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  1. I'm trying to export a design as a SVG to import it into Blender for 3D work. Some of the curves are being rasterized and don't show up in Blender. What is going on and how can i fix it? Affinity Designer Version: Blender Version: v2.82a Windows Version: 1909 Windows OS Build: 18363.752
  2. This is a screen recording of the appearance panel freezing on a project. I don't want to spend the time making new posts for all of these issues, so let's just focus on this one as it seems to be the most common. there's a part in the video that my cursor is just moving over icons and layers. I'm actually clicking on stuff, or at least trying to, but there no audio in the video so it might be hard to tell. Desktop_2020_03.11_-_16_26_18_01.mp4
  3. I am using the latest version. Unless another version was released while I was sleeping. I can reproduce the issue easily. Usually on multiple documents. Although the issue doesn’t always occur, it usually does or eventually will. It happens on new documents as well as old documents. Freezing usually occurs when I am adjusting the fill color, in the appearance panel, of a curve object. Especially when adjusting the gradient fill of an object. Freezing has also occurred while adjusting nodes of a curved object. I have also experienced freezing while creating an artboard from selected. And when un-grouping objects. Crashing occurs when I attempt to copy paste layers from AD to APu. With 90% of the issues I’d reopen the document, attempt again to do what I was trying to do , and The issue would occur again. I am using Windows 10. And it is up to date. I expected AD not to freeze or crash and it did. I'm using an external monitor, but that shouldn’t affect AD. On previous versions of AD I had no such issues. Since upgrading to 1.8 I have had issue after issue and the software is basically unusable. Edit: I have uninstalled and reinstall AD and the issues still occurs.
  4. Since i updated to 1.8 yesterday it has been an absolute nightmare using Designer. It constantly crashing or just stops responding. I was attempting to copy something from AD to APu and it just crashed every time. It seems to stop responding when i'm in the appearance panel. I using the Windows version. Edit: I tried twice to combine multiple curves and it crashed both times. 1.8 is not usable
  5. When editing a photo in the Develop Persona, there are the Basic, Lens, Detail, and Tones Panels. In the Basic, Details, and Tones Panels, there are several adjustment sections, for different types of adjustments you can make to the image, that follow a set of "rules". When a section is expanded it is automatically activated and any adjustments made in that section will affect or show on the image. When a section is collapsed it is, or becomes, automatically inactive, or dormant, and any adjustments that were made in that section will not affect or show on the image. These "rules", however, don't apply to the Lens Panel. In the Lens Panel, you are able to collapse a section, by clicking the icon on the far left, and that section will still be active. I'm not sure which way is correct, though I prefer being able to collapse a section without it automatically becoming dormant.
  6. Hello stokerg, Thank you for your comments. I was actually able to finish prepping my files a bit quicker than I originally expected, which was nice. Though I am hoping for perhaps a better way to import files with smart objects in the future. Perhaps Affinity will one day be able to look into a smart object and extract objects such as shapes and text at vector and images at max resolution, instead of rasterizing the smart object at face value. I'm not a coding expert but somehow that seems unlikely, regardless of how convenient it may be.
  7. Hi Everyone, My Explanation: I'm new to Affinity programs and I'm in the process of preparing all of my PSD files for Affinity Designer & Photo. I've been using Adobe Photoshop for a long time during that time I have created a lot "Smart Objects" within my files. Yesterday, in adobe photoshop, I spent two hours preparing my main device templates and eight hours preparing one single file to be imported and used in Affinity Designer. I went into each smart object individually and pulled the full resolution images, shapes, etc.. and placed them on a separate artboard in the main file. Below is an example of a simple template that has multiple layers of smart objects. This example has several instances of 3 layers of smart objects. Even though that doesn't add up to too many smart objects in this file I have lots of files that are similar, or even more complex, and the method that I have been using is incredibly time-consuming. My question: Has anyone found a better way of preparing smart objects, or assets within smart objects, for Affinity Designer & Photo?
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