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  1. Hey @KeithG34 I'm wondering if you have a corrupted font issue. Are you aware of adding any new fonts prior to this issue starting? I realise it was a long time ago now. Just out of interest - have you tried any of this Betas recently? Do you have the same problem launching them too?
  2. Hi @Gines Sorry to see you are experiencing this issue. I was also able to recreate the crash, it appears to be the pinned object crash that we have been seeing recently. Do you know what you were doing the last time you edited the document as it is likely to be what caused this issue?
  3. Hi @Wosven I have been unable to reproduce this. This looks like an issue that was fixed in version of the Beta. Would you be able to download and instal the latest Beta version to see if this is still an issue for you?
  4. Thanks @walt.farrell I was struggling to work it backwards. I knew there was a combination there somewhere. @Yohan if you do come across this again and it wasn't caused by the steps mentioned above - a video of the issue would enable us to recreate it to see if there is a bug there. 👍
  5. Hi @romain lalire Sorry to hear you are unable to open your project. Would you be able to zip up the document and the assets and upload it here so I can take a closer look please?
  6. Hi @gumbo23 Sorry to hear you having issues with crashing. Is this happening while working on the same document each time or are you having this on any document that you work on? If it is a specific document are you doing the same thing each time prior to it crashing? Would you be able to zip up the document and all it's assets and upload it here please so I can take a closer look?
  7. Hi @Yohan Do you remember what you were doing before this happened? It sounds like you have inadvertently rasterised your text. As @GarryP said above - the only way to revert this would be through the History. If you are not in a position to Undo this you would need to re-type it.
  8. Hi @juanborras Thanks for reporting this, would you be able to provide us with a little more information so we can look into it further please? Can you tell me what version of Publisher are you using and what macOS are you on? Would you also be able to create a video of the issue and upload it here too please?
  9. Hi @KJV1611 Thanks for sharing this information. I've taken a look and this has been reported before but I will add your information to the issue to give it a little nudge.👍
  10. Hi @Tuukka T Welcome to the Affinity forums! I'm sorry to see you have unable to use Publisher. Thanks for doing a search and checking the list of third party programs that can cause issues. Do you know if you have the latests GPU drivers? If not, downloading and installing the latest Nvidia drivers - making sure to tick the option for a clean install will completely delete the old drivers.
  11. Hi @KeithG34 Happy new year. I've taken a look at the logs and asked a colleague to look too and there isn't much to go off. Normally when the app won't start it is because of the GPU drivers. Could you download the latest Nvidia drivers and make sure to tick the option for a clean install as this will completely delete the old drivers?
  12. Hi @Guest Welcome to the Affinity forums. Could you tell me what version of Designer iPad you are using please? This sounds like the known issue that is caused by the iPadOS 14 update. Adding a font will cause a crash, as will accessing the dialog after adding a font. This issue was fixed by Affinity Designer 1.8.6 for iOS:
  13. Hi @Dan E. Thanks so much for the detailed steps. It's much appreciated. As mentioned by @walt.farrell above - this issue has been logged before so I will add your information to the issue and pass it on to the development team.
  14. Hi @RRKL Can you upload the document you are referring to so we can confirm whether the locked image is on your Master page please?
  15. Hi @Federico_G Welcome to the Affinity forums. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing crashes. Can you tell me if this is only happening on a certain document or if this happens on all documents that you create? If it's document specific could you upload the document here so I can take a look please? I can create you a Dropbox folder link if you don't want to upload it publicly.
  16. Hi @Robby Poole I've checked the border on your PDF and it has exported correctly. The tolerance mentioned by @garrettm30 is the same thing printers refer to when they talk about bleed. I converted 1/16 inch to mm and it is 1.5875mm so is within the margin allowed for bleed so not anything to worry about. My brother works for a local printers down the road from where I live and they usually suggest 3mm of bleed all round. Then you do not end up with untidy edges. Your printer will be able to advise you of this also. I took a look at the manual for your printer and it has a manual feed slot which is best method to use to get the most accuracy when printing: - https://support.brother.com/g/b/faqend.aspx?c=ca&lang=en&prod=hl3070cw_all&ftype3=1971&faqid=faq00002919_001 The reason why the manual feed slot is more accurate is that the paper has a more direct route through the printer and travels round one-less roller. Even when using the manual feed slot you can still get a certain amount of movement during printing and it can vary with each print as you suggested earlier. It's a good idea to get to know the tolerance of your machine so you know which documents to print yourself and which ones to send to a professional printer.
  17. HI @KeithG34 Thanks for the extra info, unfortunately I can't open them as they can only be viewed in Event Viewer. Take a look in Event Viewer and see if you can see the code listed in the link I shared on December 15th. If not - can you copy + paste the info into a word doc or notepad and attach it here please so I can see if anyone else can see anything obvious?
  18. Thanks for the update Robby. A good way to see which margins are off would be set your margins as before and then draw a light grey box to fill the whole area up to the margins. This will show you where all of the margins are. My laser printer is out on all sides. It is offset to the left and up by about 2mm. I've learnt to try and compensate for this when I create a new layout.
  19. Thanks for the update @Paul Marchant I think the Mac/PC conversions are a lot better than they used to be so fingers crossed doing it this way prevents any rogue characters appearing. I get one regularly myself typing into Notes and copying and pasting into Jira. Both on Mac but possibly not using the same unicode characters / symbols.
  20. Hi @Robby Poole I'm sorry to see you have having some issues with your new printer. I've experienced a similar thing when getting a new printer before and it can be very disruptive to your workflow. Can you try a couple of things for me please? 1. It sounds like your printout has moved slightly to the right. Can you tell me if your top and bottom margins are accurate? 2. Are you printing directly from Publisher, if so could you try exporting as PDF and printing from Preview or Adobe Acrobat? I have found that my laser printer has offset print margins no matter what software I print from so checking this is a good place to start.
  21. Thanks for the videos @SATO & @ChrissMario a similar issue has been logged previously so I will add your information to the bug and pass it on to the development team for a closer look. There is a test you can do make sure your screen is working fine and doesn't have a dead zone. Open a new document and zoom in so the canvas goes off the edges of your screen. Select the Pencil Tool or Paint Brush Tool and then click the "Hide UI" icon in the top right of your screen. Attempt to draw / paint across the area where the UI was previously.
  22. @thomaso The tutorial link is actually for the OP - (I have now tagged them in to that part of my post) we have be mindful that this post is for the issue that they are experiencing. It is clear there has been some confusion when adding folders to this area so the tutorial may clear up the process they need to take in future and shed some light on where they went wrong. This is what my template area looks like and if you look to the right of the template area I have placed the folder that I keep the template files in - on my desktop. The folders on the left are simply shortcuts that are created when you click "Add folder" as you can see from the folder path. When I Remove / Delete I delete this link but the folder remains on the desktop as before - see video. Remove-folder.mov
  23. Hi @thomaso That isn't a macOS dialog that's open so delete does makes sense and is used in other areas of the app. But I do take your point and will keep it in mind. @csikwuamaesi For information on creating templates if you are unfamiliar - it's always worth taking a look at the tutorials before delving in: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/390694376/ - The tutorial gives you good workflow tips with managing your templates in a folder before adding them to the templates area of the new document dialog.
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