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  1. Hi @Muscateer That's great news. Thanks for confirming. 👍
  2. Could you have a look at this list and see if you are using any of the software on it: Thanks
  3. Thanks for giving it a try Keith. I'm glad you are still able to work on your desktop. Having 2 copies of the same software installed on the same drive can cause a conflict but I will ask Tech Support to get some tips on how to sort this issue out. I know you've been experiencing this disruption for quite some time now.
  4. Hi @HarryMcGovern I'm sorry to hear you've experienced these issues. Thanks for sharing them with us, I'll take a look into it. Just interested - had it placed all of the files from previous builds into "Affinity Publisher Old" and just the files that you had worked on in the new Beta into "Affinity Publisher Beta?"
  5. This issue was related to an orphaned Master Page. It's now been deleted and is working fine. Sent you a PM.
  6. Hi @Helmar Sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce this from the title alone and will need more information. I've just opened a document in the latest Beta and tried deleting 2 pages and adding pages and I haven't experienced a crash. This could be related to a specific step you are doing and I am only assuming the steps here. Can you upload a video of the steps you take to create the issue please? Can you also upload one of the documents you were working on when you experienced the issue please? I can provide a dropbox folder link if you don't want to upload it publicly. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info. I've just tried the file from the bug mentioned by @garrettm30 and while it has now been fixed it is present in 1.8.4. I'd like to see if the fix for that bug also fixes your issue, it is very likely. Would you be able to install the latest Mac Beta and see if your issue is still happening in that build? You won't need to upload your client file if it is no longer an issue in the Beta. Thanks
  8. Hi @Gavin Anthony Thanks for sharing this issue. Would you be able to upload a document where this issue is happening? I'd like to take a closer look to see what is going on.
  9. HI @Muscateer Thanks for the video. Can I ask what version of Publisher you are using? The issue reported above was fixed so I'm trying to see if this is a slightly different one. Would you also be able to upload your document? I can supply you with a dropbox folder link if you don't want to upload it publicly.
  10. Hi @jonmundur Welcome to the Affinity forums! Would you be able to upload the document and your exported PDF so I can take a look please? If you don't want to upload it publicly I can provide you with a Dropbox folder link.
  11. Hi @ericjsnover Thanks for the crash report. Can you tell me if this happens to all documents that you try to export or is restricted to a specific document? If it is one specific document can you upload it to this dropbox folder link so we can take a look at it please?
  12. Hi @Johnnymichael I'm sorry to hear the workaround isn't working for you. Could you upload a video of the steps so I can take a look please?
  13. Thanks for the video @RM f/g I have now managed recreated the issue so have logged it and included this information. Thanks 👍
  14. Hey @KeithG34 The fact that there isn't a crash log just means it hasn't crashed so not something you're doing. You could also try doing a quick reset on the app. If you have any keyboard shortcuts or user settings you will want to back them up first. Once you have done that, can you restart the app with the Ctrl key held down and click Clear when prompted.
  15. @thomaso I haven't tried placing more than one image in a picture frame but when I tried replacing an image with an .afphoto file it would scale, I could use the Photo Frame Properties and I was able to replace it again.
  16. Hi @RM f/g Sorry for not getting back to you on this sooner. I can see the issue on the document that you uploaded but have not been able to reproduce this myself from a new document. Would you be able to upload a video of the steps you took to get it to this point in the document that you shared please?
  17. Hi @dozd Welcome to the Affinity forums! Thanks for the extra information. Would you be able to upload a short video of what you explained above about the hover hint? That's a step that I haven't tried yet and it would be interesting to see it in action. You don't generally get a crash log with a hang but we can provide dropbox folder links if you felt more comfortable with that instead of uploading a file.
  18. Hi @atulcj Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This issue has already been reported and I am passing your information on to the development team.
  19. Thanks for the update @zimmt would you be able to upload a video showing your steps please? It would be very interesting to see and I will add it to the existing bug too.
  20. Hi @Johnnymichael It means you need to select your preferred print settings manually - do not use "Last Used Settings". This has been reported to help prevent further crashes. Did your app crash after step 4? I'm not sure what you mean by "It does crash yet".
  21. Hey @BertD Let us know how you get on. I have the same printer as you connected to both my work Catalina iMac and my personal Sierra iMac. 👍
  22. Hi @jlhopes Thanks for the information. Would you be able to try the latest Beta to see if it's still an issue for you? You can access it from here: Let me know how you get on.
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