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  1. Sure thing! Thanks for considering taking a look. I'm really enjoying most other aspects, just this is driving me crazy so any fixes or work arounds are much appreciated. So close to being not chained to my computer so much thanks to AD on iPad...so close!
  2. Ha, I'll test it soon once I get through some work instead of being lazy and relying on you.
  3. I'm having this problem too. I go to move nodes and end up moving the control handles on the node instead. The closer the handles are to the node, the worse the problem is and the closer I have to zoom in to change them. Really breaks up the work flow in an unfortunate way. I almost wish there was an option to enable "edit node handles only with finger hold" or something, where if you use a single finger or the pencil it only moves the node, not it's control handles, but if you add a finger held down on the screen, it now moves the handles. Something similar to that might be nice for the ipad work flow.
  4. Thanks for the work around Owner. I'll put this to use. Hopefully this can be fixed so we don't need the work around, but it's nice to have all the same. Do you know if it works for symbols too? If you put a symbol in a group, then add the filter does it work?
  5. The more complex your file gets in terms of layers overlapping one another, the more the ipad version has issues with selecting the right shape or stroke. This is a real problem in my mind. Here is a video I posted as unlisted on youtube showing the problem. Note I say I'm using an 2nd get ipad in the video, I meant to say 2nd Gen iPad Pro as I have the 2017 model. https://youtu.be/9VQzNWa5kaY I love nearly everything else about the app so far, but this is a deal breaker for me on anything but the most simple illustrations.
  6. I like some of the touch and drag options for sizing things. This should probably be taken further if it can be for some options. For instance, it would be really nice if we could touch then drag on the duplicate option to create more duplicates. So as you drag, more are created. This could be really powerful for things like power transforms.
  7. Over all this is a great first (for iPad at least) release. Well done! I'm experiencing only one major issue so far, and that is selecting shapes. If you just have a few on your screen, it all works fine, but as soon as you have a few overlapping and many layers, Affinity has a really hard time deciding what shape you're trying to select, even if you're zoomed in fairly close and using a pencil OR finger. I'm not talking about shapes that are really close together either, and the pencil should be REALLY accurate at selecting IMHO. This is the only thing I've encountered so far that is VERY frustrating. A much smaller issue is with using brushes and the apple pencil. Often the first contact with the screen produces a blob before the stroke. This makes some sense given that the first tap of a pencil is often not very light. Maybe consider somehow to not take in input for pressure at the very, very beginning of a stroke? Might want to consider canvas rotation on by default too given this is a table version. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  8. +1 there are a lot of ways to do this in Illustrator, and some are very easy. I was actually a bit shocked to find this wasn't in affinity designer given how many pattern designers and such use vector programs.
  9. I'd love the ability to have an easy way to see/find a selected layer in the layer list like you're describing. In the 3D app I use (MODO) you can hover over the list view of items, and press the f key to "focus" on selected items. I'm sure there are even better ways, but it would be great to have something similar or better in Affinity.
  10. That's all fine but how do you do it when you have lots of groups? I've only been able to get it to work on items in the group or the main layer level. How do you select everything that's nested and locked too in one go? And it's not one click if all the layers are selected- thats at least three- one to select the start of the list, one to select the end of the list, one to unlock yeah? ;-) Or is there a command to select all layers, even locked an in groups? Illustrator it's 1 keyboard shortcut and you're done. BTW- I'm really happy using Affinity Designer over all, just noticing a few things I use day to day/want/need from Illustrator that would make good additions.
  11. I searched and it seems there is no unlock all command yet in designer? Ideally we'd have this, and maybe the ability to right click on a layer and say "unlock all" and "lock all". I also miss the ability to click hold and mouse up and down on many items visibility/lock columns like I do in Illustrator and MODO (my main 3D app). That also speeds up locking/unlocking as well as hide/unhide greatly.
  12. What's the best way to un-embed a file in Affinity Designer? Right now I'm clicking on the layer, going to edit the embedded file, selecting and copying all, and then exiting back out and pasting in a new layer. I keep looking for an un-embed command or something but must be missing it.
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