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  1. Ahh! Thank you kindly DM1! This is very helpful and i did a cut from embedded and paste to the outer layer and this did solve my issue that was actually not an issue. DM1 thank you.
  2. Thank you all for your time and energy. Your creative efforts are appreciated. iPad Pro 12.9 gen. 2 Affinity Designer 1.8.2 Vector Persona 2 layers only Top layer is vector bottom layer is a raster / jpg image Once vector layer is selected using the Move tool, I choose the node tool and none of the nodes are revealed. only when I double tap on the vector layer, will the nodes appear. However when this happens, the screen changes from me being able to see all visible layers to only seeing the active vector layer that is now allowing me to edit nodes. I want to be able to edit nodes with the background image still visible. What am I doing wrong or is this a known issue? Node edit mode changes view of artwork to only the active /selected layer and won’t show the background until I click the back button and then all layers in the layers panel are visible again. FullSizeRender.mov nodeModeScreenSwap.afdesign IMG_2017.MP4
  3. New update to chack out and I'm on it. AD iPad 1.8.2 Thank you Affinity/Serif for listining to us when we share our experiences with you and the world. We work well together dont you think?
  4. Hello Matthew Daley. I have experienced this also and i found that at the intersections of the shapes at hand/in question, ther must be nodes added and a chang to the curve must take place between the nodes so that the app will keep the correct shape after applying the "add" operation/ function. I shared a video on my experience with this issue on expanded strokes.
  5. Have you tried clicking on the icon to the far left / top of the contextual menu located at the bottom of your screen. Like in DM1's image.
  6. Hello all. I’m using AD on iPad Pro 12.9 on the 1.8 update and I been messing around with merge and add functions and I found that once the stroke has been expanded and converted to curves, changing the shape of the curves then allow for the add function to work as usual. Not supposed to take this many clicks and drags to get simple Boolean functions to work. Definitely is a hindrance in work flow. 5min video showing the few ways I found around this glitch. IMG_1901.MP4
  7. Have you tryed "convert to curves" after you expand the strokes but before you do the "add" boolean procedure?
  8. Also a boolean procedure of subtract can cut through shapes.
  9. Also this web page is useful to convert images of many types into other types, including vector from jpg. https://online-converting.com/image/#
  10. I agree on Inkscape as a valid tool and it has options for color or black&white results that are adjustable and has a preview option.
  11. Maybe the gaussian blur fx is what you are looking for...
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