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  1. I agree.. well except for the vectorstyler thing as I don't have a Mac.. But, it's version 2.0. The first release.. I'm pretty sure some improvements and bufixes are on the way. I already added the lack of snapping as a bugreport (on windows though), you're welcome to add to that post and give it some traction. The real bugs are most likely gonna get most of the attention atm though (as it should).
  2. I've had crashes too. Mostly with installing the content in my account while having the account-dialog open. It hangs first and then it just poofs.
  3. You're missing my point At 00:30 you immediately go to add the effect. Don't. Take a look at what I do in my vid at 0:12. I open the warp-group and select the rectangle inside the warp-group and put the effect on that instead of on the warp-group itself.. EDIT: I do think the issue you're running into is not by design and is a bug that should be fixed but this is a way to make it work anyway.
  4. Sorry that's not what I meant. The drop shadow effect, you're not putting that on your object but on the warp group. here, see what I mean (Sorry, it's missing the FX dialog because I only recorded the window...) 2022-11-10 23-58-42.mp4
  5. Hm.. sometimes it works.. sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it just takes a while and sometimes it never changes into a real thumbnail. It's not consistent. it does seem to work better for Affinity Designer than for Affinity photo. the Photo thumbnails don't even have an Affinity logo in the corner anymore.
  6. Wow... indeed, if you zoom in and out a bit in Explorer then they update and all is good. that's odd behavior but I can live with it. Thanks! @walt.farrell!
  7. Not really a bug but a very much missing feature. Warping doesn't snap.. it also doesn't move in a straight line when holding shift. There is simply no way to be precise when warping something
  8. What if you put the shadow on the actual object instead of the warp group? I still get weird behavior but the looks more like a rendering issue on my end.. zooming in and out fixes that for me.
  9. Where with the V1 fileformat the explorer would show a thumbnail of your image with a little affinity logo in the corner, there's now only a big affinity logo and that's it. There's no way to see what's what anymore. The only way to view them is from within an Affinity V2 application.
  10. Well not entirely.. it actually creates some kind of adjustment layer to put your stuff in so if you know how it works then it's slightly logical... but that's a big 'if'...
  11. it kinda is.. it works fairly well. Could use snapping though, and moving in a straight line when you hold shift would be very very nice too.. But it's the first version so I'm expecting improvements on it in the future.
  12. Well I'm a Windows Desktop user so it's not for me but the desktop versions can't be far away if this is true.
  13. Because, you know.. search for Affinity on this apple.com page and you'll see this: and this Can we start getting enthusiastic for an Affinity Suite 2.0 announcement soon? Edit: also mentioned here: https://youtu.be/yUKRkPKg5_U?t=497 at 8:18 but nothing about the version
  14. I have to agree with @Old Bruceon that.. It's one of the few newsletters I stay subscribed to because it's one of the few that's actually worth it. @Patrick Connor Do you know if it's a personal link or a generic link shared to everyone? And if it is generic, is it an idea to maybe throws the survey url in "News and information" here on the forum? Putting it here might give skewed result towards a single feature
  15. Affinity@serif.com (Sorry about the terrible colors. Ever since I got a wide gamut display, screenshots in windows look horrible.)
  16. I got an email. maybe they go out in stages or you're not subscribed to those emails. I don't know if the URL is personal so I'm not sure if I can just share it.
  17. You don't. You only have to sign in if you want to save your progress so you can continue tomorrow on a different device (for example). If you don't want or need that then you can just continue without signing into Google. Though I admit, that * mandatory (or whatever the English version might say) makes you think otherwise but it's only mandatory if you want to save progress.
  18. Come on everyone.. make yourself heard in the survey they just sent out. Be reasonable though. It's still great software.
  19. it's a choice. Serif knows how to do it. they did it before in their previous software DrawPlus. They must have their reasons but since they don't respond we will never know them.
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