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  1. HI @Graphic74 Is the issue you are experiencing document specific? If not if it possible to upload a simplified version of it that does not include any customer images?
  2. @Wosven I've never tried Snagit, that could be the issue here. @DavidHeatherington Does the same thing happen to you when you use Print Screen and crop the image to size?
  3. HI @DavidHeatherington I downloaded the second image, placed it in Affinity Photo, exported as JPG and added it to Photos and it looks fine to me. Are these the right steps? Would you be able to upload the Affinity Photo document and the JPG here for me please? That way I can take a look.
  4. Hi @Sogaman Are you on Windows or Mac? Did Affinity Photo crash? Did you see a crash log afterwards?
  5. @dantaylr Oh thank you, I a few more things to try now! 👍
  6. Thanks for the extra info. So would you say transitioning back and forth from another app to Designer is part of the issue? I will keep trying without the pencil this time.
  7. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you @Marius G I've tested this on my personal MacBook Pro M1 with BigSur and I can't repeat it. Can you tell me which model you are using and what version of BigSur you are on please?
  8. Thanks for the update and the extra info. @dantaylr I'll have another look to see if I can reproduce it. Just to clear up any confusion - you are using 1.9.2 as per the splash screen. The About section is displaying a number used internally. Can I just check whether you are using iPad Pro 11in 3rd generation? If I am not able to reproduce this I will see if a colleague with your model can.
  9. @excitive You can find the crash log by following these steps: In Finder hold Option key while clicking the Go menu Scroll down to Go To Folder Paste the following in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ Click Go - you will find your most recent crash logs
  10. Hi @dantaylr I've been unable to recreate the issue you are experiencing. As you can see from my video the keyboard is dismissed and only returns when I click in the text box again. Can you tell me if you are using the latest release version of Designer iPad? Keyboard-dismissed.mov
  11. @excitive If you've seen it once but not since, do you by some chance still have the crash log open behind other apps and browser windows that you are using? This has definitely happened to me before. I haven't discovered it until I closed all my other windows.
  12. Hi @Sam18 As @LibreTraining said above you need to have the Character Panel visible and you then need to look at the Typography tab to deselect the Ordinals option. Ordinals-Designer.mov
  13. Hi @excitive I'm going to need a bit more information as I haven't been able to recreate this issue. It seems to be connected to the shekhar.design palette which I don't have. Did you make this yourself or import it? Has it worked previously or have you just imported it and it crashed immediately? Could you attach a crash log by copying it out into a notepad / word document and uploading it here please?
  14. Hi @metro_cat Welcome to the Affinity forums! Could you try turning your Hardware Acceleration of to see if that helps? As mentioned above by @Pšenda In Designer select Edit > Preferences > Performance and untick the box for Hardware Acceleration.
  15. HI @Piltsen I've also been able to reproduce this issue on both the retail and beta macOS builds. It seems to be something with the rounded rectangle as once deleted and replaced it no longer crashes. I will get this logged.
  16. Hi @FelixCat Welcome to the Affinity forums! I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. I've been unable to recreate your brach on my Surface Pro. As @Joachim_L suggested above, could you upload your crash log please?
  17. Hey @walt.farrell I have managed to reproduce this on my Surface Pro 4 and as @Hangman said above it's not present on macOS so seems to be platform specific. If I zoom out it does pop back in but then is gone again when I zoom in again.
  18. Hi @dantaylr Thanks for letting us know you've had this issue on iPad. It has been logged before on Designer desktop so I will update the issue to include iPad and pass it on to the development team. You'll need to continue using your workaround in the meantime. 👍
  19. Hi @ricecrispies Are you able to upload a zip containing the document and all of the linked images too? I am also not currently able to reproduce the crash.
  20. Thanks @MikeTO I have recreated the issue you found in the Release build. I notice that the red underline is working in the latest Beta build though so will keep an eye on this one.
  21. Hi @mattspace Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Is this still an issue for you in Publisher Release build 1.9.3?
  22. Hi @Andy2019 Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Is this still an issue for you in
  23. Hi @Oliver Marcus Kaptein Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Is this still happening in the latest Release build of Publisher - If so could you zip up the document and the assets and upload it here so we can try and reproduce this please?
  24. Hi @Marius G Thanks the extra info. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue. As it is only happening to your MacBook Pro and only recently have you changed any settings? You could try doing a ctrl-run-up. Back up your app data first and then hold down Ctrl when launching the app. This will clear out any changes that have been made recently and revert back to factory settings.
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