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  1. You have to know where an when to buy. Not from Adobe.
  2. It depends on how long Affinity Photo V2 will be usable. I can get the Photoshop & Lightroom subscription with 20 GB cloud storage for under €80 per year for the last few years. Compared to that, Affinity Photo still lacks many important features. The big V2 cash flow can either result in higher productivity or laziness.
  3. Only if it will be compatible with Apple's yearly macOS and iPadOS update.
  4. Of course there are: Procreate, Artstudio Pro, Vectornator.
  5. Yes, these too. On iPad there is much good competition: Artstudio Pro, Vectornator, Procreate and many more. The Affinity V1 file format can only be opened by V2. This, the lack of features and slow development makes it still a second choice. Not enough.
  6. They do it in Adobe Fresco. In the iPad app, you can see a list of upcoming features and share feedback.
  7. Please allow to show Trash Bin, Undo a Redo buttons. (iPad app)
  8. Since upgrade prices are not possible, please give everyone upgrading to V2 a free trash bin and some checkboxes instead.
  9. Why it should be? I have backups and don't connect this old Mac to the internet for security reasons. When CS2 was shut down adobe provided new universal serial numbers that don't need activation any more.
  10. I still have a Photoshop CS5 running under OS X 10.11 activated before shutdown
  11. That was a great app. Today I like Amadine, still underrated.
  12. On my iPP with latest iPadOS this is not the case. I purchased the universal license from Serif. Maybe caused by the update?
  13. Thank you very much! That is very important giving some time to switch completely to V2, that I already bought.
  14. There is a new 2022 EU law for a 2 year warranty on digital goods and software, including software updates to keep them usable: https://blog.intigriti.com/2022/06/27/new-eu-law-changing-game-digital-goods-producers/
  15. Let's say somebody bought V1 for iPadOS this month and Apple is releasing iPadOS 16.3 next month preventing V1 to run. I'm not a lawyer but EU consumer rights are very strict.
  16. Knife tool in Designer Publisher for iPadOS Nondestructive RAW in Photo
  17. Two years would be better to avoid class action lawsuits from users in the EU who bought V1 recently.
  18. Sorry that you can't use it any more. My last installation & activation a couple of years ago was with the server still alive.
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