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  1. Hi, I'm hoping this is the proper place to post this. I'd like to see a far better UI when opening a PDF in Affinity apps and having to replace document fonts with other fonts. 1) a bigger preview window so I can see the changes in the document when I try different fonts 2) a bigger font selection menu— such as a separate scalable window that I don't have to use as if I'm peering through a keyhole. 3) able to see the fonts in a bigger size—scalable up to 36pt for example So this would apply to Publisher and Designer in my case. Thanks
  2. Phase One just killed Media Pro. https://www.phaseone.com/products/software/capture-one-pro/mediapro-discontinue
  3. Thanks Stokerg, Symbols does exactly what I was thinking of. I might have seen that other program on GitHub or SourceForge or MacPorts, I have been searching for it for hours to no avail. Thanks again
  4. Can anyone help? Some time ago I saw a drawing (vector) program that allowed you to draw iteratively, for example first you design a leaf, then in a different layer or artboard you arrange the leaves on a twig, then arrange the twigs on a branch, etc… At any point you can go back and edit your first leaf, and the changes flow through the other composite designs. Q1) Does anyone know what this program is called? Q2) Is there a way to do this sort of thing in AD? Thanks
  5. Ability to handle fonts as well Ability to do face recognition (on photos and in movies too?) Ability to autotag based on image metadata Ability to handle 4K video Ability to handle PDFs?
  6. Media Pro for DAM, wish it had face recognition but it doesn't, wish it would import my 4K movies but it doesn't…
  7. Please include the ability to import from Media Pro, my former DAM program of choice.
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