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  1. @Gabe I’m on iPadOS16.2 beta 3… This ”chinese” thing is on 50% of the fonts I choose!
  2. Hi there! I have a strange behavior into Publisher for iPad - in a textbox, it doesn’t matter what kind of font I choose, it always ended up with the name in Chinese??? Is this a bug or what? See screenshot:
  3. Me too is looking for a way to have Swedish auto spellcheck enabled/downloadable… Hope we can sort that out…
  4. FYI - the above problem with Knife Tool doesn't effect Designer on MAC... Works like a charm on both Mac and my iPad Pro 12.9" M1...
  5. Pretty strange that Stage Manager is NOT supported in V2 on iPad! It was shown for five month ago and can’t be a suprise for Serif… One more thing - when I disable Stage Manager the three dots on top of screen disappear…
  6. Hi guys & gals! A annoying bug must be the BIG problem using the icons that sometimes got placed in top center of Publisher for iPad (may concern also Photo/Designer)… The iPadOS three dots that are placed in top center of every app is hiding/refuseing the user’s abilities to use icons that is placed by Serif developers in center top in all Affinity v2-apps… Annoying! See screenshot:
  7. Hi Affinity friends out there! Question: have 200 pictures, try to auto flyout them into Publisher v2 on iPad - four circleformed pictureframes on each sida (A4 landscape)… Choose 200 pictures from Files app, they jump in to Publisher and landing on a strip with 200 thumbnail with checkmarks… On my Mac I choose first thumbnail, go to last thumbnail, press Shift on keyboard, and choose them all between, BUT, it can’t be done on iPad…? There’s that dot you can activate screen key modifier, but when I choose Shift there, nothing happens when doing the same as on the Mac…?? Any tips here? See screenshot:
  8. Hi there! I’ve got a lot of picture on my iPad into the Photos app (around 30000) - a lot of them are croped inside that stock app, BUT, when I import (place) that kind of croped picture into Publisher/Photo/Designer it will be placed uncroped?? So, why? Why do the crop info not be used i Affinity suite?
  9. First of all, I must thank’s Serif Labs for releasing Affinity Publisher for iPad - years of longing, desperately waiting, that made me nuts and a vining bloke! So, excuse everybody! But, thera are some UI design that are strange - an example is ‘multiply flyout’ - place photo from Photos on iPad - totally impossible to see what pictures has been selected for import!!! Look at Apples UI design compare to Serif - checkmark rules! Can anybody tell the five pictures I marked in the Publisher UI for import?
  10. The number 4 is a big agree! Not only on/off layers is difficult to understand, even in the settings is hard to understand what’s Enabled/Disabled! What’s wrong with Apples own svitsches that mark it green when enabled? But, overall, I’m happy with my All Licence purchase (100$) - worth every penny!
  11. Hi there! I must apologize for my way to criticize Serif Labs for all the delays with Affinity Publisher - the release of today is f***in’ overwhelming!!! Thanks guys! Bought everything to both Mac & Win & iPad… Had every licence that could be bought earlier, have been buying both Win/Mac Affinity shop AND Mac Appstore/Win appstore versions… worth every penny! Todays 1395SEK (120$) was a bargain for nine licences - holy moses!!! Thanks thanks thanks! And, again, sorry for have been such an asshole…
  12. The day before the day is here, and, the hype is growing… But, don’t be too happy before we see what Serif Labs will be announcing Tomorrow… It can actually be a scenario that version 1.x and version 2.x will exists parallel with each other - version 1.x a one-time-purchase and version 2.x a subscription model… And, the release of Affinity Publisher for iPad, will this really be now, or this year, no, I don’t think so… More likely Serif Labs will show us an clone of Adobe Lightroom as part of the new subscription based Affinity Suite 2.0 - with an updated RAWfile engine…
  13. Yet another week has passed by, without any, any sign of Affinity Publisher for iPad in the horizon… And, two weeks since Apple for the second time since early june advertise this vanishing product, -Publisher for iPad… Serif Labs, what’s happening here? Why do you let Apple advertise your product that isn’t near an release??? The wait for Affinity Publisher for iPad is more and more like an freakshow with no end…
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