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  1. Switching to Designer Persona Create some symbols Dragging created symbols from Symbol panel to working document sometime makes Publisher crash
  2. Here is the file which caused problem for you guys to examine Banner self order.afdesign
  3. Thanks for information. Then is that anyway for me to set this manually, I tried to open the exported keyboard shortcuts file by Notepad++ but nouse, there are a bunch of weird characters. I need that shortcut for delete things because it is my favorite and the easiest, please help! I have an idea, can I send my exported one which I mentioned in the first post, as you can import it into Mac version of AD, modify the delete shortcut to ~ key and save then send back to me ? will it works ?
  4. In previous version of AD, I still see "Delete" key customization in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts. But now I don't Setting the [ ` ] key (beside the [ 1 ] key) to delete objects or nodes is my favorite way to delete things, I feel comfortable with it, better than default Delete key because I don't have to move my hand around the keyboard, time saver! I saved keyboard shortcut file on previous version long time ago and import it into current version of AD. My customized delete key still works but there is no sign of it in Keyboard Shortcuts setting. When I press [ ` ] in a random shortcut slot, it shows me key conflict That means somehow Delete shortcut key is still available to be customized. In fact, I need this in AP too, but I found the same problem too, no Delete shortcut customization in Keyboard shortcuts settings Is this a bug or developer hided this option purposely ? Please fix or explain, thanks !
  5. Here you are, I have found that it is still ok when you drag/drop the group into another artboard and then move group out of that artboard make AD crash everytime btw, I forgot to turn on the record mouse cursor option, but it is still ok I think bandicam 2018-10-09 23-11-16-460.mp4
  6. Here is how to reproduce this error Create a bunch of artboards, I will fill their background with white color, because my theme is dark. Select all created artboard and group them In Asset window, click Add from selected to add this group into asset subcategory Open new a file (Type: Web, Create Artboard = true) Drag/drop saved artboard group into the main area Wait a few seconds and... tada, crash!
  7. Memory is ok for the first start Where can I find the assets files again ?
  8. I closed all opening document and wait for 5 minutes, AD still used that amount of RAM ? why is this so silly ?
  9. When I press X button to close working document, it occationally become hang and not responding, I must use Taskmanager to Kill the app then restart without any recover prompt. Most of time it occurs when there is one unsaved document remain (with subfix [Modified] tag) Please check
  10. "- Fixed intermittent ´╗┐crash when using the Pen Tool" I waited for this soooo lonnngg. Thank you, let me try, hope it not crash
  11. I am thinking about putting a symbol inside the symbol itself will cause infinitive loop. I will try it then.
  12. As my experience, many times AF/AD just crashes without any notification, just freeze then not responding (when saving files, copy symbols, drag and drop file from windows explorer ...) then window which tell me to stop or wait application appears. That is all!
  13. I noticed that too, I don't know why that simple pen tool adjustment needs that amount of CPU usage like that. so weird I bet there is problem in tool calculation hehe
  14. Or you can use Assets for repeative usage of some element, it is useful to me.
  15. Thanks, I hope this will be fixed for the next update of AD/AP then all of Affinity Programs will be maximum awesome !
  16. Here is my new video, in this one, AD crashed 3 times in a row while using pentool to trace an image I opened Task Manager for you to monitor my computer resources when AD run Hope this help developers to fix this or at least reproduce the error I use AD for windows, and this happen to AP too
  17. Yes, AD/AP just shutdown immediately with no warning, no notification, no crash number.. sometimes it hangs then crashes
  18. Yeah it is not fixed yet until now
  19. Sometime this happens, I have no idea affinity designer stroke paste error.mp4
  20. All of my assets and palettes disappeared after a crash of AD. How can that happen and how can I recover them ? what a pity
  21. Is there anyway to Reset font manually on Windows ? Thanks
  22. Same thing happens to Affinity Photo when using pentool to make a mash of an image, please fix this for Windows version of both of AD and AP I dont want this bug to ruin the awesomeness of your products
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