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  1. Good day, I just noticed when I move Affinity Photo to another monitor screen it fails to draw what ever is on the canvas. i have a triple monitor setup and i get this issue when switch app to another one .
  2. True. i use davinci resolve , it has everything i need for post production. Audio editing still need some work , i do a round trip to studio one and back. but am cool with the software. Affinity Video editor will be nice still but i dont feel affinity have any plans for it and alot of work when it comes to video processing. For now the vector and pixel space Affinity has covered it well but still need more works. I hope to see prototyping in designer and more
  3. @affinity admin please kindly review this feature...
  4. Am silent here. I have apologized and this was a feature request. I will just have to wait for this feature to be available. Back to PS/AI. Thanks
  5. True talk. Am a developer and my strength is in nodejs(javascript/typescript),c++ and c#, I have no preference for scripting. If Serif team choose any other language i will just have to learn it to build my automation or plugin. I hope this happens soon and wish the team all the best on this wonderful product.
  6. JavaScript is best to use because all os has a built in JavaScript engine and it has a faster adoption. Typescript can also improve coding for the SDK and others. What ever language Serif team choose will we will learn it but please dont create your own scripting language.
  7. Sorry for that Affinity team but theirs no @staff handle. I just needed more attention on the topic and i didnt mean to disrespect anyone. So does this feature look like something we can see in the future and if not i have made a request for a sdk so users and developers can create plugins for affinity products. This will take off some work load off your hands.
  8. Hi, I will like to see a slice tool feature that will allow me to slice my my designs and create html table. This will allow me to create html contents from my images/designs and also create hyperlinks. Where every slice will be a row or column in a table(tr/td). and each section of the slice can hold a hyperlink and more. It will now introduce export for web, which will create a html file with an inline css export to use for development. This will stop me from switching apps and will take AD/AP/Publisher to the next level to support web and see a good feature to support ux/ui design in prototyping And maybe later add a responsive feature to the slices made. Thanks Affinity team Please look at this. @MEB @Mark Ingram @stokerg @Sean P @TonyB
  9. true I created this post to get users to vote for features like this
  10. Hi Affinity team and users, Am really have to be part of this amazing evolution of the fast rising affinity suites. But to be really happy and proud, I will like to see a chart tool which will allow users to draw chart of all sorts. This will help us to really create infographs. Please also make it available to Affinity designer and publisher. Thanks and i hope to see it soon.
  11. Good day, I will like to add this suggestion to the team of affinity developers. Can you guys give users access to an api or sdk so we can create plugins just for affinity. If this is made available to users, affinity will get more market ground at pull more creators, companies, freelance developers and school to the affinity products. I teach in a American University of Nigeria, and am pulling my students from adobe to affinity. Many have been asking for plugins and Ux related stuffs. I have ideas of plugins that will help UX designers to move to AD. Please answer this request. Thanks and have a wonderful day. @stokerg @admin @Adam
  12. Hi, I will like AD and AP to allow users to be able to create template for their future projects. Sample: One needs to create a brochure than the user to start doing some calculations and settings everytime, they do it once, safe and call it faster. Yes macro can to that but a simple template system will be fine and gives a better User experience around the app
  13. I will like to suggest a UX exporter feature. With this UX designers can export their design with dimensions, color template and font used for the design. With this designers can send there designs to the programmer to design the interface then start on the logic later. This feature will also export to different styling format like CSS, XML, html and other code UI formats. Please also look at the API or SDK for affinity products request.
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