy Affinity license. I hope you guys could help me, give me some advice how i could polish my work and hopefully sell it before my free trial ends. Thanks a lot!
  10. also, please suggest a good FREE animation software which won't affect my affinity design's vector image.
  11. Is there compatibility issue between affinity designer and sketchbook pro? I created a vector design with affinity designer and tried to animate it using sketchbook's flipbook but then when I imported the image it wasn't good quality, much more when I tried to scale the supposed to be vector image.
  12. Did you use pen tool for that? I'm having difficulty using pen tool it seems unnatural for me
  13. okay now that hurts....this is the best I could do so far 🤣 Is this good enough for YouTube? 😅
  14. I know you are just trying to encourage me to pursue actually I already gave up with Affinity, I downloaded it because of its 3 months trial, now I only have 40 days left, I wasted 50 days of my trial, I didn't try to learn how to use it, not because its a bad software, but because I suck as an artist, also I've been tinkering with some other painting/drawing softwares...but a few days ago I tried Isometric, and I'm quite happy with the result , the only downside is that I couldn't use my drawing pen
  15. Hi guys, I'm just wondering, is this a good enough vector art? My aim is to develop my skills so that i could sell my art designs someday.
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