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  1. Good day, I was trying to print something from Designer on my iPad today and I kept getting a prompt on my printer saying that it was trying to print from a different tray than what I normally use. I'd never had this issue, but I'm also unfamiliar with how to check and change my printer settings from Designer. Is this a bug from the recent update?
  2. I’m having a recurring issue when trying to subtract an overlapping shape from the object below. Every time I try it, the resulting new object is distorted. This is something I’ve not had issues with until now. Same thing is happening when I try to add multiple objects together. Examples attached.
  3. Good day, I’m in the middle of working on an image that I’ll need to modify in illustrator so it can be used in a screen print. I’ve tried multiple times to export as a PDF to both my desktop and Dropbox to no avail. I’m also only able to open a saved version from August 1 on my desktop version of Designer even though I’ve saved the image multiple times since then.
  4. Thanks very much! That helps a lot and I will read that PDF you uploaded.
  5. Good day, I’m attempting to make a switch over to AD on an iPad from a desktop version of Illustrator and I’m still struggling with a few things, so bear with me. There are a few elements that I regularly use in my illustrations and want to see what the easiest routes are to achieve them. First are jagged edges like background designs in the first attached image. In Illustrator I would get these by adding new anchor points and adjusting as needed. Is there a similar way of adding points or do I have to make it jagged by hand? A second question involves arc shapes like the shoe and nose in the second attached image. I would usually achieve this by cutting points on a circle or using a curved line tool, but can’t seem to find a way to do so. If there are links to specific tutorials that might help, I’m all eyes and ears. Thanks in advance!
  6. Good evening, new to AD for iPad Pro as of this week and I’m running into a wee problem. I purchased the Vector Brush Toolbox from Retro Supply Co, and I’m having issues trying to import the brushes after opening the purchased files. When I go to import in the Brushes Panel, the brushes are greyed out and I can’t install. Is there a compatibility issue? Thanks.
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