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  1. One tip, abandon Windows and buy yourself a descent Mac.
  2. Ha, my sorry… In the same time, people against AI should at least test some AI services so they have some sort of reference what they dislike… Some services are really great - I use an AI online service that converts audiofiles to MIDI-files, and, the result is stunning!
  3. Late to the Adobe Firefly party, but, I have been playing around with Firefly for two days now, and, I am VERY impressed with the results! Much joy and easy to bring hours after hours with Firefly… Recommend others to join the Beta-part of Firefly.
  4. Stay with Photoshop - you happy, we happy… There are alot of features that goes first priority compair to support DDS/DXF, like Blend Tool, Spiral Tool, more AI-tools etc etc…
  5. Piece of cake to run Windows on Mac for free… UTM and a ”free” version of Windows 11 Arm have made my Macbook Pro M1 being able to test Affinity Suite on Windows, and, perhaps old Serif software…
  6. Not a big deal - there are alot of free RAW-whatever-converters out on the market. Many for free…
  7. Hold in mind that Adobe have 30 million subscribers and Adobe bringing in over 11 billion dollars every year… Serif Lab is doing what they can after the economical situation… Hire pro developer/programmers is expensive, very very expensive…
  8. Hi again @EmT Sorry, but I can’t find any better log than the one I uploaded above… Did HDR Merge yet another time now (same crash out to springboard/desktop) - went in for searching in settings in my iPad Pro M1, but, nothing with todays date other then I’ve have uploaded… Do every crash in all Affinity Suite write a crash report?
  9. OK - thanks for testing this… Here is a screenrecording and a crashreport attached (although I’m unsure which file to send)… RPReplay_Final1683109531.mp4 Photo iPad Beta.wakeups_resource-2023-05-03-121924.ips
  10. f***in’ great and really awesome work! The envy is great towards your talent!
  11. Pretty impressed what online AI tools do these days… Uploading three pictures (small part of a bigger pictures) that showing before and after AI sharpening/colorizing…
  12. Still, can’t find anything there concering Developing… It must be Desktop only…?
  13. @Hangman @walt.farrell I don’t see any ‘Develop Assistans settings’ on the iPad version of Affinity Photo…
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