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  1. Perspective was coming two years ago but apparently not yet. Any news on this feature?
  2. If you say so I believe you. They weren't on my setup and im pretty sure I haven't removed them. Thank you for your input.
  3. No, I haven't. I've added a few buttons when I first bought the app and I don't want to have to rebuild that.
  4. I think I now the difference between the two apps: According to the Customize Toolbar dialog the default set doesn't include those options: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqrdeafdh1bdfmg/Screenshot%202016-03-31%2012.24.32.png?dl=0
  5. Ah ok, I had to add the buttons for "Space Horizontally" to achieve the correct alignment. This is not as obvious as it should be, considering that when I have the objects selected the option to "Space Horizontally" doesn't appear anywhere (menu or toolbars) unless we add that buttons to the toolbar. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Yes, each icon and its corresponding legend are inside a layer group. I have seen this problem before but didn't reported because I imagined it would be something being worked on. A different test in a new file with the same elements still gives same results. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1jps2sjxf67o70/Screenshot%202016-03-30%2019.35.45.png?dl=0 You can download that file here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29267/alignment%20test.afdesign
  7. When distributing a set of objects horizontally, I would expect them to have the same space between each object, instead this is what im getting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kukgadjm6dq7458/Screenshot%202016-03-30%2019.01.00.png?dl=0
  8. That what I was afraid of. Seems like an obvious thing to have included in the app, and of the many reasons I love Sketch to be honest. Hopefully something you'll consider adding in the future too. Thanks.
  9. Hi, One thing I really miss in Affinity Photo (and Designer) is the ability to resize objects using keyboard only. Is there any way to achieve this? Regards.
  10. Hi, It used to be possible to copy/paste into Sketch, keeping the objects as vector. Now it just renders the pasted object as bitmap. Did something changed in Affinity or should I report it to the Sketch team? Thanks.
  11. Hi meb, ok, cool. I wasn't aware this is a known issue. Will look for different approach then.
  12. Hi, Im trying to design a symbol mimicking a hand made path. For this i've created a large stroke, which I then convert with "Expand Stroke". The goal was the do use the node tool to modify the resulting shape, making the stroke variable widths, as it was hand written. Problem with this is that the "Expand Stroke" results in way too many points, even with a smooth path to begin with. The issue can be seen here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjko4wl5uduav23/Screenshot%202015-07-19%2011.46.51.png?dl=0 Is there any way I can avoid or improve this so that I have drastically less points so that altering the expanded stroke becomes a viable option?
  13. I get that, but I have the actually flyer impressed right beside my screen and it's way brighter on paper. On screen way, way "yellowish". Im on a Cinema Display 27" btw.
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