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  1. Still no shortcut for renaming? I really wonder that this is no popular request. I do this all the time and find it really tedious that it isn't possible in AD.
  2. Any way to turn on "Find in Layers Panel" automatically, so that every layer you click on is instantly marked in the Layers panel?
  3. Is there a shortcut to rename layers in the Layers panel? And also to jump to the next layer subsequently when you are in the process of renaming? I use it very often in Sketch that I select a layer, press cmd + R to rename it and then jump to the next and the next layer to rename them. That's especially useful when you created some layers to try out something, keep them, and then want to rename them altogether. In AD you would have to double-click on every layer separately, which can become quite tedious with multiple layers. Any suggestions on this?
  4. Any progress on this? One of the most requested features for me (as I'm so used to smart guides in Sketch).
  5. Is there a way to get the English version of Affinity Designer? Although I use the German version of OSX most the apps I use are in English.
  6. That's basic functionality for a graphic app in my eyes, so definitely +1 for this one.
  7. For me what's missing most so that AD would be usable as a UI design tool: - Artboards - Layout grids - Easily switch between normal and rounded rectangle (when you have it already drawn) - Missing option to snap to full pixels (at the moment you always get 0,5 pixel values) - Option to easily measure distances (like in Sketch) - Ability to close overlays with ESC - Jump between layers with tab - Escape layer groups with ESC
  8. After I've used Affinity Designer for a few days now and created my first design with it, I have a long list of missing features and feature requests: - Artboards! - Ability to change grid settings - Ability to make Layout grid (columns, rows usw.) - Ability to change the size of layers with cmd + arrow keys like in Sketch, which is super-useful as soon as you are used to it - Change font sizes with arrow - Tab should jump to next layer when in layers list. - Ability to apply border-radius to normal rectangle and vice-versa, so that you don't need to decide beforehand but can easily swap. - Change opacity with 1, 2, 3, ... like in Photoshop - If "Snap to units > Pixel" is checked, it should really snap to pixels and not produce "0,5" decimals. Or should at least be able to select "round to half-pixels" or not. - Alignment buttons shouldn't be hidden behind an icon but accessible right from the toolbar - If you press Enter when a shape/layer is selected, it should either jump to its vector points or the the "Transform" tab. Because you always need to use the mouse if you want to change the dimensions or position of a layer. - It's very hard to see which tool is selected in the toolbar. - Pressing "M" shouldn't change between the three related form tools, but rather "Shift + M" like in Photoshop. Because at the moment It often happens that the shape tool is already selected and then I switch to the next shape with intention. - "Color Chooser" overlay should be closable with "Esc". - Alignment of vector points should also work, for example if you select two vector two from a shape and press the "Align to Top" button than these two points should be aligned to the topmost of the two points. - It should be possible to alter the vector points of a shape without the need to convert it to curves first. - When an input field is focused, for a example at the "Transform" or the "Rounded rectangle" panel, then you shouldn't need to press "Enter" before you can change the value within it. Because, why is focused if you can't change it's content right from the start? Sometimes, in the "Transform" panel, even if an input field is clearly selected (white background), there is no way to change its content, but you rather change the position of the layer if you press the arrow keys. - You should be able to measure distances with "Alt" like in Sketch. - Guidelines should work like in Photoshop. If you drag from the top ruler you get a horizontal guideline, if you drag from the left ruler you get a vertical guideline. I know, in Sketch it also works like in AD, but there it's obvious which type of guideline you get because you see preview of the line. - Color dropper it color chooser dialog doesn't work as expected. When I drag it to a certain position at the screen the whole document gets a color overlay. However I would just expect that the color under the position, where I just dragged, is chosen, nothing else. - Layers don't snap to guidelines when moving/resizing. The color of the layer changes to indicate that snapping is happening, but the layer doesn't really snap. - If you click on a layer it should immediately be revealed in the Layers Panel and not just after you selected "Find in Layers Panel". - The customization of vector points should be much better. Like in Sketch you should have 5 options: Straight, Mirrored, Disconnected, Asymmetric and should also be able to control the border radius of each vector point. Because, at the moment you can't even set a mirrored vector point, eg. if you drag one handle that the other handle also moves accordingly. While I like many things about AD I would still use Sketch to make UI designs because of it's simplicity, ease of use and focus to the tasks. However I could totally see myself using it, especially with the addition of Artboards and Layout Grids. But at the moment it's still too complicated in some parts and misses some essential features to be "the" tool. But it's already very close to Sketch in my eyes.
  9. How do masks work in AD? In Sketch I can set a layer to be a mask for other layers, so that everything inside the limits of this layer is masked. Does this also work in AD? Wasn't able to figure out how masking works here.
  10. Searched now for a couple of minutes, but wasn't able to find how to change the grid settings, ie. how to change from the default 10px to 5px steps.
  11. In most of the Adobe apps it's possible to set the rotation/origin point for rotations. It's normally in the center of a layer, but you can also drag it to any place ypu want. That's one of the features I really miss in Sketch. I know that you can change the center point in the "Transform" panel, but that doesn't change the origin of the rotation/transformation, just the alignment. Like here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ockes3vssec4ld8/Screenshot%202014-10-06%2014.48.32.png?dl=0
  12. The ability to increment/decrement numbers in input fields with Shift + arrow up/down (like in every other design app) would be great.
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