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  1. Yes the cmd-Z becomes available as soon as you come out of 'Edit Global Colour'. It's no huge problem but sometimes it's good to be able to undo a slider move when you're tweaking a colour inside EGC. test.afdesign
  2. Sure, see attached. Very minor bug maybe but thanks. Same issue in Publisher if it helps. Really enjoying the new apps btw. AD2_EGC_undo.mov
  3. I have a very minor bug in AD2 where the undo does not work when altering the colour inside the Edit Global Colour, which does in AD1. I often change the colour to check where I have used the global colour - so romp up the mag or cyan to max and see if the colours are used in the right places and then quickly hit cmd-z. This is no big deal as you are able to undo once you are completely out of Edit Global Colour. Mac OS Monterey 12.6.
  4. A small piece of missing data was the ability to see CMYK info next to Jpeg files in the Inspector window. If you are dragging into AP then this is important I think. Mentioned this to NeoFinder and a week later received a dev build 8.1.2 that now displays the full colour space info. That's pretty fantastic service! Side note if it helps, I find you need to refresh your Catalogues in Neofinder to get it to display any changes in a folder, so it's sensible to catalogue many smaller folders from a lower level, than one larger top level images folder, if that makes sense. Then refreshes are quick. This additional action isn't perfect but the app is super fast at scrolling and viewing, and we get to see all the Affinity files!
  5. As of 28/4/2022 you get ON1 Resize 'AI' 2022 as well. I guess an update to Resize and so I was hopeful it would work. I contacted On1 support re the new Resize AI as it wasn't specifically mentioned in the helpful link above to 'What Apps Are Supported And Where' and they confirm no compatibility with AP. So 5 apps in the On1 Pro Plugin Bundle (separate from On1 RAW 2022) total: Effects, Portrait AI, NoNoise AI, HDR & Resize AI with only the first 3 available in AP, but all can be used standalone. Not so bothered about HDR as I'd probably tackle that task from within On1 RAW but Resize AI as a plugin from within AP would have been extremely useful as a workflow thing.
  6. My issue is 'Missing' rather than modified. The linked file is a .afphoto file which I'm making adjustments to as I go, and auto update linked files is ticked in the prefs/general. The linked file is on my NAS drive but shifting the linked file to my desktop and relinking doesn't solve the issue. Any change and subsequent re-save will then render the linked file as 'Missing'. I've just tried your Full Disk Access idea as above but that didn't work for me. All 3 apps updated this morning, so on 1.10.3, plus I've never come across this issue before.
  7. I'm all but done with Adobe now (just the free Bridge and Acrobat left), but I'm still split maybe 70/30 in favour of opening Quark instead of AP. A recent book had to be Q because AP had no footnote feature, and I made the mistake of recommending an AP purchase to an editor so we can progress a new project together, only to receive the first draft which is riddled with footnotes ... refund request and embarrassing conversation to follow. I'm loving using Affinity. The devs have done a fantastic job but I'm just adding my frustration to this thread in the hope that this feature makes it into the app sooner rather than later.
  8. Yes please - Batch Job 'save current settings' as a preset would be brilliant.
  9. This made me chuckle, yes I've been designing for 26 years and counting and I've been using the alt rather than the spacebar for all I guess. I did find the mouse click and yes it's brilliant (always used a 3rd party mouse with scroll wheel, on left hand, wacom on right, so works great) click for handler and spin for zoom. I'm not doing that great with Publisher however and I've compiled a long list of nice things I'd like to see, but Designer is fun to use and Photo does the job (I'd proudly announce I've not opened an adobe in 5 months). It's going to take a sharper app to drag me off QXP2020 for page layout though.
  10. Thanks, that's helpful. I was hoping for the same kind of control I currently have, where the bitmap image's background/picture background/picture are controllable separately. I can colour the white or the black information or set the white (picture background) to none (transparent). It would be good if Affinity had the same level of control, however I'm glad you showed me the K only button as it's something I can work with in some situations.
  11. Thanks @thomaso, that's good to know. I just did a quick test after colouring some text orange - you mentioned the transparency doesn't show in app, but how might I output minus the transparency info? My test PDF shows white over the grey background.
  12. Just adding my support too. Hadn't truly realised just how much we use bitmap Tiff or recoloured greyscale within our artwork. QXP2020 is our main page layout app and handles those formats brilliantly but the blend of the 3 Affinitys is an exciting alternative. This is a crippling omission however.
  13. Quark will happily display the current res of a placed .PSD as well as tif, jpeg etc and scale that res live as you alter the percentages. The preflight in AP drew my attention to a placed image that was unintentionally distorted and opening the Resource Manager showed I'd over enlarged it too and was pushing the res - school boy errors that I've not made since, well, a while ago. The main advantage I can see within the Affinity environment, is not having to commit to flat artwork and hop between layout/vector/image. I'm enjoying that part. I had set all native files to 300dpi. The information exists. Having to check percent sizes and res at no more than a glance at the screen is a drawback.
  14. I think I have an answer as I tested a jpeg and the dropdown appeared. I was using .afphoto - I did think that was the point however, to use the native format and keep all the layering and design options fluid. Of all the file format choices, I would have thought that the native affinity file would have afforded me the full features of all 3 apps.
  15. I've only every worked in percentages when dealing with images in a page layout app. Quark grab attached - couldn't be simpler. But referring to the above - I can't find this. Is there a secret combo of selected tools?
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