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    A_B_C reacted to LibreTraining in Publisher unable to group fonts properly   
    InDesign is better at dealing with bad fonts, but it is not immune from the issues.
    I have a couple thousand fonts installed, including all of the Helvetica Neue LT Std family,
    and all of the Helvetica Now family.
    No font issues in APub.
    I would suggest you do the following ...
    1. Un-install all Helvetica fonts.
    2. Check the fonts folder to be sure all Helvetica font files are gone.
    FontExplorer X Pro has a tool which removes all un-installed fonts from the fonts folder.
    It checks Windows to see if the font is installed, and if not it moves the font files out.
    This tool exists because having un-installed font files in the fonts folder can cause problems.
    3. Run a tool to correct Windows registry errors regarding fonts.
    MainType has a Registry Fixer tool for this purpose.
    FontExpert has a Detect Font Problems tool for this purpose.
    I prefer this as it seems to work better.
    The FontExpert 30-day trial is fully functioning including this utility.
    4. Delete the Windows font cache files (multiple)
    There are many easy to find tutorials on this, and even a batch file available to automate it.
    Font caches get messed-up.

    FontExplorer X Pro has tools to clear the operating system font cache, and application font caches.
    It will clear QuarkExpress, Microsoft, and Adobe application font caches.
    These tools exist because font caches get messed-up.
    Installing a bunch of broken fonts is a sure fire way to cause problems.
    5. Reboot your system.
    Your Windows font cache will be rebuilt.
    6. Re-install the Helvetica Neue LT Std fonts.
    Just highlight the files, right-click, and select Install.
    7. Start APub and test.
    I would expect it to be working fine.
    If not, I am out of ideas.
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    A_B_C reacted to My Strawberry Monkey in Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey   
    We're super excited about this! Check out this interview we did with Affinity about our journey with our children's picture books and preschool website over on Affinity spotlight, hopefully it will provide you with some inspiration!
    Affinity Spotlight - My Strawberry Monkey
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    A_B_C reacted to Sean P in Maybe not a bug — but sorting it (out) would be nice nonetheless   
    Hi A_B_C,

    Thanks for letting us know. I've passed these improvements onto development.
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    A_B_C reacted to Andy Somerfield in RC2 lagging like hell   
    Evening all,
    Thanks for this thread - it has helped identify a significant problem which I am very pleased we have got fixed before the 1.7.2 release. Turns out that in builds since 1.7.0, we have, under certain circumstances, used only half the memory available to us on iPad. This causes disk thrashing and explains some of the terrible slowdowns you have been experiencing.
    Worth saying though that there are still limits - your example of a 5000x5000 RGBA 8bit canvas - one layer is 25MP (100MB). You have 5 layers (500MB). You then scale them down by about 50% - Photo is lossless when scaling layers, so they balloon from 25MP per layer to 100MP per layer - 400MB. At this point, your 5 layers cost 2GB - not including the ~1GB undo history created by the initial steps.
    Repeat this say 20 times quickly (so Photo doesn't have chance to optimise / deduplicate history in idle time) and you are using ~60GB of memory on a device which has (at most) 2GB of usable physical memory - on a 2GB/3GB device, only 1GB is usable..
    It's fair to expect Photo on iPad to page to disk at some point in pretty much any large project. We do everything we can to hide that latency - but grouping a number of huge layers, scaling them down, then moving them around is pretty much a perfect storm - so if you are repeatedly doing that, fast, at some point Photo will panic and start paging to disk..
    Anyway, thanks again for helping to get this nailed down - we should now be back to 1.6-quality memory management, which hopefully, coupled with the improvements in the new 1.7 compositor, will yield a decent improvement for 1.7.2.
    I'll push the 151 build with these fixes ASAP.
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    A_B_C got a reaction from GregRed in Layer clipping vs layer masking   
    Hi bboysupaman,
    please have a look at my video linked below (Clipping_vs_Masking.mov).
    In (A.) the pink rectangle (or rather square) gets clipped to the boundaries (path) of the blue triangle, and this is done by making the rectangle a child of the triangle in the layers list. This is called "layer clipping".
    In (B.) the rectangle acts as a mask applied to the triangle, and this is done by dragging the thumbnail of the rectangle directly onto the thumbnail of the triangle in the layers list. (Note the differences between the blue highlight bars appearing while the list entries are dragged to their respective positions.) Now it is not the rectangle that gets clipped to the boundaries of the triangle, but the rectangle clips (or cuts) parts of the triangle. This is called "creating a vector mask".
    Hope you get the difference …
    Kind regards, Alex 


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    A_B_C reacted to Petar Petrenko in Publisher typography   
    I know. But this is the only way. I hope for not too long.
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    A_B_C reacted to jirka in en dash at the end of row, when using nonbreaking space to avoid one letter at the end of row.   
    OK, in 1.7.2 update it's fixed!
    Thank you guys.
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    A_B_C reacted to walt.farrell in Period Leader Filled Tabs look like someone's losing at Tetris   
    Thanks for the example. I hope Affinity doesn't do something like that, because those leader dots are not aligned from line to line, and I find that very annoying visually:

    Check, for example, the 3rd and 4th dots in lines 5 and 6.
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    A_B_C got a reaction from wigglepixel in The History Of Interactive Computer Graphics and Animations   
    Really looking forward to it. 
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    A_B_C reacted to kpatart in Animations made with After Effects and Affinity Designer   
    Hi guys, a little update. 
    I made a reel, everything featured in this video was made with Affinity Designer and After Effects
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    A_B_C reacted to wigglepixel in The History Of Interactive Computer Graphics and Animations   
    Well, it's been a while, I've been very busy last months and I take writing blogs seriously and like to serve quality content.
    So sorry you had to wait sooo long, but the second part of the series will go live soon!
    ...And there will be a little oldfashioned GAME inside!  
    (and it's not  or )  
    @Alfred @Madame @Roger C @GarryP @Wosven @A_B_C @WatcherMagic
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    A_B_C reacted to JGD in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - [BETA CLOSED]   
    All fixes to font rendering and embedding, especially when it comes to OpenType features, deserve my sincere commendation.
    It's good to know that Publisher will play well with those in all scenarios and that advanced typography is a true priority at Serif. A good “set-it-and-forget-it” default preset that preserves type designers' hard word and prevents end-user confusion – which might otherwise turn them away from those features – is always a win in my book.
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    A_B_C reacted to AdamW in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - [BETA CLOSED]   
    This beta has been superseded by the release of Affinity Publisher for macOS 1.7.2 to the public. Check back on this forum for future betas
    Status: Beta
    Purpose: Improvements, Fixes
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Publisher
    Mac App Store: Not submitted
    Download: Download  (Download link removed as 1.7.2 is now live)
    Auto-update: Not available
    We are pleased to announce that an updated customer beta of Affinity Publisher ( is now available as a download from the link above.
    If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app please note that the beta will install as a separate app alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry.
    The beta is an incremental update to the 1.7.1 store version. We recommend that you use this beta in preference to your store version if you are affected by any of the issues listed below.
    If you have any problems using this version please make a new topic in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please feel free to leave general suggestions and comments in the Discussion Forum.
    StudioLink has been updated to improve reliability. However StudioLink in this Beta still requires the latest Beta versions of Designer and Photo to function.
    Fixes and Improvements
    Fixed crash breaking path text curve for open curves
    Fixed error copy / pasting Text Styles that could cause crash
    Overlapping text frames now respect Ignore text wrap when wrapping around each other
    Fix for Optical Alignment ignoring Tabs
    Text selection highlight no longer includes generated list text
    Fixed bug that could fail to apply OpenType features near end of line
    Changing letter spacing now splits ligatures correctly
    Fix for issue unpinning pinned nodes in pinned nodes
    Fixed Pinned Node status not updating correctly when changed on Master Page
    Fixed positioning issues when unpinning nodes
    Hyphenation fixes
    (Mac) Fixed further IME issues
    Import / Export
    PDF Import: Improved Font Substitution suggestions when opening PDFs etc
    PDF and Vector Export: Fixed issue with Embedded Documents and Adjustments
    PDF Export: Fixed Bleed not being saved in export profiles
    PDF Export: Fix for unwanted clipping when text nodes exported 'as selection'
    PDF Export: Fixed export of non-breaking hyphens
    PDF Export: Avoid font preflight warnings when embedding TrueType CIDFonts
    PDF Export: Web preset now embeds all fonts. Many browsers don't support ligatures unless the font is embedded and so render incorrectly.
    (Win) Fixed occasional crash when printing
    Earlier Release Notes Beta 442
    To be notified about all future macOS beta updates, please follow this notification thread
    To be notified when this Publisher update comes out of beta and is fully released to all Publisher customers, please follow this thread
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    A_B_C reacted to tokai in A Random Blob Became a Funny Animal   
    Was just testing some new things in Affinity Designer 1.7.1 and had this random blob (curve) on the screen, and it looked like an animal, so —a tiny bit later— this came out. Tested the new stroke arrow options too (the feet).
    The vectorised voronoi pattern was generated with CINEMA 4D, rendered out, passed through "potrace", and then imported as curve into Affinity Designer. Not sure that's the best way, but works for me.

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    A_B_C got a reaction from Alfred in Period Leader Filled Tabs look like someone's losing at Tetris   
    My second screenshot was from Indesign. Spacing the periods differently (i.e. adjusting the tracking of the ......... sequence) in order to arrive at a nice vertical alignment on the left would be a pretty odd idea, typographically. 
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    A_B_C got a reaction from Sean P in Period Leader Filled Tabs look like someone's losing at Tetris   
    The app should certainly adjust the spacings between the last periods and the words to make it look right, shouldn’t it, Oval? 

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    A_B_C got a reaction from Alfred in Period Leader Filled Tabs look like someone's losing at Tetris   
    My second screenshot was from Indesign. Spacing the periods differently (i.e. adjusting the tracking of the ......... sequence) in order to arrive at a nice vertical alignment on the left would be a pretty odd idea, typographically. 
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    A_B_C got a reaction from Alfred in Period Leader Filled Tabs look like someone's losing at Tetris   
    My second screenshot was from Indesign. Spacing the periods differently (i.e. adjusting the tracking of the ......... sequence) in order to arrive at a nice vertical alignment on the left would be a pretty odd idea, typographically. 
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    A_B_C reacted to walt.farrell in Period Leader Filled Tabs look like someone's losing at Tetris   
    You can't change the spacing between the periods, and still have the periods in different entries line up. The first period needs to be in a fixed position, and all the following ones. And then you need to adjust the spacing betwen the last period and the word.
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    A_B_C reacted to R C-R in Application won't start at all   
    From the bird(8) man page:
    The high CPU usage of bird & all those mdworker_shared processes ("md" stands for metadata) together suggest the "Optimize Mac Storage" option is enabled in System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options (or via About this Mac > Storage > Recommendations > "Store in iCloud").
    It is not clear (among other things!) how file sharing is set up on this Mac, or if it is needed. In any event, bird should eventually settle down to a very low CPU % after everything is uploaded to iCloud & whatever sharing among different devices & users is fully synced, so if that doesn't happen it suggests something may be amiss with the network connection or how sharing is configured in System Preferences > Sharing.
    I agree 100% with that. Contrary to what you might read on the web (much of it from dubious sources) CleanMyMac & all such similar 'cleaning' utilities are not needed to keep a Mac running efficiently. Worse, it is not unusual for these things to interfere with the proper functioning of other software or the OS itself.
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    A_B_C got a reaction from R C-R in Application won't start at all   
    “CleanMyMac” … do you really need that? That would be the first thing I’d disable. 
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    A_B_C reacted to PaoloT in Footnotes/Endnotes   
    On the Mac, a personal publishing app that can do – in addition to footnotes and endnotes – LaTeX (and MathML) in a human way is Apple Pages. You write as humans do, and when needed type formulas as a programmer. This could also be a hint for a later addition to Publisher.
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    A_B_C reacted to thomaso in Application won't start at all   
    - First it launches then it seems to disappears    1. What launches and disappears?
    2. Was the 2nd screenshot from booting in Safe Boot Mode?
    3. In both screenshots the process "bird" is the most CPU demanding. Also seem to insist a few mdworker processes. Even though there is still 36% and 59% CPU unused ("idle") I would ecspect more if no app is working. It might mean there is a lot of traffic with iCloud ("bird" – How do you use it? As backup?) or issues with updating the spotlight data base ("mdworker", "mds").
    4. You could temporarily deactivate iCloud ('bird') and "CleanMyMac" and reboot and see if it helps to speed up Affinity.
    5. Also you could trash the spotlight database and let it rebuild from scratch:
    ... or in French: https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/HT203538
    You could do that over night since it will run in the background for a few hours.
    the command did nothing 6. No response at all? in the Terminal window after pasting & enter? Very unusual if it does respond with nothing.
    Alternatively you can go through this steps:
    ... French:  https://support.apple.com/fr-fr/HT201716
    7. So did I understand you right that you do not have issues with your mac except with Affinity? I am asking because Affinity had run smoothly when you was logged-in as a different user; that would mean there is something unusual in user "lowla".
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    A_B_C got a reaction from Frozen Death Knight in BETA ETA (Windows Icon)   
    (Everyone is constantly asking for an ETA of this and that … “Is there an ETA for footnotes and endnotes?” … and now that we got one, people are still complaining … )
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    A_B_C reacted to Laureline in Application won't start at all   
    Already did that yesterday or before yesterday , I'll do it a second time and let you know