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  1. I have five Noto families displayed in my Publisher menu. So I guess to some degree it doesnt work but it has kept the noise down to unnoticeable. I set this up some OS's ago. Couldn't say if it works on a new install.
  2. I have had success with resetting the defaults on app startup. CTRL key when starting Affinity. In the window that pops up, tick "Select All" & then "Clear." This seems to stop the app from hunting for files connected to the server an then running aground. This is a particularly nasty glitch. Hope this helps.
  3. Here's the scenario. I generate a document, say a plan with my own workings laid out on it. Client sends back marked up pdf with changes using pdf markup tools. I want to drop their commented pdf into my original document as an overlay so I can check off every item in the same workspace. Yep its an important feature. Currently using screen grabs.
  4. Hope the release is soon. Remote wifi shooting is impossible cos once laptop is connected to the camera, the server is no longer available and Affinity Photo 2 doesn’t start. Great.
  5. Sorry I don’t have any other fixes. Do you have another computer say laptop you can load it onto in the meantime?
  6. My entire suite of Affinity 2 has spacked out and is now asking me to re-activate. All fully paid. Been running them for months on Mac Mini. Then some trouble saving files then publisher quit and then locked out of the software. Shall try the user setting reset. Success but only after resetting the entire list.
  7. Hi Mike. I’m very old school. No iCloud, no google drive, not even Dropbox. I am somewhat steadfast about having my stuff local and on gear I control. I do use Dropbox for shunting but not working off. So my set up is M1 with USBC 1TB Solid state drive for the working files, leave the native drive with no working files on it at all. I need it to have its thinking space, about 170 gig free. I have had warnings that the software has run out of memory at 50gig, there is only 8 on my M1 so its synthesising ram on the in built hard drive, hence the file free approach. This one project is 24 gig. The one chapter I was having save issues with is connected to 2.2 gig of 300 plus designer files. All this is backed up to a 4TB time machine drive and also to a Mac mini sever by Sync Folders Pro. That server is then copied to a NAS. So had the file issue on the USBC Drive directly connected and also after I moved the file to the desktop. Was able to save as so didn’t lose that file but… Was in the process of editing designer file inside publisher and the publisher file corrupted. Had to retrieve old copy from mac mini. It could be I had too many designer and publisher files open/opening each other, hard to say. Side note: went to use the time machine back up and it completely failed to allow me to even go back to any point it had recorded, so yet to investigate what the hell is happening there. Today, all seems to be working fine. Yes I get nervous about this too. I appreciate you saying hello. Cheers Rob
  8. Arrrggh. Relatively big file 42 mb. Been working on it for about a year. Mostly it is Affinity designer illustrations on pages. Upgraded to Publisher 2. Has been working fine till recently. On a Mac Mini M1 Ventura latest updates. Publisher 2.04 Now getting: Save failed. Changes to file are not allowed. So moved file off attached USBC drive, saved to desktop. Still getting error. Sometimes it works after a few tries, like after you go off and check a forum. Save as to the same directory (desktop) works. Grrrr. Some Afinity designer files when edited through Publisher are having the same save issue. Any suggestions welcome. Rob
  9. The Photo preview option is surprisingly good. Give it a try and see if answers your needs.
  10. If you can't live without specific Adobe features then hang onto your Adobe subscription. If its critical to your workflow then maybe Affinity is not the best fit for your design role. We are throwing ideas into the mix here to get the best out of an amazing tool. Books feature combining art boards and pages sounds very powerful.
  11. I do a lot of work nesting Designer art inside other Designer art. Would it work for some folk here to have your three pages with bleeds and crops as separate files imported onto a master spread? Master spread could be Designer or Publisher.
  12. For some there will always be missing features. This multi page spreads is a biggy and for those who cannot do without it you may have to have Adobe. If you are in that camp I suggest have both Adobe and Affinity. Design in Affinity, layout in Adobe. I just saw an incredible demo of Illustrator blend tool being used to create 3D looking furry tube typography. Wow. Designer has no blend tool for shapes. Fortunately I don't currently need 3D looking furry tube typography, so… still super happy.
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