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  1. Hi, I occure problem with copy text from project to html editor. Look at the attached screenshoot. I'm working on Affinity from above a year and didn't notice something like this till now. Any idea what to do with it? I think it's a problem with character encoding, but I don't know how to deal with it.
  2. When i try to export embedded .svg file with any effect, output is rasterised. It's pretty justified in shadow/beveal etc. effects, but it's very annoying, when it come just to simple color sample. Now when I have project with 16 .svg icons, i must open every single one and manually change color of source svg. Alternatively I think, that possibility of change embedded file to normal layer (import it to document) would solve the problem.
  3. +1 i've got the same problem, it's very annoing.
  4. That's the point - from beggining i was talking about that relationship between images and gaps. It would be extremely useful for design interfaces, but I guess, that there is no real solution at the moment (without experiments ;)). Anyway - thank you for looking at my problem - that's great
  5. Thank you - that's sorts of idea! Unluckly that solution have one flaw - images loose their aspect ratio and it doesn't work for all time. But i will keep it in mind!
  6. Thank you for response. Unfortunatly it doesn't solve my problem. Checking that option doesn't make objects keeps fixed margins between them. I don't know if i can clearly express my mind in english, sorry for that. Imagine that Affinity works like CSS: Set 1200px flex container. Put in it 5 objects without fixed width. They fill all the space. Now you add 30px margins between objects. The container remains the same - only objects change their widths. If i want to change container width, it affects only children objects. Margins - like in css - keeps fixed 30px. I hope the image will show what i want to ask for:
  7. Hi, is there any way to keep distance between two or more objects, when I am transforming them? It would be very usable in UI design. Im talking about situation, when i have fixed width container and want to put in it 4 elements with 30px gap between them. Now, when i want to transform that group of 4 elements, they change width, but margin between them will keep that 30px. To be clear - i don't talk about auto distribute feature - i know about it, but it affects gaps width only, not objects themselfs.
  8. Hi, i am thinking about something what would be very useful for webdesigners. What about creating new text styles based on other with font size specifed by percents (or multiply)? For example: base font size: 16pt h6: 100% of base h5: 110% of base h4: 120% of base etc. Now we are able only to set sizes only with pt (or other units). That causes the problem when i change value of base font and i need to manualy calculate every other sizes and change it one by one. BTW - thats my first post, so welcome. Really love Affinity software, you're doing great job!
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