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  1. I don't agree. Professional DTP app cannot fails to have this function. I don't care if inDesign etc. etc. have it from second version or other, I don't know of any DTP (or WP) software today that doesn't have this function... this is correct, but in my opinion checking if a DTP software have footnotes is like checking if a car have the wheels when I go to the buyer... (only my opinion, ok).
  2. That is exactly my situation. I'm trying to wait to look for alternative solutions, but it's getting harder and harder at this pace...
  3. Is not limited, but certainly the publishing professional industry includes books and sholarly and academic works. If Apub is released as a professional DTP software (From Serif website: "Affinity Publisher is the next generation of professional publishing software"), it can't fail to handle functions like footnotes/endnotes.
  4. Are they kidding? "Can be done manually using the text tool"??? There is no hope...
  5. This is important information that I had not seen anywhere ... in fact I acted blindly, if I had known before maybe I would not have bought it, even if I have not regretted it because I would like to support an alternative to Adobe ...
  6. These are all correct considerations, but perhaps the correct point of view (considering the importance of the lack of this function) could be that there was too much haste in the release of AP, when important pieces were still missing? Clearly in this case market logics come into play which I do not want to discuss and which are obviously of great importance for the company ...
  7. I think many people are in the same situation... when i purchased AP, i didn't even think it could miss this feature. I am not sorry, because the program is excellent and I think that knowing new software and having more choices is essential for the end user; certainly I was confused ...
  8. It looks like a single software divided into three sections, but if it was born this way, programming new functions wouldn't necessarily be a problem, right?
  9. Actually, it seems to me that the solution suggested by Peter Brown is very useful for Endnotes, but complicated for footnotes, for text flows that move when the notes are very consistent ... Has anyone tried it?
  10. There are also simple ones, but all of them use footnotes (at least in the universities I attend.).
  11. I agree. Even a simple degree thesis becomes a very complicated job.
  12. You right! I already bought the software. But I prefer to use only one, for speed and learning reasons (I really love Persona!), and I would not like to pay for inDesign's subscription. However, if I am forced to do it (and I would not want to), I would not use additional software when I already have one that does what I need ... Probably what I do is not as complex as your work, if I had footnotes I would no longer need inDesign, because what AP does now would be enough for me. Obviously this applies to me, I understand that there may be very different needs ...
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