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  1. Sure, I know that the desktop version of Publisher may not be optimize for touch, BUT, nowadays I use my iPad Pro 12.9” 2020-edition together with a mouse, so, using the desktop version on iPad could be done, but not great...
  2. or, at least, could compile the M1 version for Mac to iPad and show us how that will run on a new iPad Pro 2020 12.9”?
  3. It’s almost three years since Affinity Publisher went public beta to Mac and Windows, but, we are waiting eagerly for first beta to iPad!
  4. But, if you read my reply you see that this has been fixed in latest beta 1.90.xx on iPad... Write an e-mail to Serif Ltd and ask for an invitation to the beta testing group - latest beta version is rock solid!
  5. Isn't this fixed in the latest beta version of Affinity Photo for iPad? I'm pretty sure it is...
  6. I can’t see any misbehavior from Affinity Photo (Apple Silicone compilation) concerning Magic Wand or Background Eraser tool? In another thread someone have problem with crashes when using Transform tool and try to resize a layer with transparency below 100% - can’t even reproduce that on my new Macbook Pro M1... Do you run Affinity Photo latest version, universal build?
  7. I can’t reproduce this on my new Macbook Pro M1 with Big Sur 11.1 and Affinity Photo 1.86 (Apple Silicone compilation)...
  8. I will try this on my new Macbook Pro M1 this evening - coming back later for info if this occur on my M1 also...
  9. Yeah, I could almost understand that! I must say that my new Macbook Pro 13” with M1 CPU is one hell of a laptop! I bought the one with just 8GB RAM (hard to get the 16GB in Sweden just now), but, this 8GB machine is way more better & faster than my iMac 27” late 2017 with i7/32GB RAM/2TB fusiondrive! It’s magic what Apple has acheived here with the M1 CPU!
  10. Intrested question from me, but, is this beta version of Affinity Publisher a universal build (both Intel and Apple M1)? I installed this new beta on my new Macbook Pro 13” with M1 CPU, and it ran great without any hickups... Later last night I tried to install and run another app, but then it requested me to install Rosetta v2 to run this app - so, Rosetta was not installed when I ran Publisher beta earlier yesterday... So, it must be a universal build...?
  11. For me it’s the extremely small differences between the desktop versions of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and Photo/Designer on the iPad... Affinity Photo for iPad is extremely powerful, and, if you compare it with the iPad version of Adobe Photoshop, PS for iPad is a joke - it lacks so so many core functions and features that Adobe must think that Photoshop for iPad isn’t important for them... The same goes for Adobe Illustrator for iPad, but, here have Affinity Designer a long way to go as long it lacks some features customers wanted for years, but, Affinity Designer is stil
  12. I really wish I could fix this on my iMac - cant understand how to install the Swedish files on my Mac system so I can spellcheck in Swedish.. Why cant we at least have an option that says "Ignore Spelling globally in document"? Im imported an Swedish PDF today with 20 pages with different testboxes - with a lot red strikes underneath the Swedish text - I wish that I could ignore they with just one button... Hmmm...
  13. For me Designer is far enough to use in most cases, and, your suggestion to remove it from Appstore because of some "little" bug is hard to understand... Why not then suggest that Adobe should remove Photoshop for iPad also - they marketing this as "Photoshop now on iPad!"... It's not Photoshop, it's perhaps 20% of the full desktop Photoshop, not more... So, things like that is more annoying that small small things missing in Affinity Photo/Designer for iPad... Sooner or later everything will be OK, be patient or find some substitute meanwhile you waiting for this to be fixed (I
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