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  1. Lack of features such as properly functioning boolean operations, vector brushes, perspective deformation and distortion, convenient possibility of fast merging of vector objects makes me think about going back to Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately. I am a big fan of the Serif products. But the lack of some features causes me despair.
  2. Problem with grouping of contraints objects still in the app.
  3. Hello. I have a strange question. My new computer based on Windows system. Mac version unavailable. It is possible to disable my Mac version of Affinity Designer and create same license only for Windows? Thank you for answer.
  4. Mike, why PDF saved in Illustrator opening in AD with normal text paragraphs (AD understand it), but PDF, saved in AD, opening in Illustrator as text with splitted rows. Can AD make imitation of the feature "Preserve editing capabilities" like in Adobe? When AD understand this option, than AD can reproduce it?
  5. Following this topic: It would be good to have "Preserve Editing Capabilities" for text blocks like Adobe Illustrator for PDF exporting. Because now text frames splitting to frames for every row and the document becomes inaccessible for normal editing in the other editor.
  6. I want have normal export option from AD (not opening). But pdf exporting do not giving it..
  7. But when pdf file created in Adobe Illustrator and after opened in AD - texts do not splitting by rows to every new object.
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