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  1. In attached file, I cann't subtract small narrow rectangle on the behind circle please keep both of them at where they are and do subtraction then this is how it looks before/after subtraction after unable to substract correctly.afdesign
  2. When I continue textframe overflow, this happens, the next text frame font size become much bigger, changing size of first text frame make size of second text frame change too here is the video and file to play with overflow text bug.afpub VID_20210308_073037.mp4
  3. Thank you, what is that metadata? Where is it hiding? It must be a reason for that
  4. There are 2 artboards, if I select both of them then Export > JPEG > Area = Selection without background > Estimated file size = ~210kb If I select Area = Whole document, the Estimated file size becomes huge: ~33MB There is no extra content beside all objects in Layer panel, I checked carefully What is wrong, here is the file, please check it out: Bảng số order kim loại 6 x 12.afdesign
  5. Right clicking > "Open Template for Edit" on my custom template in "New Document" window does not open as .aftemplate for editing, it will be opened as "Untitled" instead My current fix is just File > Saving as Template for that Untitled document to replace old template.
  6. Everytime I resize artboard or reposition symbol itself, symbol breaks Here is the file which I had problem Doorsign.afdesign
  7. Right click on Master page > Delete > Publisher hangs Business card MB - 90 x 52.aftemplate
  8. Switching to Designer Persona Create some symbols Dragging created symbols from Symbol panel to working document sometime makes Publisher crash
  9. Here is the file which caused problem for you guys to examine Banner self order.afdesign
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