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  1. true I created this post to get users to vote for features like this
  2. Move to this post to really explain what some users might need
  3. Hi Affinity team and users, Am really have to be part of this amazing evolution of the fast rising affinity suites. But to be really happy and proud, I will like to see a chart tool which will allow users to draw chart of all sorts. This will help us to really create infographs. Please also make it available to Affinity designer and publisher. Thanks and i hope to see it soon.
  4. Good day, I will like to add this suggestion to the team of affinity developers. Can you guys give users access to an api or sdk so we can create plugins just for affinity. If this is made available to users, affinity will get more market ground at pull more creators, companies, freelance developers and school to the affinity products. I teach in a American University of Nigeria, and am pull students from adobe to affinity. Many have been asking for plugins and Ux related stuffs. I have ideas of plugins that will help UX designers to move to AD. Please answer this request. Thanks and have a wonderful day. @stokerg @admin @Adam
  5. Good day, I will like to say am proud to be an affinity user and happy to have found a better alternative to some adobe product. Coming to the issue i noticed . The table of content always crashes when i try to change the separator. I know its a beta version and hope to see a fix in the next release. I wish you guys all the best in making publisher stable Safe.
  6. Hi, I will like AD and AP to allow users to be able to create template for their future projects. Sample: One needs to create a brochure than the user to start doing some calculations and settings everytime, they do it once, safe and call it faster. Yes macro can to that but a simple template system will be fine and gives a better User experience around the app
  7. I will like to suggest a UX exporter feature. With this UX designers can export their design with dimensions, color template and font used for the design. With this designers can send there designs to the programmer to design the interface then start on the logic later. This feature will also export to different styling format like CSS, XML, html and other code UI formats. Please also look at the API or SDK for affinity products request.
  8. i will like to see a sdk or api system which will allow developer make plugins and hack for affinity products. i believe with this feature affinity products and awareness will grow faster and also we will see some amazing stuffs from user. please consider this so i can build some amazing stuff for prototyping . Thanks
  9. Hi,. I wish to see tables in AD, which will enable us to add tables and sheet with ease. if theres a way to do that. kindly reply Thank.
  10. ehigiepaul

    Export Issue on Designer

    Hi, I had a big issue with designer yesterday when it come to exporting designs. i was working on a companies business card No doubt i designed it fast but exporting was really slow. Thinking all was ok with the export, i got to find out that some stuffs where missing on the export but my design was ok. when i enabled the rasterize option in the export personal all is ok but when off stuff get missing. Please assist me on how to avoid this issue . Thanks
  11. Hello, I wiil like an auto recovery of works that have not been saved. I was working on a design and suddenly the software crashed i was hoping to continue from the last cached document please can we have this feature enabled for unsaved projects thanks