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  1. Vectornator is a free (rather interesting) iPad app that has image trace, although I had to look up how to use it. It’s not as good as Illustrator’s, nor have I tried those online solutions, but one more thing for y’all to try.
  2. While I do still think it’s kind of unfortunate that writing in any Affinity app isn’t a super great experience, I *have* found an app I really like to write in: Notion. It’s good for lots of other organizational and database-lite stuff too, but I really like how everything can be organized in a wiki like way. Makes finding stuff I write real easy, and it’s markdown-esque in its presentation.
  3. I am wondering about this as well since the tech specs for Affinity Designer now list "bleed preview" as a new feature for 1.7, but I can't find information on it.
  4. This is definitely true. Illustrator handles this just by breaking the connection, if a text box is linked to another one. (It doesn't do a great job of demonstrating that break happening, which has probably led to my frustration once or twice! A warning would be really welcome I think.) I still think it would be well worth it to have. also, I just checked in Illustrator and it doesn't appear that you can convert text on a path to a frame. But that does seem like a less likely scenario to me - never thought to do that before.
  5. Yep - I found it there - but for years at this point (lol) I didn't know it existed. I'm just saying it should be more discoverable, maybe by putting it in the right-click menu. Something else that would help would be a simple message in the FX panel (there's a good amount of white space along the bottom bar) subtly mentioning "You can paste FX in the Edit menu." Or something to that effect.
  6. That is so weird, I never realized that APhoto can't create artboards since they introduced it. I think what threw me off is that if you already have at least started making artboards in Affinity Designer, you CAN use the same command-drag to make new ones in APhoto too! So ... weird.
  7. This is a dumb little thing, but I actually thought the Affinity suite didn't HAVE this feature until I went up to the edit menu and saw "Paste FX." (In other programs I know this as Paste Attributes or similar). So I was actually just about to make a request for this feature... but it exists! So that's great. But I feel like the most logical place to discover it would be right-clicking on a layer? Is there a reason it is not available in that context menu?
  8. I'll jump on this even though I am referring to text styles in APub: It would be great to have the option to add new styles directly from the context menu. Either a "new" listing in the drop-down or the same 'create text style' (and paragraph) buttons up there. (And Update, too, why not?) For at least a day I thought I was stuck with that pre-set list because those buttons are only in the studio panel and they're really tiny and inconspicuous! And honestly I really don't want to have the text styles studio open if I don't need to. I don't really find seeing the list all that useful all the time; I'd much rather just have the buttons available whenever I'm working with text!
  9. Agreed; I also posted about this in the Affinity Publisher suggestions forum. Just do it the way Illustrator does it! It's a pain the way it is now.
  10. That is what I do... but this is one of the (relatively newer) Illustrator features I do wish Affinity had. (The way it works in that program, a little symbol that looks like a handle can be double-clicked and it changes from a circle to a square depending on the mode. It's pretty darn functional!)
  11. Rather than a separate app, I would really dig it if this was instead a Persona in Publisher. You could directly link text to frames this way...and have one place to edit without having to scramble across overflow frames. Would be cool to have the ability to write in Markdown* (and define text styles accordingly), or typical Word Doc style, or plain text. Even better if you can do a mass import of common documents that it would then display as a nice set in this persona. You know how APub has that panel where you can import multiple images, and then drop them in frames one after another? Would be sick to have that feature for text. *oops, MarkDOWN, not Markup
  12. I keep running into this situation where it would be really helpful to convert artistic text to frame text. I know Adobe Illustrator has this capability. Any chance?
  13. Very cool. Were you using some kind of physical pen, or just a mouse?
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