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  1. For me it’s the extremely small differences between the desktop versions of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and Photo/Designer on the iPad... Affinity Photo for iPad is extremely powerful, and, if you compare it with the iPad version of Adobe Photoshop, PS for iPad is a joke - it lacks so so many core functions and features that Adobe must think that Photoshop for iPad isn’t important for them... The same goes for Adobe Illustrator for iPad, but, here have Affinity Designer a long way to go as long it lacks some features customers wanted for years, but, Affinity Designer is still superior to Illustrator on iPad... Just now I (and a lot of Affinity users) waiting for Serif Labs to release the iPad version of Affinity Publisher - this release will certainly push iPad further forward as an real laptop replacer!
  2. I really wish I could fix this on my iMac - cant understand how to install the Swedish files on my Mac system so I can spellcheck in Swedish.. Why cant we at least have an option that says "Ignore Spelling globally in document"? Im imported an Swedish PDF today with 20 pages with different testboxes - with a lot red strikes underneath the Swedish text - I wish that I could ignore they with just one button... Hmmm...
  3. Yeah - agree!! @nodeus seems to be a super talented guy!
  4. For me Designer is far enough to use in most cases, and, your suggestion to remove it from Appstore because of some "little" bug is hard to understand... Why not then suggest that Adobe should remove Photoshop for iPad also - they marketing this as "Photoshop now on iPad!"... It's not Photoshop, it's perhaps 20% of the full desktop Photoshop, not more... So, things like that is more annoying that small small things missing in Affinity Photo/Designer for iPad... Sooner or later everything will be OK, be patient or find some substitute meanwhile you waiting for this to be fixed (I havn't this problem in my work with Designer)...
  5. In this topic, the guys on Serif Labs must be the right people to tell: Is there a ”bug” or something in the common code for Affinity Designer/Photo concering pixelbrushing with Apple Pencil (both gen 1 & 2)? Me I @Paul Mudditt don’t have such a problem as many other users here, so, perhaps can Serif Labs make a statement here to clear things up?
  6. @DM1 @Artsketch @Paul Mudditt @Luovatone - I have some thoughts that the battery status of the Apple Pencil may be one part of the problem! I’ve got some blobs last night, just befire my Pencils battery died, but, when I tested this 30 minutes later (without closing Affinity Photo), the blobs were gone again Perhaps someone else here can verify this?
  7. I make a new try tomorrow with this, and, perhaps some changes to the brush settings dynamics... By the way, nice artwork by you mr. @Luovatone on your homepage! Talented guy!
  8. @Luovatone @Paul Mudditt @DM1 @Artsketch - What do think about the above video? Should be intresting to know what’s the differences between my setup and all you having this ”blob” issue when painting with pixel brushes into Affinity Photo/Designer on iPad? Any suggestions?
  9. Here it is, the video showing no blobs... iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 edition, iPadOS 14 beta 3, Affinity Photo beta 1.84.185... IMG_0146.MP4
  10. Intresting... @DM1 is one of the most trusted sources here on this forum, so, what’s the differences between my & Paul Muddits iPads? I make an video too later this day showing something else...
  11. Just on the road just now, but I will post a screenshot and a video of that later today... Hold on...
  12. You are not alone... My iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 edition and iPad Pro 10.5” 2017 doesn’t have this behavior... Both are on iPad OS14 beta 3 - two different Apple Pencils (gen 1+2)... Both on Affinity Photo 1.84.185 beta...
  13. When I tested this my line is perfect... If this occur, and you are using Apple Pencil with dynamics, I think the problem is more related to Apple internal software for the Pencil then Affinity Photo itself... When your Pencil landing in the surface it get recorded a higher pressure then the acual line (if your blobs are at the beginning?)... I can simulate this (start-blobs), but I never gotten any blobs at the end of the line when tested Ink brushes...
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