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  1. The AI support isn't really full - affinity designer only opens files that have the "PDF Viewing capability" enabled PDF viewing capability increases .ai size drastically. I don't use that function, and most of my .ai files won't open in AD
  2. Akin to illustrator, if you open a single page from a multi-page PDF, you can save it directly back to the multipage PDF. Right now, I need to export it, and go to Preview to replace it.
  3. Plokhi

    New Branding for Affinity

    I agree. Final Cut and Logic icons are just silly... I never really liked Logic Pro 7 and then 8 onward logo. (7 was kind of a sampler, and 8 onward is that silly plaque). I think that professional/prosumer oriented software needs a strong brand rather than suggestive icon. Suggestive icon is very useful for people are less computer-literate. But an advanced vector software isn't targeting that demographic. You can't have a clue what a certain plugin does by looking at the icon (battery has a lightning bolt lol), but you instantly know its NI. But the links you posted aren't really NI icons. :) someone designed them to fit logic better, as they're not stock with NI plugins. this is how real battery looks like: They look kinda out of place in Yosemite, to be frank. Sharp thick shadows, very deep perspective, and intense gradients. everything in yosemite is sort of "soft", gradients are hinted not overblown.
  4. Plokhi

    New Branding for Affinity

    Hm. Audio guys do it differently then. Cubase Cubase2-300x192.png ProTools: ProTools_Logo.png Nuendo: Nuendo.png reaper: 34655.png Presonus Studio One: 474214058_175.png Sonar: sonar_256x256x32.png iZotopeRX: icon-64.png Cycling 74 Max7: max7_logo.png Not all of the above are good icons though. IMO Cubase, reaper and Max stand out. Also, Evernote for example? I think a strong logo outline can be powerful, more than suggestive icon. Frankly, apple doesn't need strong app logos. They have the apple. None of their apps really need competition - you get them for free with your computer.
  5. Ah okay. Just checking to see if Copy-paste issues are related
  6. Plokhi

    New Branding for Affinity

    I think that gradients are "over-designing" the thing. Perhaps you could achieve the emphasis with a subtle transparency instead? and perhaps just a subtle highlight over. edit: the highlight i had in mind: edit2: also, the lighter parts are transparent. You can try it yourself, its a transparent PNG, just copy/paste over something
  7. So, I tried used AD for fonts (with Glyphs). If you copy-paste a variable width stroke circle from illustrator into Glyphs, you get roughly 4 nodes per quarter/circle. if you copy-paste an expanded circle from illustrator into glyphs, you get 4 on inner, 4 on outer, so total 8 nodes. From AD, if you copy-pate the first, you get gazillion nodes, and basically no curves. If you copy paste a circle, the same. if you expand a variable "pressure" stroke, you get gazillion nodes into any other vector program. I somewhat feel that Expand issue, and copy/paste issue are interconnected

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